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We'll get past oil whether we want to or not

A Thought Starter on the Creation of Car-free Communities for the 21st Century

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Gliding along the charitable route to achieve results for the few

What Would Anyone Pay for Lunch with Jesus

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Lest we forget transparency is among the cardinal obligations of a democratic government

Daniel Ellsberg Lives and the Truth He Unveiled Helped Beard a Rabid Emperor in His Den

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E. coli only needs to contaminate a single seed

Bacteria in a single seed in Greece moving to Germany or England. Fenugreek high in A and C. Healthy. Not so much if in one batch in as little as a single seed contains this odd bacterium. To grow into sprouts and be consumed so healthily. Who will unravel the mystery of this killing reality? Perhaps an eye that lights upon a warning like this one. Perhaps it is already solved and we but wait for it's effect. 
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Time moves forward from this vantage point (image)

Common sense regarding governance and money (Video)

It is constitutional and moral to require Americans to pay something for their health care

And so far we are winning this in the courts. But I shudder to think what will happen when Justices Scalia and Thomas waft prayers to the Deity in thanks that the decision came to them on their watch. They have experience. Putting W in the White House. Citizens United. An unbroken record favoring the rich and ignoring the marginalized. This principle will become the law of the land. But not without a struggle and possibly a wait while these bilious folk have their way with us.Global Online Privacy

When everyone looked fifteen years younger - uberpanel (Video)

Why Amazon and Facebook and Google Rule

It's really simple and it reflects a clear decision. Be truly global. Connect to everything. Make things easy to do not harder to do. Be preeminent in the one thing you do. Extend your social capacities everywhere that will let them roost. How many businesses have had wild and wonderful dreams and simply ignored the steps needed to create universal reach. I bought a netbook yesterday locally and when it came time to pay I did it through - oops, not the place I was - but through Amazon. I would say Amazon and Facebook are tied for the lead in reach and creating shortcuts and usability and that Google is sort of there by default but teetering. And when you look at them all they cannot be but partway yet. And there is room for more and better.
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Arianna Should Have Seen This Before She Sprang (Video)

MySpace has a true value now. Someday Arianna and LinkedIn will join the awakened.

How long would you last in business if a property lost 85 percent of its value in six years? MySpace is currently toast by most standards and Rupert Murdoch just pleased his investors by selling it for a fraction of what he paid for it. One gets the impression that actual success by any decent measure has very little to do with wealth or prominence. My suggestion is, find a better way to be happy. Even at $35 million, MySpace seems to me a dicey venture. As does Arianna's AOL thing and the recent LinkedIn IPO. I go by usability, redundance and above all for universal reach. 
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One of the great protest songs of all time (Ohio) still lives

Triadic Notes - Bob Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm"


I remember when Blood on the Tracks came out.  Then an album was an album.  And this was among Bob Dylan's best. There are few songwriters whose words have the power to attract referents who happen to be us. But this is the gift that rises from the freedom to work with the hard wonders of Reality. We take songs  like this and weave our own signs indices and symbols. It is a gift.  Let us be givers of the same.

Triadic Philosophy
encourages thinking in threes
using the root triad
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
The wonder is that it works
find more at

Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store 

Dear President it's time for you to cease your war on transparency

Obama Takes a Hard Line Against Leaks to Press -- Sic Transit Transparency - Associated Content from Yahoo! - Dear President it's time for you to cease your war on transparency. Transparency does not mean revealing everything as in the killing of Osama. It means being honest about what you have done in time for us to see whether things worked well or did not work well. Decisions need to become more democratized. We are not just dumbing down because our education is awry. We are dumbing down because the keepers of the keys will it.

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A poetic brief for full transparency now

Uncle Sam Has Conniptions -- Tells All (The Wikileaks Scandal) - Associated Content from Yahoo! - Poetry does not lie. Reality unfolds. It is now time for full transparency. It will not bite. It will not kill. It will not do all the things people feared it would do. And no, it will never be full. It should be what the people insist on being told about.

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Was Joran van der Sloot scared into murder?

Grim statistics of idiocy annals of avoidable wars

Joe Conason: Four Trillion for War—and Rising - Truthdig: "According to them, “an extremely conservative estimate of the toll in direct war dead and wounded is about 225,000 dead and about 365,000 physically wounded in these wars so far”—including those in Pakistan, which is embroiled in war just as lethally as Afghanistan." Right and how many died in 9/11. And how much is one life worth. And how many are required for satisfaction. We are culpable. War profiteers all the more so.

