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Living in the now -- Three meanings

Living in the now has at least three meanings.
1. It can mean not being mired in the past.
2. It can mean being spontaneous and free.
3. It can mean consciously focusing on what is before you.
All of these meanings apply. 
But there is another meaning that does not apply. 
It cannot mean ignoring the future.
The only attention to the future that is inappropriate 
is blindness to where we are at present. 
Otherwise, everything that happens in the now 
has no choice but to be germane to the future.
The summons to live in the now 
is primarily an effort to correct the tendency 
to live in the past, to be captive to memory, 
to ignore what is here at the moment, 
under our noses. 
If there is any form of reality that is clearly not here now, 
it is the past.
To be sure, there is a good deal of conscious effort 
to keep the past alive. 
The 9/11 observances are examples. 
We cannot shrug off either horrendous tragedies 
or wonderful memories. 
But to cling to things that we need 
to move beyond 
is no recipe fo…