Our Klout Rating Is A Tiny Ripple on An Infinite Ocean

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea of having influence. But I am also aware pf the values that actually create stature in us and these values are what determines our actual klout standing in the scheme of things. All of us are individually tiny ripples in an infinite ocean and even those who have the highest klout scores are merely breaking the surface one or twice. The choice of  basic values and actions determines whether the entire ocean is in synch with the flow of reality. Reality is what can be deduced and inferred by the marriage of logic and experience. We wake up each day seeking to move a tad. Seeing a sign. Making a plan. To be a positive ripple each day is not the worst fate imaginable.

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Civil Rights Danville VA 1963 lest we forget

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement -- Letters From the Field ~ Louis Nasper: "Some forty-eight people were hospitalized for injuries that night. Some had broken noses, open head wounds, broken limbs, and lacerated breasts. Prior to the march all demonstrators had turned in all pencils, nail files, and anything resembling a weapon, and they had committed themselves to nonviolence." There are hundreds of largely forgotten stories like this at the Civil Rights Movement Veterans site. The Web was created to enliven our memory and prepare us for global nonviolent democratic revolution beyond the war on drugs and the hegemony of big oil.

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It's time to see jobs everywhere as a human right

BBC News - Greece crisis: MPs approve drastic austerity measures: "Greek unions are angry that the government's austerity programme will impose taxes on those earning the minimum wage, following months of other cuts that have seen unemployment rise to more than 16%."

When will everyone agree to provide a job to anyone who wants one and adjust everything else to that obligation.

Then and only then could a job be seen as a right, not a hypocritical sinecure breeding mass hypocrisy.

Free movement and full employment are human rights.

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Obama Hits GOP with A Centrist Wake Up Call To Grow Up

Obama's News Conference: He Criticizes the Republicans, But Will He Follow Through? - The Daily Beast: "The Barack Obama we saw at an East Room news conference on Wednesday—drawing sharp distinctions and demanding concessions from Republicans—is the kind of partisan fighter that liberals have craved for the last two-and-a-half years. Gone was the conciliator-in-chief patiently trying to see all sides; in his place was an amped-up leader determined to pressure his opponents." This isn't partisanship. It's centrism. Come. Come. If the GOP does not heed, they are toast even more than they are now.

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Steven Holl Is on The Right Design Track Finally

Steven Holl’s Design for the Vanke Center in China - Review - NYTimes.com: "Steven Holl, the center’s architect, is a major talent, with significant projects in Europe and America, but his most potent urban ideas have sat on shelves for decades." The finally in my headline is because Holl is part of a tiny minority who are beginning to implement at lease some pieces of the design we need for the future. That his project is in China is par for the course. Our national imagination is moribund and atrophied, awash in sprawl.

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Tom Petty for President Michele for Veep Obama for King

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Sorry Michele Tom Petty won't back down

Tom Petty is upset with Michele Bachmann's use of 'American Girl' - latimes.com: "Michele Bachmann may be doing well in the polls in Iowa, but there's a Floridian in Malibu who isn't pleased that the Minnesotan is using his hit tune 'American Girl' without his permission." I would have thanked her for her support of ending the prison industrial complex and the war on drugs. Let's get inventive here.

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I love America save for these three things

Burn Quran Day' an outrage to Muslims - CNN.com: "The planned burning has already caused alarm in the Muslim world, with the pre-eminent Sunni university, Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt, condemning it as 'stirring up hate and discrimination.'

Three things about America bother me.

Its oil worship which makes it bow and scrape to the car.

Its drug war which makes it buttress our economy with it.

And people like the Rev. Terry Jones.

How disparate our ways of thinking are (Podcast)

Spectrum Thinking - Podcast - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com The only thing that bothers me is that this starts when you open the page. On the other hand, I don't yell.

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Used to be sardines from Norway now it's solar panels

Spray-on film turns glass into solar panels | Crave - CNET: "Pushing the envelope on solar panel technology is Norwegian company EnSol, which has patented a prototype thin film solar cell technology designed to be sprayed onto any glass surface. In fact, plans are afoot for a thicker solution to coat exterior walls or be used in the form of 'clip-together' solar roof tiles. If this technology works as planned, it could take away the need to plonk big solar panels on rooftops, particularly in industrial settings." Now this would be nice. Need I say more?

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