John Cassidy Gives Brinksmanship a Wet Kiss

Rational Irrationality: What Budget Impasse? : The New Yorker: "John Cassidy on economics, money, and more." He writes an article shaming anyone miffed at GOP behavior on a budget deal. That's fine. I will continue to warn and suggest the potential effect of  cavalier GOP behavior on volatile markets. Cassidy says he's pretty sure there will be a deal. That's not good enough to justify his own cavalier punditry. I've heard the same line from people who did not vote for Obama in 2008.

Patrick Fitzgerald Gets To Chortle and Preen

Blagojevich on guilty verdict: 'I frankly am stunned' - chicagotribune.com: "The sweeping verdict after last summer’s muddled end to the first trial represents a redemption of sorts for the office of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who on the day of Blagojevich’s arrest in 2008 accused the then-governor of spearheading a “political corruption crime spree.”" So Patrick went on a revenge spree at our expense and converted what was not a crime into a crime. Blago should not have to serve time to enable this vindictive man to chortle and preen.

Car free can be done with or without cars

Car free can be done with or without cars
Some day cars will vanish like the horse
We'll walk to everywhere we need to go
And every place we need will close by
Sprawl was built for cars not human beings
Once the trend begins it will snowball
And then we will be car free one and all
And if cars do remain they'll be outside
The the places where we live and work and play
We could have done the same thing long ago
But big oil and big ads both told us no

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The Best Protection Against Idiocy is Irony (Video DUI)

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Restaurant May Pay for Serving Up Too Many Drinks

Drunk-driving victim awarded $6.8 million | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/19/2010: "A Chester County woman has been awarded $6.8 million in damages for injuries she received when a drunk driver plowed head-on into her car. A Common Pleas Court jury found a Coatesville restaurant liable for having continued to serve the man, an illegal immigrant, although he had been been visibly intoxicated. The accident left Ryan Fell, of West Brandywine, permanantly hobbled." OK so it's old news. But it's a good argument for car free communities where people walk to whatever they may need.

Find a woman in a wheelchair and pat her down

Don't ask her age...

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More Fodder for Comedy Central

TSA Makes Cancer Patient Remove Adult Diaper - The Daily Beast: "Queue up another round of security-check outrage." Only it isn't funny. It reveals that our educational system is lacking in the teaching of elementary logic. I'll bet that only one teacher in ten even recognizes the name Charles Sanders Peirce, though Peirce can claim credit for having build a philosophy based explicitly on logic as its starting point. We are living in Peirce's world without knowing it.

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Don't rail at the insurgents without looking into our own hearts

Afghan Girl Was Tricked Into Carrying Bomb, Officials Say - NYTimes.com: "Only the girl was killed in the blast" At the moment we are just as culpable as the wretched people who did this dastardly deed because we have not assented to a global standard for the regulation of our military. We need to ratify the ICC. And acknowledge the universality of both good and evil and its presence in all.

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Qadaffi could come here as we are not signatories to the ICC

The United States and the International Criminal Court « The Politics of International Justice: "But under the Bush administration the US sought to both oppose and undermine the ICC." And we still won't sign on. We should be happy if the world prevents us from acting like idiots abroad. We should structure our global profile to be clean as a whistle. While we are at it we should ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Obama should be a human rights President.

Schools On Military Bases Are Toast

Military Children's Schools in Disrepair - Newsweek: "School conditions that disgust many adults only add to the pressures on a child longing for a father deployed four times since her birth. “I wish he were here,” she admits. “I miss him a lot.”" You saw it coming. Schools on military bases are in disgusting shape. Our entire emphasis on fighting ground wars is disgusting. We need nation building here at home now. Starting with these atrocious schools.

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Cow > Moon? Try Shark > Surfer (Video)

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Thinking beyond oil is either eccentric or subversion

Deadly Mojave Race - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "If this was Afghanistan, we might call these deaths collateral damage. Our oil world depends on putting lethal machines in the hands of fallible drivers close to defenseless pedestrians. Oil dominates our culture, our economy and, most of all, our mentality. Thinking beyond oil is either eccentric or subversion."

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Mohave Car Carnage - Lest We Forget (Video)

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Car Death in the Desert Followup

Deadly off-road accident in Mojave spurs lawsuits: "At issue will be how much responsibility the owners of the land (the federal government) have for what happened, how much responsibility the organizers of the race (Mojave Desert Racing) will bear, and how much blame, if any, Sloppy should shoulder." Sorry there is no followup. As usual this stuff falls off the page and gets stirred into the pot of continual deaths related to the uses of automobiles and related vehicles. If you have followup please indicate.

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Obama Parsing Abraham Lincoln (Video)

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Obama will be Abe Lincoln only if he gets that high speed grid done

Get that High Speed Electronic Grid Built Mr. President - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Your smart electronic grid is / The very future of our republic / If we ever get the damned thing built / It will be 19th century all over again" Technologically speaking. We need to wed cyber and new infrastructure to create new ways of living together.

Oil Will Not Be Around That Much Longer (Video)

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What is provable and irreversible is the end of cheap oil

2 The End of Cheap Oil: When and Why?: "The issue is not the ``end of oil'', but rather the ``end of cheap oil''." To avoid getting into an apocalypse trap, it may be well to focus on the one thing that will brook no argument. We are reaching the point at which the entire structure of our economic decision-making is effected by the fact that there will be no return to cheap or even cheaper oil.

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The high cost of fuel will not be going away

USATODAY.com - Debate brews: Has oil production peaked?: "Since 2000, the cost of finding and developing new sources of oil has risen about 15% annually, according to the John S. Herold consulting firm." The current hovering around a $4 level in the US will only increase over time. We will live by incremental levels as we race to create alternatives. The text quoted was written six years ago.

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The peak oil window is open and counting down

Peak oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Throughout the first two quarters of 2008, there were signs that a global recession was being made worse by a series of record oil prices" Odd but optimism says oil will peak around 2020. Pessimism says it has already peaked. We are talking about the point at which production of oil is doomed to decline to nothing.

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