Train crossing crash in Nevada one of 2K a year in US (Video)

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Rick Perry Auditions for TBN (Video)

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Yeah, Emmylou, Rodney, a Canada venue and a little magic (Video)

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Somebody's Thinking about the Macro (Video)

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A little voice that says sprawl is breaking my bank

Mr. President, I Do Not like My House - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com A little poetic lament of a parent wh coought into the sprawl automobile culture and is now driving herself of himself or themselves to the poor house of $4 gas that is not gonna go down.

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People are catching on one by one to car free cities

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There's not enough imagination about car free cities to fill a thimble

The President Sees a Pattern in His Sleep -- a Rhyme for Obama - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

A little poem in which Barack Obama asks Warren Buffet to build him a car free city on the plains of Nebraska.

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This is too great Waylon Defying Gravity (Video)

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One day we shall have barcodes on our toes

One day we shall have barcodes on our toes
And slip our feet beneath the sensor rays
And calculate our worth for all to see
And receive reports on our birthdays
We'll play baseball in kiosks in real time
And never feel a single drop of rain
Our doctoring will all take place online
We'll have sweet liquids to block all our pain
The deaths we see through glasses will be real
But we will learn to block them with a blink
We'll build bridges to somewhere in our minds
And wonder why we once had kitchen sinks

There is a bully in each living soul (Video)

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Bullying is a part of every living being

Bullying is cruel,  preys on the weak. It  is thug like, thoughtless violence. Bullying knows no culture. Bullying is universal. Bullying is a part of every living being. It is therefore something all can transcend but only if they look within and use the strength of that thug to achieve something decent, something that saves us from hurt, not that amplified hurt into a lethal scream.
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A male pill should be a priority

A male pill should be a priority like tolerance and like democracy, like being helpful like equality, like partnership and non-idolatry
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There should be a four level limit on all construction

Within an area of roughly a half-mile from side to side there would be no more than four levels and these would contain all elements of living structures including dwellings, recreation, work, commercial, educational and so forth. Such communities would have no stairs. There would be ramp-walkways. Zoning, in short, would aim at creating the cells of ecumenopolis, economically sustainable communities built for safety in the face of local weather conditions, eco-sustainability and the full and evolving use of cyberspace to transform existing notions of distance and work
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Tiger faces reality at the U.S. Open

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Tiger - How Final Can A Career Be?

Is Tiger Woods Our Citizen Kane? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com Tiger was a presence more pervasive than almost anyone and then in an instant it was gone.

The above was written a while back but still seems to be the case.

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PT - President Obama's Classic Skewering of Donald Trump

Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store
With everything on the line a cool Obama
Skewered the horrendous Donald Trump
Next day our Navy Seal team slew Osama
The irony was lost on Donald Trump
Revised and PTd 9/26/12

The Trump of Many Faces 2008

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Trump and Palin Existed As Media Cutouts in A Nightmare Cartoon

Trump and Palin in Their Bed of Bile - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Trump and Palin in Their Bed of Bile" Trump and Palin represent the underside of our culture, bereft of values, out for themselves and ultimately in the genre that L. Frank Baum evoked with the marvelous word humbug.

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