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How Did Jonathan's Wake Relate to Black Leadershiip

As a part of the effort of Jonathan's Wake to achieve racial justice, we advanced the names of two Black churchmen for the offices of President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches at their Assembly in Detroit in December, 1969. They were Albert Cleage and Leon Watts. I never met Albert Cleage but he was well-known as a minister and author of an argument that Jesus was black. At that time, the white church establishment had little interest in Cleage's argument. Leon was a close friend of my colleague Jim McGraw. I knew him in that context. We did not make these nominations with much hope. We knew there was no chance of a takeover of the NCC. 
Three of the principals in the core of Jonathan's Wake had extensive relationships and credibility with a wide swathe of Black church leaders. Will Campbell was probably the best-connected white churchman in the United States. He was already venerated as one of the prime movers in the effort to right the scales of …

Triadic Philosophy - Koch Ethics Boycott

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