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Prosser appears to have a temper problem

Prosser Grabs Reporter's Microphone, Quickly Hands It Back (VIDEO) | TPMMuckraker: "Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who has been publicly accused of putting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold, had another flare-up on Thursday -- this time with a reporter." Maybe he should be recalled. Or whatever they do to ballistic judges.

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Only Governor Cuomo has the will to shut down nuke plants

Jellyfish shut down British nuclear reactor | The Raw Story: "LONDON — A nuclear power station in eastern Scotland had to shut down its reactors after 'high volumes' of jellyfish were found on its seawater filter screens, the operating company said Thursday." It's good to see the jellyfish win a round. Only Governor Cuomo in NY State seems to have the will to shut down plants even when jellyfish are not menacing.

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Obama kept his oil swap promise

PolitiFact | The Obameter: Release oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve: "'Will swap oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to cut prices . . . a limited, responsible swap of light oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for heavy crude oil to help bring down prices at the pump.'" The more we use now the less we will have when the stuff finally runs out. This is not exactly promising. Unless Obama keeps his promise to move beyond oil.

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Who says Communists cannot be corrupt?

After 90 Years, Graft Threatens China's Communists : NPR: "As China's Communist Party celebrates its 90th anniversary, President Hu Jintao has warned that its long rule has led to grave corruption. With 80 million members, it's now the world's largest political party. But facing rampant corruption and growing dissatisfaction, can this revolutionary party survive?" Corruption knows no party. It is a feral mix of individual and group lassitude and negation.

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Eve of destruction in North Dakota

North Dakota, Oil, and the Energy Crisis : The New Yorker: "One day a few months ago, beside a trailer parked near the center of the basin, half a dozen men prepared to send enough explosives underground to dismantle an armored tank. The firepower consisted of twenty-four “shaped charges”—little cone-shaped shells housed in foot-long metal cannisters called perforating guns. When the charges were detonated by an electrical signal, each shell would explode into the surrounding rock, forming corridors through which oil could flow into the well." Fracking is bad. Natural gas is the Wizard of Oz. Humbug.

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Next time Scott Walker runs, run the other way

Minnesota Government Shuts in Budget Fight - "CHICAGO - Minnesota began what is expected to become the broadest shutdown of state services in its history early Friday, after Republicans and Democrats there failed to agree on how to solve the state’s budget woes in time for the new fiscal year." This is a reprise of a nightmare and the best argument yet for the election of Democrats by persons who are not on odd and injurious regimens such as GOP thinking.

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Strauss-Kahn annals of sick behavior and wealthy solutions

Sources: Strauss-Kahn case near collapse - US news - Crime & courts - "The sexual assault case against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is near collapse, sources said Thursday." This guy hires F. Lee Bailey-squared to defend him and simple eternities come into play like she lies. This guy is a found-out droit de seigneur predator who does what all the sorry race of men do when given the chance. He will go free because that is what happens when the guy chasing the woman around the room puts on a tie and suit and hires F. Lee.

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A little bit of fairness never hurt the wealthy

Obama: Deficit deal must end tax breaks for wealthy | McClatchy: "'And the revenue we're talking about isn't coming out of the pockets of middle-class families that are struggling,' he explained. 'It's coming out of folks who are doing extraordinarily well...'" This is so simple. Most get it. Save for the elected representatives of the GOP. The real crisis is unfolding behind all this. What we actually are going to do to deal with the inexorable rise in the cost of energy and the likely effect it will have on our habits and rules.

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Study of the historical Jesus has never been as intense as it is in the present

Historical Jesus Theories: "Study of the historical Jesus has never been as intense as it is in the present, and with this resource the reader can quickly get a feel for the countours of the field and find additional resources with which to come to his or her own conclusions on the historical Jesus." This page is excellent. It reminds us that Jesus is not transparently what the church has said he is. He might instead be a force for peace and justice by changing individuals and moving them beyond religion.

