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Car Free Is The Future

Creating a 'Car-Free' Community - "In a new suburban district of Freiburg, Germany that discourages driving — a “car-reduced” community called Vauban — there are only two places to park a car, and both are at the edge of the development. As I note in my story in Tuesday’s New York Times, 70 percent of Vauban’s families do not own cars, and 57 percent sold a car to move there."

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Hannity assured Obama a win in 2008

Overreach. Sean Hannity and his cohorts at FOX saturated the world with Reverend Wright and drove the Wright Issue into the ground. The desperate Rev. Wright swiftboating sank like a stone. We tuned it out like ads we know  backwards and forwards. If Hannity had not played Wright so pervasively, the President might not have been forced to deliver the most important message on race since "I Have A Dream." And the election would not have been a lock for President Obama. The GOP will try to modify Sean and company this time around. It will probably be a closer contest. If the Court decides it, Dems are cooked. 
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Cars Have No Place within an Integral Community

We can have no move to change we can believe in  until the deleterious dictatorship of the automobile is ended  Happily it can be ended from place to place  by simply building new car-free communities  or adapting existing neighborhoods  None of the benefits to children compare  with having a settlement where you can  walk out the front and be on a promenade  and not get run down by a car  And have a whole world within walking distance
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Beyond Today's Stratified Society and its Sprawl Design

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society?, Page 2 of 4 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - Our biggest social problem is that we are captives of the current stratified design of everything. In my proposed urban-like settlements, you live there because you want to. If you want diversity, go for it. If you want an interest group, go for it. And so on and so forth. A zillion points of light as it were. Communities of 5-10,000 linked by public transit, cars on the outside not all over as now.

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Food and Cooking in Tomorrow's Cyber Cities

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society?, Page 2 of 4 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "The cost of buying take-out food is about equal to the cost of buying and preparing food from scratch in a kitchen, especially if the family unit grows smaller. In the customized mix of my lego-blocks, I could see dwellings with nothing but a cooling unit and a small heating unit for food. I can also see dwellings with a Julia Child-worthy cooking area. There might be communal dining, because neighborhoods would be vastly more integrated in my proposed urban-like communities than they are in today's sprawl."

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The Coming Growth of Cyber Cities Replacing Sprawl

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society?, Page 2 of 4 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "I envision he units (living spaces) of new urban communities to be mass-produced, replacing our auto industry. I see them as lego-like cubes one can buy or lease just like cars. And move from place to place or resell. Just like cars. I am trying to create a leap-frog to a new world that will actually get the integral job done on the ground. Instead of turning it into an expensive New Age course for the elite."

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Lego-like Modular Construction

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "In essence, the elements of a dwelling in my notion would be easily placed, easily moved, easily tied in to other elements. They would be the 'lego blocks' of human settlement. They would be strong. They would have built in ledges and storage areas that would otherwise require all manner of micro-work on-site in a custom built home."

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The Primacy of One's Own Room

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "The basic unit of design for any community is one's own room. I see this as meeting the need of individuals for space. One's own room could be small if it was merely an office sort of thing. If one lived alone. It could encompass one's whole private existence. In family settings, a child's own room could be quite small, mainly a place to sleep. But such spaces could be tied to a common play area. In essence, the elements of a dwelling in my notion would be easily placed, easily moved, easily tied in to other elements."

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We should be able to change living arrangements as easily as we change cars

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Our society is a melange of differing relational units and no one can anticipate the shape or composition of a family or communal living of the future. The clear need in a human settlement is the capacity to freely create and change living arrangements."

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Design makes the nuclear family model the gold standard

What Does Lego Have to Do with the Future of Society? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "I have lived in larger-than-nuclear family settings and in tightly-bound nuclear family settings and both are a spectrum from horrendous to sublime. Let's leave it that. The huge sin of design, of course, is to make the nuclear model the gold standard of our detached home, automotive metro-sprawl culture. And the prevalence of this model, whatever its provenance or durability, is at odds with reality."

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Obama Energy Proposal Is A Well Intended Error

The solution to the energy crisis is not a global auto industry with cars that get up to 60mpg. In the unlikely event that the Obama plan for a massive industry shift toward small and conserving passes, even in part, the day will merely be postponed when mutiplying cars is understood to be the problem not the answer. Had the President proposed a fifty percent reduction in cars and that Detroit make lego-like spaces in which we might live in the future, he would have been deemed crazy, but he would have been right. He joins the group of the well-intentioned who thought Nader was doing us a favor by helping legitimize the automobile with his safety mantras.
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Positive public space heals social rifts.

Rights of Way Belong to Us - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Rights of way belong to us / How shall we reclaim them" Gradually they will be recleimed. Cars will prove economically impossible. Fuel will price itself out of the market. Children will reclaim streets for play. People will walk more. Cities will become desirable alternatives to sprawl and dying towns. We will use the rights of way for vehicles that carry us in some happy form of social interaction. Positive public space heals social rifts.

