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Impunity: What Else Do You Call Israel's Razing of Bedouin Villages?

Israel: Stop Demolishing Bedouin Homes | Human Rights Watch: "(Jerusalem) - The Israeli government should immediately stop demolishing the homes of Bedouin citizens in the Negev desert in southern Israel and should compensate those displaced and allow them to return to their village pending a final agreement that respects their rights under international law, Human Rights Watch said today." Lots of things could be said, I'll add only this. When Israel exceeds any reasonable definition of rights it does everything it stands for a large disfavor.

Target Mixed Business with Politics in Minnesota

Exercising new ability to spend on campaigns, Target finds itself a bull's-eye: "When Target gave money in July to a pro-business group in Minnesota, the company thought it was helping its bottom line by backing candidates in its home state who support lower taxes. Instead, the retailer has found itself in a fight with liberal and gay rights groups that has escalated into calls for a nationwide boycott and protests at the company's headquarters and stores." We have not gotten to the full sense of what the Roberts Court did in opening the gates to unlimited corporate and union political contributions to political campaigns. What will actually change from before to after? If the little story above us is illustrative, the answer may be that corporations like Target will think twice about alienating a segment of their public. Where the customers are, sorry, wrong for what they believe.

The worst television you ever saw - (Obama McCain 2008)

In 2008 I got the goods on John McCain

McCain is a Loose Cannon and a Highly Dangerous Man 2008 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "I've just finished listening to a discussion video featuring Matthew Yglesias and Ross Douthat of The Atlantic where they conclude that McCain, after his present patch of flailing scorn, which they do not attribute to a coherent Rovian input, will revert to a Maverick persona."

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I swear I was there when people started saying "like" every third word

The Technospeed Cultural Overlay - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

"The technospeed cultural overlay embraces us all
And has done so for thirty years and more
It accounts for a speed of speech
A speed of movement
A gymnastic bent
An inflection that rises at the end of every sentence
Turning it into a question"
There's more at the link above...

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O god Tom Lehrer is funny (Video)

Was the Cold Way a convenient fabrication on both sides?

Adam Experiences What Seems to Be a Conversion 1956 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "In 1956, Adam was agnostic toward the Cold War, regarding McCarthy as a lout and Communism as a credible threat. He heard the likes of Norbert Franklin expounding on the subject, but did not share his view that we were being hoodwinked all along by both sides."

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Is Obama The Best Republican President Ever?

Republicans Were for Obama in 2006, in 2008 and They Are Still for Him - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "This piece, originally published on August 16, 2008, is interesting because the Republicans for Obama site still is active. I have since written, half-seriously, that President Obama is the best Republican President
we have ever had. I have made some cuts and alterations."

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Obama Hangs Tough Versus GOP Hypocrisy

Obama Rejects Short-Term Debt Deal - The Daily Beast: "President Obama ruled out any short-term solutions to the debt limit, as Republicans and Democrats prepare to meet just weeks before the country defaults. “If not now, when?” Obama asked at a press conference. “Pull off the Band-Aid,” he said. “Eat our peas.”" When push comes to shove it is the GOP that does not want seruius debt control. The only thing it cares about is being able to say they did not raise taxes. They will go down if they don't suck it up and act like adults.

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All Doors Once Open to Murdoch Are Starting to Close

British government refers News Corp’s takeover bid for BSkyB to competition regulator - The Washington Post: "LONDON — A final decision on Rupert Murdoch’s biggest takeover battle has been delayed for several months after the British government referred News Corp.’s bid for British Sky Broadcasting PLC to competition authorities, as a phone hacking scandal showed no sign of abating." I devoutly hope that FOX is next. It is an excrescence. It has nothing to do with business. It has to do with the soul of this nation. And with profound inner corruption that must be purged.

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Gun Control Crackdown Go Mr. President

Obama’s New Gun Control Regulations: Exclusive - The Daily Beast: "The president will quietly toughen regulations in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting, Daniel Stone and John Solomon report, despite opposition from the NRA." The NRA is a shameful indication of part of the American character that is less than admirable. I am talking more about its methods and callousness toward suffering than abuot the right which it defends. Institutions serve or fail. NRA in succeeding fails miserably.

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PolitiFact Trashes Obama for GOP Sins

PolitiFact | The Obameter: Restore Superfund program so that polluters pay for clean-ups: "The expected opposition by Republicans and by industries hit by the tax will pose severe obstacles for implementing this promise, and the current economic troubles only make the challenge harder. But the idea is moving forward on several fronts, which is enough for us to rate Obama's promise as In the Works." Actually they call this a promise broken. The GOP is the promise breaker not Obama. PolitiFact needs to have its head screwed on right.

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Risky business putting sex-slave traffickers behind bars

Weapon to stem sex slavery often left unused - US news - Enslaved in America - "One of their main tools to accomplish that is a special “T Visa,” which offers the victims a path to freedom — and even citizenship — in exchange for their help putting modern day slave runners behind bars." The best weapon against sex slavery is economic justice and the best way to evonomic justice is global democratic revolution. Pending these things, this is a risky but positive step.

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Incandescence has no appeal to the GOP

Congressional Week Ahead: Budget Talks, Light Bulb Efficiency - "House members are also set to vote Monday on an issue that has become something of a hot button in conservative circles. Representative Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, has advanced a measure that would roll back energy standards on incandescent light bulbs." Obama should have expected nothing better and had better, as a result, do better an boxing these folk in. He and David Plouffe need to win this week big time.

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Tiger Surmises

Tiger Woods set to make an announcement on Monday morning - Devil Ball Golf - Golf Blog - Yahoo! Sports It is odd that one looks at Tiger in entirely different terms now than before things began to unravel during his belated adolescence. It is not unusual for lives to follow a different course than those who talk life stages suggest. Whatever Tiger says, and it most likely will explain a hiatus doe to health concerns, it will never have the feel of advance that characterized the innocent pre-adolescent days.

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