John Donne had a thing abut guts

3quarksdaily: "He waxes amorous about the worm, through whose ecumenical digestion one is incestuously joined with one’s mother, sister or brother. London vermin had already feasted on Donne’s brother Henry, who in 1593 had expired in Newgate gaol after harbouring a Jesuit priest."

We are supposed to be advancing. Right?

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Ten McCain acts that belie the notion that he ever was a maverick

1. He voted to deny habeas corpus to detainees of the United States.
2. He said "I don't support agricultural subsidies no matter where they are."
3. He opposed tax incentives to develop wind power.
4. He voted against funding No Child Left Behind.
5. He opposed funding for school desegregation.
6. The Childrens' Defense Fund give him a "worst" rating on kid's issues.
7. He owns eight homes worth millions and wears $500 loafers. Who's the elitist?
8. He voted against MLK Day in his home state.
9. 1n 2007 he voted to abolish the minimum wage in 45 states.
10. Pat Buchanan said McCain will make Cheney look like Gandhi.

This story will ultimately conquer the Republicans

Op-Ed Columnist - Bush Tax Cuts - Now That's Rich - NYTimes.com: "No, this has nothing to do with sound economic policy. Instead, as I said, it's about a dysfunctional and corrupt political culture, in which Congress won't take action to revive the economy, pleads poverty when it comes to protecting the jobs of schoolteachers and firefighters, but declares cost no object when it comes to sparing the already wealthy even the slightest financial inconvenience."

There is no way this story will not ultimately conquer the Republicans.

I am not a gossip buff. So I go for these bread and butter things.

Why Is Jennifer Aniston Still a Movie Star? - E! Online: "If that irks you, then do not read this next sentence: Aniston has a solid dozen movies in the works, at least three of which will be released in the next year or so."

I love it. I am not a gossip buff. So I go for these bread and butter things. Like, Aniston outshines most of the men whose names you might remember. And while people speculate about her future, she contemplates it. A dozen films. She might make up doing better that Arod.

Now according to the NYT, I must go and rest my brain.

The Manhattan alleged grope you may have missed

I can remember when the Pierre did not tolerate groping
Except on the dance floor where it was standard practice
Times change.
I suggest arming the maids and providing bodyguards
Of such menacing capacities that even brave and macho bankers
Like these bozos will be intimidated by the very thought.

Egyptian businessman Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting maid at posh Pierre Hotel - NYPOST.com: "Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar -- the 74-year-old former chairman of Egypt's Bank of Alexandria -- allegedly groped and 'gyrated' against the maid in Room 1027 at The Pierre hotel on Fifth Avenue, a law-enforcement source told The Post."

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Grizzlies and human beings at war

Hungry Bears in Yellowstone Coming into Conflict with People : TreeHugger: "Already, two people have been killed by bears in Yellowstone this year, the most in at least a century. Tragic as such fatal encounters are, the victims are usually the bears, which must be removed or relocated after coming into close contact with humans. This year, 22 grizzlies have died or been removed in Yellowstone."

It cuts both ways. Why is it always what we will permit the bears to do and not what we ourselves decide to do - like live in secure cyber cities?

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