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Mildred Purse hails Sarah Palin's decision not to run

Click for Sarah's own statement. Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

I am utterly delighted to have had a role in Sarah's decision to forsake the dim precincts of confrontational politics for the fine and sere realm of cogitation about the shape ans style of life to come as we endeavor to make earth more heavenly. She is sharp as a tack and the world will come to see her as a figure of great substance over time.

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There is a way to avoid these horrendous so-called accidents

More Than 30 Dead in Indian Bus-Train Crash - The Daily Beast: "A horrific crash in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh has left at least 33 dead. Officials said a packed bus attempted to cross an express track at about 2 a.m." It is called avoiding the possibility of a direct collision. If there are thousands of these crossing debacles in the US there must be as many or more in India. The world needs to move beyond its current fatal commitment to 20th century transportation.

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You can believe that Wall Street got to these yo yos

Boehner: 'Maybe 50-50' Chance of a Debt Deal Reached Within 48 Hours - Billy House - "House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, informed fellow House Republicans on Thursday that the chances of congressional leaders and President Obama reaching a tentative debt-ceiling deal within 48 hours are “maybe 50-50.”" It's just a nice thing President Obama is not a sadist.

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Rupert, now shutter the Wall Street Journal and join Obama for America and all will be forgiven

Rupert Murdoch Folds News of the World Amid Phone-Hacking Firestorm - The Daily Beast: "Faced with a gusher of horrifying revelations about the British tabloid’s editorial practices, which involved hacking the phones of murder victims and their families, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced that the News of the World will publish its last edition on Sunday." Mildred purse is delighted with this turn of events. This is a truly good news day. Her advice is apposite as usual.

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Quill is all for Mildred Purse telling John Boehner to wise up

Click the following link to see Mildred dressing down the Speaker:  Mildred Purse Tells John Boehner to Behave - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Alexander Hamilton Quill. Mildred Purse Group
Go girl! You have consistently said that President Obama was no, well you know what I mean. He is a true hero. He grasps the nettle. He does the deed. And Boehner will listen to you because you and he are tight. You are one of the truly destitute people who he heeds. It is possible that in certain state he confuses you with someone else.

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Only a matter of time till we bulldoze sprawl and create car free communities where everything is within walking distance

The Cost Of Owning 150,000 Foreclosed Homes : NPR: "When you are the nation's largest owner of foreclosed homes, even little things can get expensive fast. Such is the case for mortgage giant Fannie Mae, which as of March 31 had a mind-boggling 153,000 foreclosed homes on its books." You think I'm nuts. Once homes are toast, should we keep them up?

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In case you missed we are open to cross-country nuke fires

NRC Waives Enforcement of Fire Rules at Nuclear Plants - ProPublica: "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is routinely waiving fire rule violations at nearly half the nation's 104 commercial reactors, even though fire presents one of the chief hazards at nuclear plants." I missed this from two months ago. Pro Publica is one of those places that are better than the MSM at ferreting out reliable stories. But then again, we want government to cut back, right?

How much do we not understand not due to lack of sight or sound

How much do we not understand not due to lack of sight or sound But simply due to fears we have of meeting one with eyes too deep And talk too deep and touch too deep we quail before this holy power We quail and look for doors to breach and methods to distract Us from the truth
He came to heal the least and lost the losers win the mourners laugh The fit don't need him he says follow me if not they die beyond the pale For they were able and they  Turned away
Meanwhile he stands with prisoner and whore The murderous the pederast the enemy the terrorist And says cast the first stone and then to them repent  And sin no more

Who called mainly least and lost?

