Amazon tablet could be a bitter pill for Apple

Amazon Tablet to Launch in Fall - The Daily Beast: "New Apple CEO Tim Cook may have to deal with a big threat to the iPad this fall: Amazon is going to launch its much-anticipated tablet in late September or October, according to the New York Post, and the device will sell for “hundreds less” than the iPad. The Amazon device, which will run on a customized version of Google’s Android operating system, is considered a real threat to the iPad, because Amazon, if it follows the same plan it did with the Kindle, will be willing to sell the electronic devices at a loss in order to boost sales of digital media. BGR says Amazon is working on both entry-level and high-end models and that the company will reveal them in the coming weeks."

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That's a lot of grounded travelers

Airlines Cancel 6,100 Flights Ahead of Irene:

Irene is grounding hundreds of thousands of passengers. And it affects everyone all over the world trying to get to Irene territory.

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I wonder how many will know about a low oxilate diet

A Rise in Kidney Stones Is Seen in U.S. Children - NYTimes.com: "While there are no reliable data on the number of cases, pediatric urologists and nephrologists across the country say they are seeing a steep rise in young patients. Some hospitals have opened pediatric kidney stone clinics."

Do you? Find out what green veggies, chocolate  and nuts (including peanut butter) and seeds have in common

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Decent Updating Coverage of Irene

Irene Blows Her Way Through the East Coast (Updating):

I just made it back to our NYC apartment from a day trip to Massachusetts. We got back just as sunset signaled possible road closing. The city was traffic free. Rain was sporadic. We are bracing for the full kahuna.

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A sober take on terror in the US

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Suicide Bomber These Days? - By Charles Kurzman | Foreign Policy: "THE BAD NEWS, especially for Americans, is this: Islamist terrorists really are out to get you. They cannot be deterred by prison sentences, "enhanced" interrogations, or the prospect of death. They consider the United States to be their mortal enemy, and they would like to kill as many Americans as possible, in as dramatic a way as possible. The more I look at their websites, watch their videos, and read their manifestos and discussion boards, the more I realize just what a brutal and inhumane bunch these people are. It is worth taking them seriously."

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Libya genocidal acts discovered

Libya: Detainees killed by al-Gaddafi loyalists | Amnesty International: "Amnesty International has uncovered evidence that forces loyal to Colonel Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi have killed numerous detainees being held at two military camps in Tripoli on 23 and 24 August. "

The ICC should go after these murderers.

Is Ron Paul a viable choice? Not so much.

5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution -- 'Cuddly' Libertarian Has Some Very Dark Politics | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet: "He's anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-senior-citizen, anti-equality and anti-education, and that's just the start."

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A little watery music (Video)

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NYC prepping for Irene (Video)

Weakened hurricane lashes US East Coast - Americas - Al Jazeera English:

Rain should start falling in NYC before noon. The full force of Irene should not be felt until tomorrow. There is still a chance that Irene's force could be diminished or that she could move on less than a collision course with the city. People appear to be heeding the frequent call to take care.

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Free online content will ultimately be paid for by users via ISPs

Now Can We All Agree That The “High Quality Web Content” Experiment Has Failed? | TechCrunch: "Slate’s admission that, even with a minuscule staff of 60 and the financial “might” of the Washington Post company, it can’t make money from online content is also perfect. The perfect opportunity, that is, to acknowledge once and for all that the grand experiment in free online content has failed."

Meanwhile we should pay attention to why certain types of content work and other types don't. And fight the academics who put walls around things that should be available to all.

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What's 228 million to Google

Google slides Slide into the bin after spending $228m • The Register: "Google has ditched social network tech outfit Slide just one year after the company spent $182m on it, plus a further $46m in staff retention bonuses, in August 2010."

Maybe a blow to pride? Or hubris? Of something. cob.

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Facebook says no deal

UPDATE 2-Facebook ending Deals product after four-month test | Reuters: "SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Facebook is getting out of the daily deals business after four months of testing, a move that may ease some competitive pressure on industry leaders Groupon and LivingSocial."

As it were.