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Daily Beast Joins Homophobic Assault on Manning

Manning Considered Changing Genders - The Daily Beast: "The logs also depict Manning as deeply lonely, estranged from his family, and living the most active parts of his life online, chatting with Antolak and eventually seeking out Julian Assange." If every hero of truth and free speech had lived in the era of the Daily Beast they would have all been discredited and conformity would be totalitarianism lite courtesy, in part, of a deficient media.

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Semantics Doth Ever Reign

McCain and Cornyn Say They’re Open to ‘Revenue Raisers’ - "WASHINGTON — Two senior Republicans said Sunday that they might be open to raising new government revenue as part of a deal to resolve the dispute over the federal debt ceiling, but they warned that there was little time to enact a comprehensive deal." Fine, get it one way or another. No new taxes. Just tighten the screws of the rich. Perfect.

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Obama should tell Detroit to start building cyber homes instead of cars

New Mileage Rules Debated by Carmakers and White House - "WASHINGTON — The Obama administration and the auto industry are locked in negotiations over new vehicle mileage and emissions standards that will have a profound effect on the cars Americans drive and the health of the auto industry over the next decade and beyond."

Prex barketh up wrong tree. Detroit will regain ascendance when it stops making cars and makes the lego-like components of the houses of the future.

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Alan Dershowitz is not always a reliable witness

Alan Dershowitz on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case - The Daily Beast: "There are a lot of lessons in the Dominique Strauss-Khan case about how rape investigations and prosecutions should be conducted. The most important is, don’t assume anything until all the evidence is in." And why were we tapping the woman's phone? And what difference to the case is made if either party is proven to have feet of clay? And what does the weight or rape case narrative favoring the rapist have in this case? One doubts the truth will ever out.

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Our daily bread is everything we need

"The Lord's Prayer Song" lyric
Our daily bread is everything we need With Abba there is no such thing as greed Just seek within for Abba's lavish hand When this is said daily you'll understand

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The Dying Culture Mongers Are Out

Sheen Trumps Palin and More Junk Food News | Disinformation: "Dying cultures always sever themselves from reality, because reality becomes so difficult to face, and we’re no exception to that.” — Chris Hedges, interview with Media Roots" As someone once said, we al have our little job to do in life. There are 6 billion simultaneous chronologies at work and our perception is an infinitesimal selection of what may be happening but undoubtedly is not in majority or more of cases. Sheen, Trump and Palin will pass. More important things will happen unrecorded and unnoticed.

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Tell me nothing now (Video)

Three decades to read a day's tweets

Twitter announced new milestone, 200 million daily tweets - AfterDawn: "For perspective, every day, the world writes the equivalent of a 10 million-page book in Tweets or 8,163 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace." Yeah. Well. The yellow pages was here before Twitter. The Bible before most anything in print. It's always been a choice. It makes no difference the technology. What one reads and how one reacts is the whole of it.

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Truth Telling (Video)

Election 2012 Obama Needs To Come Clean

Election 2012: President Obama faces a less friendly Iowa - Truth is unpopular when it says your cars will be toast, your houses will not recover value, this economy is terminal, your oil will be no more, you will never have an economy that is not global and, yes, this country remains racially and economically divided, marginalizing the most vulnerable. Take this sentence as your bedrock truth and try to make it appeal to a majority. Or else make no claim to be operating on what is true.

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Obama is alive and well and heading for re-election

BBC News - Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead: "Hackers have taken over a Twitter account belonging to US broadcaster Fox News and declared President Obama dead." Oh yes. And this is big news. I suppose it is. It shows the media can be gulled into anything that has presence on a prominent social network if it is juicy enough for a headline. Whose side were these hackers on? Or does the story just stop with the idea? It's a wonderful world.

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The long long trail is still winding speed bumps and all (Video)

Rampant Egotism Is Evidence of Rampant Nominalism

Sneak Peek

Rampant egotism is evidence of rampant nominalism.Nominalism makes 'me' the measure of all things.But my reality is as a social being.All egotism falsifies reality.

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U.S. Should Defend Right of Free Speech and Movement Worldwide

Defend free speech worldwide.  Support the rising tide. Nonviolence can win the day. Follow the Aesthetic way.
Nonviolence is the default posture of nomads of the universe, who simply won't cooperate when rights are swept away.
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Mildred Purse Recommends This Happy Video and Says Drive Safely

Mildred Purse Says Obama is More Eligible Than Every Last One of His Putrid Enemies

On the fourth of July small-minded persons are using patriotic quotations to besmirch out President. They are racists and knee-jerk anti-communists wed to big oil, consumer culture and the war on drugs. There is no better referee in the real war than our beloved President

Robeson sings the immortal "Jacob's Ladder" (Video)

Did J. Edgar Hoover Kill Hemingway?

Hemingway was depressed and paranoid in his last years. Wherewith he shot himself. Friends doubted his consistent statements that the FBI was on his trail. Now we know that Hemingway was not being paranoid. The FBI was pursuing him J. Edgar Hoover was the ideal  incarnation of the Cold War depression and paranoia.He was instrumental in creating the witch hunt that fueled the rise of Nixon. Our era has been dominated by racism and anti-Communism. The liberation as we have achieved has merely chipped away at these still powerful idolatries. Idolatries are characterized by one reality. They are lethal.
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