Democrats have joined the parade of discouragement

Gallup.Com - Daily News, Polls, Public Opinion on Government, Politics, Economics, Management: "Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the country fell to 16% in July, the lowest in more than two years. Most of the four-percentage-point drop in satisfaction since June is the result of a sharp decline among Democrats." This is because despite remarkable uprisings in the states, most of us democrats do not really believe in democracy any more. This is a serious problem. What would get you out on the street. What would make you write a letter. What would mobilize you. I have a pretty good idea. A forward looking program of economic recovery we can actually see and believe. Key words would be "car free" and "post oil" and "full employment". It would start rescuing neighborhoods that were willing to support new local business in exchange for becoming walkable and inventive in the local delivery of services.

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My front row seat to the collapse of the liberal church in America

Adam Enters Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan 1958 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Union Theological Seminary. Founded during the liberal heyday of the 19th Century when there was money for Christianity that sat light to heavy creeds and orthodox conservatism." Yep. a front row seat. It hurt even in back then when we looked down on the fundies and figured the world belonged to Ike and us white Protestants with denominational ties. It belonged to neither. WASP culture was in the emergency ward and was wheeled out during the subsequent decades. We were right about a lot of things and what we have now is no great shakes. But everything is progress if we see it as such. And work for values that transcend every category we have.

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Cantor eclipsing Boehner? For what? A place in the doghouse of lost political wannabes?

Cantor – Boehner: Who’s the Alpha? — BagNews ...

To coin a phrase I knew Richard Nixon and Eric Cantor is no Richard Nixon.

Cantor is an index of the utter bankruptcy of the GOP when it comes to finding one intelligent policy idea, one indication that it understands conserving as a legitimate pursuit or one shred of awareness of what constitutes an actual negotiation.

This man is a Yuppie Dummy and deserved to be dropped into Aspen from a high altitude.

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We do public thought here you just haven't noticed it yet

George Scialabba, What Are Intellectuals Good For? Essays and Reviews Logos: "We are saturated with words and images produced by “anti-public intellectuals” of the public relations industry; corporations and the wealthy have accumulated overwhelming political power; the “decline of print literacy” saps what sources of public thought might remain."  Lighten up George. Public thinkers today have no time to be authors or essayists. They already know the fragmentary nature of truth and its distribution, they bravely think on unrecognized and you know what? They they are right! Fragments rule. Peirce is their mentor. He cannot be equalled. We are secure. No NYT obits 4 us..

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Anything that was founded by J. Edgar Hoover should be shut down in a formal act of penitence.

30 Years in Prison For Saying the Wrong Thing? How The FBI Entraps US Citizens To Feign Success Against Terror | Civil Liberties | AlterNet: "The FBI, under considerable pressure to produce results, has resorted to unjust measures to create villains of domestic terror." My gosh, is that really true. Do I have to read Ellroy to believe it? Or is it out there and available to the ordinary reader. How about we stop venerating law enforcement of any sort until we have some tangible evidence that it is 1. not corrupt and 2. not in the collar business. They should confine themselves to preventing the kidnapping and dismembering of little children and stop racking up hours on spurious investigations.
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Just in case you want to delve into Jesus' non-existence (Video)

Propositionally, it really makes no difference. The proposition is that there is a spark within us all we identify with the one Jesus called Abba and this spark is essentially what makes the difference between gently moving forward toward some common end or .... not.

There was no Jesus he was Mark's invention grafted on to some texts

Earl Doherty: Jesus the Myth, Heavenly Christ: "Doherty sees the author of the Gospel of Mark as one who had been brought up in the 'Galilean Tradition' and devised a brilliant bit of religious syncretism in identifying the fictional Q founder with the exalted Pauline Christ in fashioning the passion story whole cloth. Mark's narrative (c. 85-90 CE) was the sole basis upon which the later evangelists retold the story." Do I have to start over? If Earl is correct I can live with that like I live with Hamlet. Some texts make it as real without too much pushing. Mark nailed Jesus, if I may use that term.

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Here's a country committed to a stupid war on drugs ineptly mucking around with Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens Mistrial: Steroid Prosecution Strikes Out - The Daily Beast: "The perjury case against pitcher Roger Clemens collapsed because of government prosecutors' stupidity, Buzz Bissinger says—and it was a travesty to begin with."

 Even my wife thinks this was stupid and to her Roger is just a name.

I am going to market a new drug called hypocrisycrapzap - a psychotropic injurious to anyone who has signs of health. I am writing the FDA for permission.

Wait a minute. What agency needs to approve this?

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It's not nihilism John it's stupidity

The Debt Ceiling and Why Some Republicans Would Drive Us Off a Cliff - The Daily Beast: "In preferring default to a deal, the populist wing of the Republican party has demonstrated its new nihilistic streak. John Avlon on the politicians only too happy to take us off a cliff." Adults who knew more than they know now as school-children are making stupid calls based on zero knowledge of what their actions signify. These people are the best reason for us to be very afraid. Democracy depends on continuing education for which the media bears some responsibility. Don't hold your breath.

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Start Your News Day With Crazed Mistaken Identity Premptive Self Righteousness

Oklahoma Woman Mistaken for Casey Anthony - The Daily Beast: "It looks like Casey Anthony will need a pretty good disguise. Sammy Blackwell, a Chouteau, Oklahoma, woman who looks somewhat similar to Casey Anthony, was attacked by a woman who appears to have mistaken her for the woman acquitted of murdering her child." I advise going back to bed and maybe starting the day over from scratch.

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The Web Has Nothing Better To Do Than To Delve into Obama's 15-year-old memory

A reminder of the way things were in 2010 and an indication of how far we have come in pushing back.

Book claims Obama misstated mother’s struggle with health care coverage | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Bias against Obama is unconscious. It operates as a challenge in the minds of headline writers. Let's call him a liar. Obama has essentially admitted to not remembering exactly what happened. It was 15 years ago. The substance of the narrative remains. Preexisting conditions were and are a reason insurance companies deny coverage.

Obama was recalling difficulties his mom experienced. He got it wrong. He will most likely say so at some point. It will go unreported. The fact that she did not get what she needed is destined to be buried.

Oh, and by the way, Romney did nothing but help people get jobs.

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