I believe that if Nietzsche had been able to complete his life work he would have agreed.

What is good?--Whatever augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man.
Thus Nietzsche in The Antichrist.
Nietzsche's will to power so defined reveals that he did not achieve the revaluation of values he intended with this final work, prior to his madness.
Taking this in itself the response is Yes! The empowerment of humankind is indeed the intent of Abba and the clear aim of Jesus.
But this empowerment relates precisely to the active presence of chosen values within us.
The power that a bigot feels reflects a choice of values that is hardly good
I believe that if Nietzsche has been able to complete his life work he would have agreed. 

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15-0 Yankees over Oreoles Second Inning

Ouch. 12  in the first. 3 in the second. 

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The ball is still with the House Republicans

The subtext of all the nice talk from Boehner and McConnell about an agreement is that they will be subject to the President and that the agreement they take back will still require over half the Republicans in the House. Don't count on it. There are three options. They agree on a huge plan of the sort Obama has proposed. They agree to just raise the ceiling and leave all the posturing for another day. Of they try to ace it with what they have and risk a no win. There is no logical conclusion than the one in the headline above.
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Three Ontological Values Which Act To Enable Redress of Grievances

Democracy which affirms the equal rights of all
Tolerance which exercises humility and acknowledges the need for peaceful resolution of differences
Helpfulness which is a non-paternalistic way to assist others
These are imbedded in us all and serve as triggers to conscience when we stray from them
They can be inferred as Abba's way from the sayings and doings of Jesus

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Triadic Philosophy - Heaven is Not Greeting Card Fantasy

Songs about real events and experiences 
are closer a real sense of heaven than 
stock religious greeting card fantasies.

Triadic Philosophy 
is a simple, accessible
way of life for this century and beyond.
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Clinton left a balanced budget

Clinton left a balanced budget
It took W to fudge it
First he failed to get Bin Ladin
When he likely could have had him
Then he launched a war for oil
That was a colossal error
Charged it on a credit card
And called it a war on terror
Ended charging everything
Until we were a bloody mess 
Smirked on leaving such a debt
Now we're left without a net
For even with the kingpin gone
His henchmen keep on doing wrong

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The president will veto anything

The president will veto anything
That reeks of unfairness and party ways
And send the Congress back a simple page 
That says to raise the limit of our debt
If the Republicans refuse to vote on that 
He will take the option all know he can choose
Raise it himself
As the Constitution permits 
Either way
The dastardly GOP
Will lose 
We have already lost
Because of them
They have been criminal a full two years
And history will not deny their sin
Nor the deep sad morass 
They've put us in

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Jesus did not talk of sin save when provoked by hypocrites

Jesus did not talk of sin save when provoked by hypocrites
He loved the sinners those who knew
What hypocrites will not admit
And hypocrites know all the laws
Know all the games
Ignore their flaws
They cannot be as little ones
And therefore to the kingdom come
They are left in the outer dark
Free to indulge maraud abuse
Yes they are free so free to choose
The values that propel their ways
So hypocrites have made their choice
Self satisfied on feet of clay
And those who suffer for their deeds
Should thank God for democracy

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Mumbai is merely the tip of a global abuse of girls volcano

3quarksdaily: Beauty and Mumbai's beastly trade

Mumbai is merely the tip of a global abuse of girls volcano
Governments are the ones most to blame for this as they allow the burden of restitution to fall on the shoulders of not for profits that cannot hope to dislodge the corrupt habits of men
Until men can learn to control their urges to the point of not killing and maiming girls
It is the job of governments to pass laws so strict that men will think twice about their sex travels
Their sex fantasies realized at the expense of  impoverished teens they use for their paltry pleasures
Let disgust and conscience merge and save us from more and more decades when sad non profits ineffectively bear burdens we will not take on communally
Governments aka we are the culprits

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Come out Marcus whoever you are

Marcus Bachmann: Gay or Straight? - Minneapolis News - The Blotter

Whether Marcus is gay or straight is clearly up in the air though there is an answer
What is undeniable is that Michele Bachmann has said he is off limits to the media
But while she can wreak havoc on all of us by her leadership of wingnuts in the House
She cannot stop the media from checking Marcus out
As the Minneapolis paper does at the link above
I am trying hard to make this blog original in content
But that cannot preclude pointing to other sites where there is info that is worth a peek

You know what really does look like Hitler

Short Form Content at Blogger: This little pussy cat doesn't look like hitler:

What looks like Hitler
Is taking political advantage of hard times
Is choosing a whole class of people to scapegoat
They should people where there has been a history of hate to stoke new flames
Have leaders skilled in creating whatever history they wish without regard for facts
With these basic elements you should be able to create a reasonable imitation of old Adolph
Regardless of gender or the presence or absence of facial hair

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That's not your temperature exactly
That's how much Washington letting itself be wagged by wingnuts
Lost investors in just six days
And get this
They haven't even done anything yet

With a little effort they can
Raise this drop by the power of ten
Thanks Michele
Thanks everyone

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Core Wingnuts Congressional Gallery

Boehner debt ceiling bill's 22 'no' votes: Who's who - Alex Isenstadt - POLITICO.com:

Dear America I voted against John Boehner's bill
I do not believe America should pay its bills
I think we should just declare default
And from the fear and ruined caused
We'll be empowered
Rise from our vault
And it will be Obama's fault

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Actually the true pornography may be what the wingnuts are trying to do to us

Short Form Content at Blogger: A whole article on porn and almost nothing ...: "A whole article on porn and almost nothing ..."

Yesterday I was exercised about the manifest cruelty to women that was casually mentioned in this article about a porn actor. Today it occurs to me that if pornography is lethal, so is what the wingnuts in Congress are trying to do. They are trying to slam us in as physically cruel a way as the porn business does. If lethality - actually causing of death - is the real ethical standard for creating values for the future, then the smug face of an Eric Cantor may be the most chilling harbinger of death to come.

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Nightmares can come true it can happen to you

Short Form Content at Blogger: Wheel of Misfortune Teaser: "Wheel of Misfortune Teaser"

It's Saturday morning and I am scared to check the news for fear the wingnuts have done more evil overnight. When I see Kent Conrad looking totally flummoxed, I know we could be about to reap a whirlwind.

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