Homes most probably should not be separate dwellings

Homes need not and most probably should not be separate dwellings on separate lots in areas zoned residential. Instead they should be an evolution beyond house and apartment, a modular structure, a lego-like space that can be attached to a matrix-skeleton which connects spaces in a community and provides cost-effective energy, water and management of waste. We need to move beyond separated structures to a new form of habitation.

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Love Letter to Karl Rove (Walker Evans Video)

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Rove Group Is Attacking The Poor Not The President

Rove Group Buys $20M in Attack Ads - The Daily Beast: "It’s going to be a long election cycle. Crossroads, a conservative group affiliated with ... Karl Rove, is set to pour $20 million into attack ads ... pummeling President Obama over his economic policies." Wrong. Rove's folk want to gain for the wealthy by wresting services and help and unemployment compensation from the poor and marginalized. All politics is a push and shove about who gets what.

Boehner Repeats His 2011 Debt Ceiling Idiocy

The squib below is from last years Boehner Ruination Exercise. Boehner is doing it again. But this time everyone is on to him, so he continually tweets about jobs and debt as if he might retain a bit of credibility. He doesn't. He knows he is doomed no matter what. He knows Romney will not save him. He will be left with memories of having served when Congress was at its nadir in terms of national esteem.

UPDATED 21 May 2012

Obama steps into high-stakes debt-limit talks - Yahoo! News: "Absent an agreement that cuts long-term deficits, Republicans say they will not vote to increase the nation's borrowing, which will exceed its $14.3 trillion limit on Aug. 2."

Yeah right. We have a troupe of little boys on Capitol Hill who are not even aware of their power to make serious mischief. The solution will come courtesy of the President and he will win more than he might because of the immature behavior of the little boys.

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