Will Campbell on Racism in the Churches (Video)

We Plan Cities As Though Nothing Is Ever Going To Change

Smart cities, made in Japan | CapeCodOnline.com: "The Japanese version of the so-called 'smart city' exists in a post-fossil fuel world. Alternative sources like the sun, wind and nuclear power are harnessed in mass quantities. That power is then distributed to buildings, homes and electric cars connected to each other through 'smart grids,' which monitor usage throughout the network to maximize efficiency."

Reliance on the four wheeled private car no matter how fueled is no substitute for revising how we plan and create new cities.

Charles Sanders Peirce Transcends Ken Wilber's Theories

The Roots of Integral Spirituality and Evolutionary Enlightenment in American Philosophy - YouTube: "I just wanted to share with you the highlights of Jeff Carreiras talk on The Roots of Integral Spirituality and Evolutionary Enlightenment in American Philosophy."

This limns an interesting connection
I think it transcends the arcane Wilber systematics
And enters a realm at once more complex and easier to grasp
Peirce is the anchor of the beginning point
And it is from Peirce, Assagioli and Nietzsche
That we can begin to assemble an understanfing of life and history as
Willed values
Universal  values that are in essence the imago dei 
Impressed on every person for all time

When we move from consciousness and psychology
to philosophy and ontology
We arrive at the beginning point of a move beyond
Aristotle and Descartes to an encounter
with what Deridda called the unprecedented

The end of sprawl is not far away

The end of sprawl is not far away
Driving and building costs more than our pay
Everything needs to run differently
Someday anon we will all be car free

Mike Pence's Planned Parenthood Vendetta

Pence is a liar beyond reprehensible
If he succeeds he will cause more abortions
He makes us ashamed to live in a country
Where liars have power in such proportions

When lies come smoothly from such a mouth we need to fight back for all who will suffer if his vendetta against Planned Parenthood succeeds

Charles Sanders Peirce Was Copacetic (Video)

Gates is not wrong about our being financially in trouble

Bill Gates is not wrong when he says we are financially in trouble
No doubt we need to get a hold on debt
And will as we build toward prosperity
But he is wrong to link supremacy and prosperity
Our supremacy if it exists at all is built not our wealth
Or on brute power
It's build on championing values
And being known by their fruits
Tolerance democracy and helpfulness
And then the wondrous core non-idolatry
Worship no idols 
And our willing that all have  the freedom that is theirs

Supremacy will rest on that championing alone

Cotton Song By Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly) Video

All truth we claim is fallible

All truth we claim is fallible
It rests on what we sense right now
We make a habit from this sense
Until to some new truth we bow  

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