Who called mainly least and lost
Who said the poor are blessed
Who shed tears for children tossed aside
by those who claimed to represent the sacred name

Who washed the feet of lesser souls
Who said I rule the Sabbath now
Who said stow your anxiety
Consider lilies of the field

(Forgive yourself
Forgive the world
Fly right
Stop slobbering
I mean it

Except you love the hungry one
The one left wounded by the road
The one who for her sins was stoned
Except you turn
Embrace the truth
You'll never see the wondrous star

But look within to Abba there
And there discover who you are

A Note to Nietzsche from the 21st Century

One day we shall have bar codes on our toes and slip our feet beneath the sensor rays And calculate our worth for all to see and get reports on our birthdays We'll play baseball in kiosks in real time and never feel a single drop of rain Our doctoring will all take place online we'll have sweet liquids to block all our pain The deaths we see through glasses will be real but we will learn to block them with a blink We'll build bridges to somewhere in our minds and wonder why we once had kitchen sinks
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Abba whose home in heaven is

Abba whose home in heaven is Hallowed and holy is your name Let your realm come your will be done Till earth and heaven are the same
This is the first third of the Lord's Prayer. It posits a reality known as heaven. It venerates the reality behind everything. It assumes that there is a real will that is to be implemented by us on earth. Indeed the purpose of life is to make earth and heaven the same.

Do not take comfort in opposing sides

Do not take comfort in opposing sides No more than you would amid rising tides Submerged in conflict only two ways seen Lost in dreams of what might have been Spurn black and white friends enemies peace war Move past the need to post a win lose score Schism division let them be our past Look past all dyads become free at last

Dear Plurk and LinkedIn Friends An Open Note

Yes I am joined to both Plurk and LinkedIn but one can only do so much. So if you are being wonderful and fanning and inviting and otherwise signifying that my membership has a tiny reality even with no participation, fine and thank you. What is the solution to this problem of proliferating and undoable things online? This! I am letting YOU know that you are welcome in my world and that insofar as you are in mine I am in yours. Mine is right here. And on Twitter. And on Facebook. And at Wordpress. And at Associated Content. Beyond these I cannot go. The Internet is a vast feast of wonders that we miss daily.Global Online Privacy

Mildred Purse Opines on President Obama's Ineffable Genius

Shall we say he came, he saw and then he got smacked around by low-life GOP people until any other man would have folded and blown away. Shall we say that he somehow had encrypted on his genetic code the cool needed to actually govern a country of immature, spoiled, over-assuming, yuppified brats?
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The widest and most cosmical hypothesis of an unlimited universe of being

'Philosophy, at least in that sense in which Peirce's philosophy was conceived and communicated, must represent the widest and most cosmical hypothesis of an unlimited universe of being, a view both devised and corrected in accordance with the requirements of logic and fact ... Of the few individuals who, in an age of emphasis on science, try to be philosophers, fewer still are able to succeed.' Wherewith Feibleman concedes that the goal is 'ultimately unattainable'. F 3. (See sidebar)Global Online Privacy

There's a simple thing about Romney. He has half the smarts that Obama does.

Mitt Romney raises $18 million in quarter - Maggie Haberman - Obama is proving to be a master politician in the high area reserved for Washington and Lincoln. They may even have to redo Mr. Rushmore. It's because the man keeps cool and thinks and does not rely on whoever is feeding Romney his sound bites. The only argument for Romney is he might save us from an excruciating exposure to the face of Rick Perry which barely hides the wise-guy image of our banal former President.

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Obama has rope-a-doped, cornered and otherwise hornswoggled the GOP

In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts - The Washington Post: "President Obama is pressing congressional leaders to consider a far-reaching debt-reduction plan that would force Democrats to accept major changes to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for Republican support for fresh tax revenue." This is so delicious it is almost edible. Or a food replacement. It shows that the President has a sense of humor. And that the Republicans have given a new meaning to the venerable word dunce.

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Murdoch comeuppance is in the works

News of the World Hack Scandal: Knives Out Against Rupert Murdoch - The Daily Beast: "David Cameron and the British press are denouncing the News of the World as new details of the tabloid’s illegal tactics come to light. William Underhill reports on the loss of Murdoch’s clout." But generally the rich find a way. However if the GOP continues to play Russian Roulette with no real knowledge of consequences, they may do the rich a deeper blow than Cameron can deal Murdoch. Maybe the poor will inherit the earth after all. We have less to lose.

