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HIV Hope

Pills Prevent HIV Infection - The Daily Beast: "Two separate studies released Wednesday have found that taking a daily pill containing AIDS drugs can help keep an uninfected person from catching the virus. “This is an extremely exciting day for HIV prevention,” said Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of AIDS prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta." Some good news on an otherwise shaky news day. We need to make AIDS like Polio. Eradicate it eventually. Maybe about the same time we wake up to the suicidal nature of continued dependence on fossil fuels.

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Push Back

Debt Talks Turn Dire as Obama Gets Tough, Business Leaders Beg for Deal - The Daily Beast: "A week ago, political leaders were on a glide path to a $4 trillion deal that would have slain sacred cows in both parties and set the nation on a sustainable fiscal path for the first time since two wars, two rounds of tax cuts, and an unpaid prescription-drug plan blew through the budget surplus left from the 1990s. Then House Speaker John Boehner got the vapors, pulled back from the negotiations, and the unthinkable became the faintly possible: that Tea Party purists would prevail and there might not be a deal in time to meet the August 2 deadline to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt." As I have suggested the final deal will be somewhere in the middle between 2 and 4 trillion. Obama will lean on Boehner. He will offer some means of saving face. We will get through this.

Mark One Video

Mark One

Mark One - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Marks terse setting of the scene for his narrative is comparable to the opening scene of Hamlet. No wasted words. It is almost as if we know that his audience is aware, as we are, that John was arrested (plus the rest of the story). Jesus came into Galilee. Terse. And now, the beef. Preaching what? Not, Hey folks, I am the messiah and. Not, Create a Trinity, with me in there. Here is what Mark says: Jesus came preaching the gospel, good news, of the kingdom of God. The realm of Abba."

Good Question

The New Testament and the Examined Life: Thoughts on Teaching: "But when students were told that everything they had learned about their religion before entering this class was wrong, did we know -- or care -- if their capacity to function religiously in a mature fashion was diminished?" Students questing for religious truth are up against it. On one side are those who have a fixed view and seek to lead folk to it. On the other the deconstructionists who wish to tear down a naive structure of belief. There is a third way. To trust the veracity of what one perceives within and understand that Jesus did not posit a stern and hostile deity but an Abba who is within everyone as light, spark, inspiration and hope. You won't get that in school. Yet.

Supernatural Supposition

Robert H. Stein: Jesus the Savior: "Yet it is this supernatural Jesus that humanity desperately needs, for only this supernatural Jesus can bridge the gap between human sin and God's holiness." We live within a penumbra of vagueness that renders every product of our minds vague at the outer edges. Wherefore we theorize endlessly. Jesus is not supernatural. Nothing is. Everything is what we suppose within the immanent frame. Once we get this through our head, about 90 percent of all theology is rightly consigned to the archives. Transcendence is possible, but within the immanent frame.

N. T. Wrong

God's Way of Acting: "God's glory is revealed not in the manger; but on the cross. If you try to express any New Testament theology without Jesus' death and resurrection, you will find it cannot be done." People whose last name is Wright are not always right. Frank Lloyd Wright was wrong about the future. N.T. Wright is wrong in locating God's glory on the cross. Jesus did not accomplish salvation for the church. He prescribed the way to glory for the world. There is a huge difference and it is explicated in Mark One. Mark One is the root of New Testament theology.

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Deal Coming

The Web is alive with speculation about the effects of debt default. You heard it here. The job will get done at the final minute and the resolution will be better than expected. Why? Because we cannot afford not to do more than a mini deal and pass muster with the credit ratings folk. And the GOP cannot afford to give the baton to the utter wingnuts who want to drive us over a cliff. Ultimately wiser heads will prevail and the solution will emerge from the White House with a calm and cool Obama announcing that an historic compromise has occurred. If I am wrong my advice is to sell everything and hang on to your Bible.

Romney Boost

Daily Kos: Economic situation bends Floridians away from Obama and toward Romney: "Floridians are leaning toward Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, according to a new poll. A lack of jobs seems to be the key reason that the president's approval ratings are now at 38 percent in Florida." I assume the President will either 1. create some jobs somehow or 2. benefit from a housing recovery by Nov. 2012 or 3. lose the election. Unless of course the GOP cannot read polls like this and consign's Romney to ex-wannabe-hell.

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Japan Dirty Work

Fukushima Cleanup Recruits 'Nuclear Gypsies' From Across Japan | Common Dreams: "'I've never thought working at the plant was dangerous,' Rune tells the Guardian after a day's work, for which he receives 12,000 yen (£95). 'And I think my wage is fair for the kind of work I do. It's more than I used to get driving a truck.'" We are well past the time when we should plan on a nuclear future. Green energy is where it is at. Sustainable economy. Car free world.

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Obama "Enough"

Was it a blow up? Obama, GOP get tense in talks - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "Instead, Obama reportedly gave an impassioned statement to the congressional leaders at the end of the meeting, saying 'enough's enough' with respect to delay and refusal to compromise." This is accurate, The President has been in this box since day one with the racially motivated, Wall Street-subservient GOP.

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Chinese Uber-Corruption

The Chinese art of elegant bribery | openDemocracy: "The history of elegant bribery can be traced back to ancient Chinese dynasties, and arguably, it has been an intractable problem since the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)." A new word for a very old practice. Might as well get to know it.

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Blessed Peacemakers

Frans de Waal on Political Apes, Science Communication, and Building a Cooperative Society | The Primate Diaries, Scientific American Blog Network: "“It’s the animal in us,” we often hear when we’ve been bad. But why not when we’re good? This is the question that has driven Frans de Waal for the past 30 years." This is something I have known for 75 years.

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Wall Street GOP

GOP Hoodwink - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "The GOP hoodwinked our majority
They have not changed they bring no change they lie" This was true a while ago. But now it seems that Wall Street is trying to separate itself from the GOP. In point of fact Wall Street is exactly the same as the GOP but it wants to have its cake and eat it too. It tells the GOP to behave but is unwilling to say, Therefore compromise as the President has said 100 times.

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