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The usual green urban mantra avoids the issue

10 things that make a great green city | Yahoo! Green:

All these ten things are well and good but they do not get cars off the streets, they do not rezone, they do not get rid of the skyscraper fetish, they do not create real sustainability, they do not reform education which is one of the primary reasons why we need to morph into cyber-cities that are real, diverse neighborhoods with education turned into student-driven enterprise. And that's just a start.

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You don't want to be a fish in Louisiana

'Sickening' spill kills hundreds of thousands of fish - US news - Environment - msnbc.com: "The liquid material, which mill owner Temple-Inland Inc. refers to as "black liquor," effectively sucked the oxygen from a large section of the river, killing every breathing organism within its reach, including the fish. Davis put the number of fish killed at hundreds of thousands."

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Paraglide - just what we need to clog the skies

Zvezdan Nedeljković's ParaMoto Trike Is the World's First Paragliding Motorcycle! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World: "The ParaMoto is a recumbent trike covered by a helicopter-style roof with open sides. The fan blades in the back make this vehicle look cool enough to drive just about anywhere, even if your other car isn’t an Aston Martin. Check out our photo gallery to see the details of this trike that can glide over the coast of California with ease."

With a fashion patina to boot.

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Nukes quakes and business as usual

13 Nuclear Plants Felt Quake, but All Were Spared - NYTimes.com: "A commission task force investigating the implications of that accident recommended changes in how the commission regulates some emergency equipment that could be useful after an earthquake, another natural event or a terrorist attack — but no changes are imminent."

How encouraging.

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Oil sands invasion - say it isn't so

U.S. Offers Key Support to Canadian Pipeline - NYTimes.com: "The project still must clear several hurdles, including endorsement by other federal agencies, additional studies, public hearings and consultation with the states through which the pipeline will pass. But all signs point to the Obama administration approving the project by the end of the year, perhaps with modifications."

This could be Obama's waterloo and the test of whether he wants to bite the bullet and go for long term sustainability or condemn us to the realities of oil dominance and more global warming. This and his treatment of Bradley Manning are two potentially unforgivable sins in my book. I have invested more in Obama than in myself. I hope he gets the message.

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If you're BP you're still liable

U.S. oil-spill ruling pleases plaintiff lawyers (Reuters) | Yahoo! Green: "NEW YORK (Reuters) - Plaintiff lawyers claimed a victory on Friday when a federal judge overseeing hundreds of lawsuits against BP and others over last year's big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico allowed much of the case to move ahead, including punitive damages claims.

"We are very pleased with the ruling," said Stephen Herman, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs, who include more than 100,000 individuals, businesses and property owners alleging spill-related losses. "The court agreed with us on all major points.""

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You know California is good for something

Sewage-powered hydrogen fueling station opens in CA | The Car Tech blog - CNET Reviews: "Could sewage be the holy grail for clean fuel? The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) in Fountain Valley, Calif., recently opened the world's first tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen energy station, which uses sewage biogas to produce heat, electricity, and hydrogen. The end result of the system is a constant stream of hydrogen that doesn't require large amounts of electricity to produce."

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In philosophical terms your repentance might mean ...

Turning from nominalism to realism ...
Turning from Descartes to Peirce ...
Turning from eternal return to continuity ...
Turning from sole concentration on the individual to the primacy of community ...

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Yes you will find something new here, so new it is widely ignored

Abba's Way - Premises - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Abba's Way believes that we are at a turning point in history. One sign of this is the collapse of Christianity as a creedal religion. It was Christianity's failure to understand the intent of Jesus that all people be made aware of Abba, the one to whom he prayed, that led to this point."

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Sort of Biblical in its way - sometimes makes sense sometimes not

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse:

The cover is a mite morose. But then again ...

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Dawkins musical is said to work

3quarksdaily: "I couldn't imagine how Richard Dawkins's iconic book The Selfish Gene could be turned into an Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, billed as the world's first "biomusical". But you know what? Bex Productions has managed to pull it off."

Whether selfishness is genetic or a free choice is another matter. Insofar as it is a value it is a choice.

Irene early Saturday morning

Gainesville Times | News from The Associated Press: "Forecasters said the core of Irene would make landfall in North Carolina in the next few hours, roll up the mid-Atlantic coast Saturday night and over southern New England on Sunday."

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