Walk the Walk

Costa Rica: Slut Walk Reactions, Religion and Women’s Rights · Global Voices: Although reactions to the Slut Walk have been varied, it seems that its real success was in getting people to think about gender violence, religion and respect.

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Bush Figures Figure

Americans' Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11%: PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States has fallen back to 11%, the lowest level since December 2008 and just four percentage points above the all-time low recorded in October 2008.

When this sorts out we either go down to tube with the GOP or change the Congress to Obama loyalists in the majority.

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Actually both of Bachmann's accounts are untrue

Daily Kos: Breaking: Michele Bachmann's pants catch on fire

1. She did not work for the IRS to spy on the enemy.

2. She did little work and in fact burdened her fellow employees because of frequent maternal leaves. Her suggestion of productivity while there is a joke.

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Of course we will have a great march

Time for the jobless to march on Washington - CNN.com: Once there, these unemployed people would deliver a simple demand: The government must act immediately to give them back employment. They could invoke quite a number of interesting historical precedents: the platform of the pre-Civil War Whig Party, whose leaders, including Henry Clay and young Abraham Lincoln, urged governmental "internal improvements" -- public works such as canal- and road-building projects -- to give work to the jobless during a ruinous depression that followed a financial panic in 1837

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If Michele Bachmann was a bird she would believe in global warming

Climate change: Species climbing higher and migrating north, study says - CSMonitor.com: Researchers in Britain analyzed dozens of studies tracking changes in the ranges of some 1,376 species of plants, animals, and insects. They found that a warming climate is driving species toward higher latitudes at an average of nearly twice the pace that studies indicated in 2003. And species are migrating to higher altitudes nearly three times faster.

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Sorry for any double posts

A "lone thinker" must somehow share his work
I had set up a workable rss feed to get these posts circulated
It went on the blink so I started doing it by hand
Now I see it is back
I am free from the need
Life goes on

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NYT's erroneous "no new ideas" business

What dregs the NYT is becoming
A fattened populace is imploding perhaps but that's too easy
The idea-less humanities-based wise sorts it says are no longer with us are not gone at all
There are ideas buried in this two week old blog that are beyond the ken of most simply because no one has paid them mind
Shall I tell you a few
The world operates on realist not nominalist principles and this trumps most of the philosophy that's been taught
C. S. Peirce is the philosopher whose century this is
A 20/20 generation will rise up in this generation to turn inside out the value system that has from the beginning resulted in the destruction of humankind
The world operates on a system of benign or casual genocide powered by an ineffective alliance of capitalism and philanthropy
There is no original sin or hell or supernatural
But most of what Jesus said that we have access to is correct in terms of the values we can extrapolate from his utterances
Charity as we know it is a poor excuse for creation of an economy that creates a fair basis for all people on earth to live and move and have their being
The car is obsolete
Detached houses are obsolete
Sprawl is horrendous for health
These are just a few big ideas
There are many more right here

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How do you measure cost in life

How do you measure cost in life
I bet not very carefully
That is if you are made like me
You act before you count the cost
Before you know it you are lost
But there is one redeeming thing
You understand a real economy

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Lucius Walker was a pastor for peace

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement Veterans -- Rev. Lucius Walker: Rev. Lucius Walker was the world's most active internationalist of our time, always a great friend and supporter of the poor and oppressed. He has left a huge vacuum.

Just one of the thousands of largely forgotten giants of the civil rights movement which is the precursor of today's global democratic revolution.

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Killing Africa Killing The World

The Effects of Oil Companies' Activities on the Environment, Health and Development in sub-Saharan Africa | Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs: Negative impacts of the oil industry are a major concern in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), threatening not only the health of local communities, but also the livelihoods they depend on.

If one wishes to put a name to what St. Paul designates the principalities and powers of this world, you have come to the right place. Until our dazed eyes see this, and act to break free, we are in the jaws of hell.

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My favorite Bruce Cockburn song (Video)

What devastation have we wrought

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I read this as a sign of war

BBC News - Egypt to recall Israel envoy over Sinai shootings

I read this as a sign of war
I shed a tear for Israel's mind
Warped by the thinking Jesus trumped
Which the church then covered up
Jesus was for no wimpy peace
But for one based on tensile strength
You who play tit for tat we they
Lack comprehension hence new war
It is not peace you're fighting for

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The values that infuse the most patriotic of songs

The values that infuse the most patriotic of songs
Are not the values that Jesus held close as his gift to us to save us from ourselves
There is no universal tolerance in a song that celebrates the truth of a single side
There is no trace of helpfulness when the calculus of death weighs 1000 times more than all the heroism of war
There is no trace of democracy when the history of the powerful celebrates the deeds of conscious killers in the service of earth's idols

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Alyson Hallett : The Stone Library : Poems

Alyson Hallett : The Stone Library : Poems:

Moses stone,
scooped into the glacier's
hardening maw
and held there by crystal teeth,
tight cupped
in pre-nuptial whiteness
Nice site. Nice work.
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Wait a minute, yesterday it was 20

AFP: Tanks rumble into Homs, as 33 killed across Syria: DAMASCUS — Tanks rumbled into the central city of Homs at dawn on Saturday, a day after security forces killed at least 33 anti-regime protesters across Syria, adding urgency to a UN mission expected this weekend.