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Among the many virtues of not being famous

Among the many virtues of not being famousIs the capacity to get the work done because no one is nattering at youAnd the inability to lard your blog with endless posts about what show you are appearing onAnd the final sign of terminal fame illness - the necessity to start referring to yourself in the third person
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War on Terror as a permanent boondoggle

The $5 Trillion War on Terror - Battleland - "Five trillion dollars: that's $16,000 per American; $64,000 for a family of four." If we think of what has actually attacked America in our time, we could include natural happenings like tornadoes and Katrina and the dead from our wars (and those killed and wounded by us elsewhere) and the effects of things like the BP oil spill and conclude that none of these fall in the province of the five trillion war on terror. The WAT is a duplication of our bloated prison system and our bloated and ineffective war on drugs. We are paying a lot of people to push a lot of paper to feed a lot of mouths. And losing our minds in the bargain. We need a remake top to bottom.

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China's mistake is already written in stone and the rest of the world shares in it

New China Will Be Red and Expert - Truthdig: "But unrestrained capitalist development has its downsides. The Chinese readily admit the damage their economic expansion has done to the environment." China could have said no to more roads, more cars and more environmental disaster. The most conspicuous thing about China is that it did not think as smart as it is. The world as a whole is embarked on the creation of endless sprawl based on a con that was created when oil and automobiles proved to have the capacity to generate wealth beyond dreaming due to the gullibility of humankind. Since this scam is terminal, the crash will be universal. China leads nowhere at the moment.

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We need a return to the Middle Ages

Atlanta and New Orleans schools show the many ways administrators cut corners | The Washington Independent: "“When high stakes are attached to tests, people often act in ways that compromise educational values. High-stakes testing incentivizes narrowing of the curriculum, gaming the system, teaching to bad tests and cheating.”"

The Middle Ages may have its bad points but its best points instruct us. We need a return to gilds, to face to face, to car free communities, to a micro scale that is not built on the model of contemporary Meis-generated factories.

What we produce is what we'll get unless a spark of rebel freedom says thus far and no farther.

Oh and the best point of all. Philosophical realism (Scotus minus Mary) to replace the reductionalist nominalism (Ockham minus aerialism) that has characterized modernity.

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So if one fifth of reporters questions are process why are the other eighty percent so unfruitful?

Yglesias | ThinkProgress: "Ordinary people don’t care about politics all that much. But when they do decide to pay attention to politics, it’s because they’re worried about jobs or the environment or energy prices or taxes or something. It’s never because they’re wondering how the president reacted to Steny Hoyer’s remarks about Eric Cantor’s characterization of the Treasury secretary’s statement about the debt ceiling." I think there's more to it. See Charles Sanders Peirce on "natural" triadic thinking. Journalists are trained not to hope.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn's smug, entitled trail

I Blame The Patriarchy: "Mark my words. Malignant narcissist Dominique Strauss-Kahn will get off scott-free, scattering in his smug, entitled wake a bloody trail of ruined lives torn asunder." I can never improve on the words of this bilious counterpoint to all of the temporizing stuff on the Web relating to the treatment of girls and women. If we do not start with reality, we end up with a garbage can filled with "fair and balanced" avoidance of the truth.

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It is precisely the spread of text that accounts for the spread of understandings about Jesus

Geza Vermes: Jesus the Man of the Spirit: "Geza Vermes portrays the historical Jesus as a charismatic teacher, healer, and exorcist who believed in the soon-to-be-realized Kingdom of God. Jesus was a Hasid, a Galilean holy man, on analogy with other holy men such as Hanina ben Dosa." All well and good but the "more" about Jesus stems from the degree of reach created by the gospel stories themselves. These create an infinite pool from which we gather new understandings each nanosecond.

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Possible Signs of Heart Trouble

5 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

I offer such links with a caveat. Nowadays we go to the Web when we have symptoms. Best to take any problem we have to an MD that we have confidence in.

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