Tall buildings with more of the same old and some green embroidery

Paul Goldberger, The New Yorker's architecture critic, spoke with Richard Cook. http://bit.ly/9U0zML VIDEO And I have to yawn. These guys are articulate but it would seem they have not absorbed the need for a sea change. Green is something to move beyond. They don't see a cyber world. They don't integrate pattern language with new design They see tall buildings and more of the same old with some green embroidery.

If I knew The Way I Would Take You Home (Video)

I had been In the arms of my best friend's wife - Dave Matthews Emmylou Harris Live

Wrapped in Whatever Garb of Whatever

Is this an ear of corn I do not know
I'm colorblind
My graphics are what they are
But this makes me think of an ear of corn
And of that odd zone where reality becomes so subsumed in vision
That the vision overcomes whatever we thought was real
I think it may have been the blooming garb of spring

Lately I have been reduced to satirizing Sarah Palin

Shannyn Moore: Palin's Homer Moment: Celebrity Sarah Confronted by Citizen (WATCH): "What the Palin folks don't seem to understand is simple; if Fred Phelps gets to hold his hateful signs up at military funerals, Billy should be able to put Kathleen's 'WORST GOVERNOR EVER' banner on his building and not have a Palin goon tear it down." Lately I have been reduced to satirizing the Governor in an effort to keep Chris Matthews from successfully arguing that she is Presidential timber, but this story has nothing but truth. The governor has a big celebrity chip on her shoulder. I'm yawning.

Putnam Rorty and Footnotes to Plato (Video)

Cars Do More Damage than Cigarettes

FDA Unveils New Cigarette Warnings - The Daily Beast: "Human corpses, black lungs and rotting teeth were among the graphic new images unveiled by the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday."

When will we start a campaign around the millions of motor vehicle deaths and injuries? My guess the answer lies in the current economic crisis which extends to the outlandish expectation that we can and will afford the present economic bleeding inherent in car ownership and commuting and obsolete zoning.

Redone 8/11/2012

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