Bob Dylan's Great Song "I and I" (Video)

Tip-toeing toward a new notion of construction

Suspend your beliefs and imagine an entirely new construction.

Instead of a foundation, a matrix made with standard components, capable of being assembled up to four levels.

Instead of constructing a house, mass producing smart surfaces to serve as the walls, floor and top of spaces.

Building consists of affixing surfaces to the matrix.

This model enables the creation of communities of substantial size.  It is an aspect of my notion of a cyber-community.   

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10 Industries That Don't Yet Exist

Portaschool design and construction, jobs for teachers, instructors and cyber-trainers to create a new education system that is local and spread out in car-free communities, cyber-kiosks for delivery based businesses see, consult and purchase ditto, ecomatrix for 5-10k providing the skeleton for mass-produced spaces for work and residence ditto, modular public community entertainment centers ditto, modular lego-like elements for creation of spaces ditto, car free community development companies, one to one money-free banking - I've stopped counting. You get the idea.

The Older We Get The More Restrooms We Need

Lack of public restrooms at N.J. Shore leaves visitors hopping mad - Yahoo! News: "New Jersey residents love those nearby beaches, but a new poll finds that they hate not having access to restrooms 'down the shore.'" What we actually need is an evolution of portable restrooms into something more pleasing and less odiferous.

The Simple Spectrum Minus Wilber Claptrap

I tried to find a video that would remind us of Ken Wilber's seminal "Spectrum of Consciousness". Wilber has since made everything unintelligible. The short form of the original is - we are a spectrum primal to sublime. Understand and accept that. Give up binary existence. Seek Abba within. Stop going to seminars. Live freely with self-acceptance. When seriously halted, seek competent short term help.

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Why is the spectrum our way out

Why is the spectrum our way out
We do ourselves in with our twos
Our either or's condemn us to a rout
For every third way we refuse

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All because we fail to accept our spectrum nature

Jonathan Franzen on America’s Strangest Novel by Donald Antrim - The Daily Beast: "The genius of the novel is that it maps these contradictory feelings onto the archetypal figure of the scapegoat: the exemplary sufferer who recurs throughout human history, most notably in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, as an object of both love and homicidal rage, and who must be ritually killed in order for the rest of us to go on living with the contradictions in our lesser hearts."

Qaedas in Afghanistan Number in the Tens

Obama on Afghanistan Withdrawal: Why He Should Have Declared ‘Mission Accomplished’ - The Daily Beast: " Of course Obama should have claimed more of a victory but he does not operate that way. He assumes people with eyes can see and people with ears can hear. This is a malady limited mainly to prophets without honor. He qualifies.

Google Will Probably Have To Break Up Just Like Microsoft

Google under US antitrust pressure - FT.com: "Microsoft eventually reached a settlement with the administration of George W. Bush and a group of states after a judge had ordered that the company be broken up." Google will no doubt have to separate search and advertising and allow independent regulation of its treatment of rivals.

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We're Stuck With "Marriage" Because Religion Shills for The State

Obama Says Gay Couples Deserve Same Rights As All : NPR: "'I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country'"

Of course. But this whole issue rises from the complicity of religion and the state. Religion should never, ever act in the name of the state. I suspect this patent violation of separation plays a part in Obama's reticence. He is evolving toward an error no one has seen fit to deal with.

Compared to shaky Boehner Cantor is Howdy Doody

Eric Cantor Departure from Biden Budget Sessions Prompted by Obama-Boehner Talks - The Daily Beast: "By single-handedly bailing out, Cantor puts the onus of finding an elusive deal back on John Boehner, the man who assigned the majority leader to the thankless task in the first place" What a freak show the Supreme Court and a deluded electorate has given us.

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The future will be all modular and matrix


The modular applies to the spaces where we live and work and recreate. They will be mass produced and like lego blocks made to fit all over. They will allow for infinite customization. The matrix will hole these lego blocks and make up the skeleton of the cyber-cities, the car free communities, the next wave of global prosperity beyond oil.

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LBJ was destroyed due to a nefarious lie to the American people

If Barack Succeeds it Will Be Because He was Not a Replica of LBJ - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "During the LBJ era, I ranked Johnson very low, despite his legislative achievements. Time has chastened me. The voting and civil rights acts were monumental. But LBJ was destroyed due to a nefarious LIE to the American people -- his 'no wider war' lie."

On being bankrupt when it's not a game

On being bankrupt when it's not a game
That is the state of many everywhere
If everyone could see all are the same
It is a state that everyone would share


The President could do a vastly better job of reaching the people

The President could do a vastly better job of reaching the people
He could talk to Michele for an hour live uncontrived
And present a human picture of a family struggling

He could do things like that all over the land
Chats with folk live uncontrived
While the GOP went mad with rage and acrimony

The same old same old might do fine
But we need extra pop
Follow this advice
And I 
Will follow with mop
To wipe the crushed GOP  
And all its bilious slop
From the national  floor

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