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The market will shoot up when we get a jobs program

As Trading Week Ends, Investors’ Concerns Do Not -
It's headlines like this that make me want to punch out Eric Cantor. Who will pay for a jobs program, Eric? Surely not the billionaires you are protecting. We wouldn't think of asking them to lift a finger. Maybe we can find enough poor people in your district to hurt a bit more so that the next time around they will think twice before pulling the lever for you.

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Retrofit Your Life Here's How

Forget government do it with others on the groundCreate car free communities no more than four levels high no stairsWalkways dividing areas with residences, shops, services, workplaces, kiosks with public squares and play areas every 300 feet or soCyberfy everything according to smart categories and staff each kiosk-sitting area with a nice big screenGet the best resources everywhere and anywhere and show them in the appropriate venueStaff each kiosk with paid and volunteer folkSpaces are lego-like and fire-proof and light-weightCreate a skeleton to serve the whole community with water, recycling, power and suchMake schools student driven and devise means of measuring progress that are also student drivenAim for full diversity Aim for a restoration of communityAim at utilizing all talents
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Somalia Now Faces Cholera

Somalia Ravaged by Cholera Epidemic, U.N. Says -
The world is filled with money-hoarding enterprises and individuals who have minds capable of solving the problems of rogue states reduced to criminality, subject to terror rebellions and beset with famine and disease. That we have only ineffective humanitarianism and an incapable power apparatus should give us an agenda worth at least some discussion.

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Bush 3

Rick Perry: Taking Over for George W. Bush in the Culture War - The Daily Beast: "Rick Perry: Red-State Warrior
Rick Perry and Barack Obama disagree about policy. But as Michael Tomasky argues, a race between them would end up as the biggest battle yet in the culture war"
The President will get his wish. He can continue to run against W. Entertainment worthy of a populace that lives on drugs, TV and gadgets.

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No Deal No Campaign Contribution

Starby has a good ideaNo deal no campaign contrbutionsIf Grover Norquist can get wingnuts to subscribe to know nothing economicsWe can withhold contributions save to those with a clear record of commitment to a bipartisan compromise that will combine revenues with cuts in equal measureI have already contributed to the one person whose compromise was roundly rejected by the GOP
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By all means get those juvenile dealers

Juvenile charged for selling “Scooby snax” | The Franklin County Times: "Oliver said even though the substances weren’t considered illegal right now, they still had the same affects as other hallucinogens and could have serious side effects, which is why the juvenile suspect was charged with reckless endangerment."
The greatest hallucinogens are free and legal. They rise in the mind as signs. They bump up against brute fact. The result is an epiphany of advancement beyond imagining. But if that is not forthcoming, we have preemptive law enforcement going after minors. Happy day.

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Variation on a drug attainment theme

FPD: Atmore woman posed as nurse, arrested | The Atmore Advance: "“We had spoken with the pharmacist there and they said the way the prescription was called in seemed abnormal,” McGraw said. “We began investigating the situation and determined the calls were for fictitious patients.”"
There's more than one way to get drugs. This one did not work.

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