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Scratching the surface of liberal hypocrisy

Political theology and liberalism « The Immanent Frame: "Liberalism as a theory of the political fails when political practice turns to killing and being killed, whether that violence is turned inward in the form of revolution or outward in the form of war. We will dismiss the high political rhetoric of sacrifice as dangerous, because it is unreasonable. But only according to liberal theory must the state be a “reasonable” enterprise. Political theology reminds us that apart from reason there remains faith—dangerous as that might be."

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I blame the patriarchy always on the case

Spinster aunt answers eternal question “when should I dump him?” « I Blame The Patriarchy: "Reluctant to completely change your life based on the exhortation of some random Internet feminist? Then at least try out for some No. 1 Verbal Abuse Information. Tragically, the entire website suffers from gratuitous Flash, which makes it challenging to navigate (and copy text from), but slog through it anyway, because I promise you, you don’t deserve the shit that asshole is dishing out."

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China's lead poisoning denial flagged by HRW

“My Children Have Been Poisoned” | Human Rights Watch: "This 75-page report draws on research in heavily lead-contaminated villages in Henan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, and Hunan provinces. The report documents how, despite increasing regulation and sporadic enforcement targeting polluting factories, local authorities are ignoring the urgent and long-term health consequences of a generation of children continuously exposed to life-threatening levels of lead."

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Will China arrest the head of Sudan? Do pigs fly?

China: Sudanese President Bashir’s Visit Raises Eyebrows · Global Voices: "The visit by Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir - a fugitive from the International Criminal Court since being charged in 2009 with crimes against humanity and war crimes in his country's western Darfur region - to China this week is proving to be a controversial one, at least online."

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In Latin America water is becoming ever more precious

Latin America getting used to paying for water - Acciona exec, Chile,Regional,Peru, Water & Waste, news: "'It's clear that for a community, living without water poses a far greater impact than not having phone service. So in countries like Chile and Peru, which are beginning to have water scarcity problems, the population will support that lack of resource with sustainable water rates,' López said."

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Gallup Gives Bachmann the name recognition nod

Bachmann in Strong Position as She Enters 2012 Race: "PRINCETON, NJ -- Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who formally announced her presidential candidacy Monday in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, enters the race with 69% name recognition among Republicans and ties for the highest Positive Intensity Score of any GOP candidate Gallup tracks."

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Bachmann Lie Number One

Bachmann’s Waterloo | "Bachmann falsely claimed that she and her husband 'have never gotten a penny' from a family farm that received federal subsidies. But she reported income from the farm in 2006, 2008 and 2009 — the most recent year available — on her congressional financial disclosure statements." There's a whole mess more at FactCheck. I don't fault her. Presidential candidates are not running to be truth tellers. There are other measures of virtue. Such as whether they believe in denying some people universal rights and in offing other people in the name of oil and other tawdry things.

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Is there any universal formula for a way ahead?

The End Times | Common Dreams: "What strikes me is the growing recognition, in so many quarters, of the unsustainability of our global culture and the need for, and inevitability of, profound change." My universal formula. Decide on four values and act on them. And work to move beyond all fossil fuels, to give everyone a job and to recreate face to face community. The values are non-idolatry, democracy, tolerance and helpfulness.

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Geithner actually seems to like his job

Geithner: I'm in job for "foreseeable future" - CBS News: "'I live for this work. It's the only thing I've ever done. I believe in it,' Geithner said when questioned about his plans by former President Bill Clinton onstage at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative." I like this. More people should do things they like. Wake up to a near depression. Crunch numbers. Keep your cool. Testify. Yes dear, I had another great day. All this says is different strokes and it's a big world. Find your niche.

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Most people should not get married

Online Dating: Sex, Love, and Loneliness : The New Yorker That's my conclusion from reading this. We are trying to conjure up a society from the wreckage of traditional institutions and social orders. Best to have a society that recognizes stages not as life stages but as activity stages. Ecclesiastes type. A time for this and a time for that. The emphasis of more or less two things, love and money, eliminates about ten other things that one could find most helpful to the task of letting life become your school

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Modesty is the best thing since chopped liver

Shocker: Is the US Military Sick of War? | World | AlterNet: "That the United States should avoid wars except when absolutely necessary no longer connotes incipient isolationism. It is once again a sign of common sense, with Gates a leading promoter. Modesty is becoming respectable." So we are weary of war. It is actually bigger than that. We are canny folk and we know we can go thus far and no farther. This century is for picking up the pieces.

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