Tyche Maybe

Possible Ninth Planet Rocks the Web - Yahoo! Buzz Log.

Tyche the planet that isn't quite yet
Or else an orbital anomaly
Or else a long shot pragmatic bet
Temptation to credit what we cannot see

A Favorite Neil Young Song - "Star of Bethlehem"

'To die like Joan of Arc!' cried Terbaud - Three Line Novels

5B4: Novels in Three Lines by Felix Feneon:

"'To die like Joan of Arc!' cried Terbaud from the top of a pyre made of his furniture. The firemen of Saint-Ouen stifled his ambition.

A dishwasher from Nancy, Vital Frerotte, who had just come back from Lourdes cured forever of tuberculosis, died Sunday by mistake."

One wishes to add nothing to these gems written a century ago by Felix Feneon .

Sprawl Serves the Corporate and Kills Community

The Geography of Nowhere // KUNSTLER, James Howard: "‘The Geography of Nowhere traces America’s evolution from a nation of Main Streets and coherent communities to a land where every place is like no place in particular, where the cities are dead zones and the countryside is a wasteland of cartoon architecture and parking lots."

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