Why don't we just assume that until the horrendous Assad and his minions are out of there we will have people killed until the grave eats them all up? This is a disgusting display if impunity for which words do not suffice.

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Now there's a good one

Congressional Black Caucus Gets Tough on President Obama - The Daily Beast: Exasperated with the first African-American president, the Congressional Black Caucus says it’s time to emulate the Tea Party. Patricia Murphy on its vow to adopt get-tough tactics.

Obama has politely called for support from the beginning and now a few seem to be bestirring themselves. Good. Spoons sometimes spill pabulum twixt the bowl and the mouth. When enough support the President we will have a chance at the polls. Until then complain all you want but that won't walk the walk. Contribute. Call. And above all stop bitching. Instead, if you must, say why the President has been crucified by the Right from day one. That narrative beats complaining 1000 to 1.

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A latte or my book

BEYOND CREED - Stephen Rose : IUniverse: "Creedal messianism" is Stephen Rose's original term for the belief system that the church, including original witnesses, created to obscure Jesus' iconoclastic understanding of the gospel.

I make my own. Both books and latte. It's cheaper in all ways that way.

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Japan's devastation a graphic exploration (Photos)

Jake Price in Japan: Five Months On — BagNews

One of the better Bags of late.

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It wasn't that pleasant for Joran

Annals of Crime - Van Der Sloot Jail Woes - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

Maybe Joran should write a book
And try to set in print for us
The reason we cut him the slack
Needed to keep his name before us
Like some chorus we know not why or where

Now it's decision fatigue

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? - NYTimes.com: Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues and families, splurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket and can’t resist the dealer’s offer to rustproof their new car. No matter how rational and high-minded you try to be, you can’t make decision after decision without paying a biological price.

Tomorrow it will be determinism fatigue. This is when your power of decision is wrested from you by inexplicable forces. You are thereby wafted into a deliriously happy space where nothing but bon bons fly from the sky.

.... all your philosophy. - Hamlet

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Cote d'Ivoire - Show Trafigura waste victims the money

Côte d’Ivoire: Missing millions must reach Trafigura toxic waste victims | Amnesty International: Côte d’Ivoire’s new government must ensure that the compensation paid out by the oil-trading corporate group Trafigura reaches the thousands of victims affected by a toxic waste dumping in 2006, Amnesty International said today on the fifth anniversary of the disaster.

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My brain made me do it

A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm | Drugs | AlterNet: "This fundamental impairment in the experience of pleasure literally compels the addict to chase the chemical highs produced by substances like drugs and alcohol and obsessive behaviors like sex, food and gambling."

Mechanism and determinism and such fancies are no match for reality which is vastly more complex than the theorists of determinism will allow. Reality contains a window for free will which relates to ontological values our resident fatalists cannot even admit are there buried deep within.

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Poverty Recipe: Cut the number of employees and make them work more

Not Trickling Down: The Percentage Of Americans In Poverty Now Equals China - Digg: politicususa.com — In a recent report, experts said the number of poor in America is nearly identical by percentage to China where more than half the population are peasant farmers who barely subsist from day to day. 20 hr 32 min ago.

This helps the luxury biz. More workers getting less money would buy more basic things.

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Perry aka Bush 3 raps on privatization

Perry part starts at 2:31. Close your eyes and who do you hear?

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A little background on our post-Reagan prison business (Video)

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Do you really want privatization?

License to Abuse? Time for Bureau of Prisons to Sever Ties with CCA » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: Indeed, CCA, the largest owner and operator of privatized correctional and immigration detention facilities in the U.S., has had a reputation for poor management, neglect, and turning a blind eye to abuses within its facilities for over 20 years. Since 2003, there have been at least 19 deaths in facilities operated by CCA, including three in Georgia.

That would be the Corrections Corporation of American (CCA).

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Going on guidance

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse:

Jesus argues that
Abba is within each of us
Ready to change our lives for the better
If we only have eyes to see

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The benign face of us

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Signs are generals in waiting

The benign face of us
Could be the sign we need
To see that we are free
In one way only

To choose the very values that will
Speak what we will
Live by

That's the only way
That we can be

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Signs are generals in waiting

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Isn't it strange that Joran van der Sloot is on everyone's mind still

Signs are generals in waiting
Rising vague as sunlight on the sea
Now we grab catch strain to represent them
In this case the third still yet to be

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