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Taste really is all in the mind in its very own gustotopic map.

New map shows where tastes are coded in the brain: "Each taste, from sweet to salty, is sensed by a unique set of neurons in the brains of mice, new research reveals. The findings demonstrate that neurons that respond to specific tastes are arranged discretely in what the scientists call a "gustotopic map." This is the first map that shows how taste is represented in the mammalian brain."

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A little truth about natural gas

S.E.C. Subpoenas Energy Companies for Records on Shale Gas Wells - "For example, the 2011 summer newsletter of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, a research arm of the Department of Energy, says that technology needs to improve in the Barnett shale in Texas, and in other shale gas areas, for these shale gas wells to be more economically viable. Shale gas wells often decline sharply after their first year ... “A crucial challenge for the industry today,” the newsletter said, is that only a “fraction” — a third or less — of wells show “sustained long-term production,” which makes it difficult for companies to make money on this drilling."

I am waiting for a ten year old genius to get us out of this oil and gas fixation. The current ads disgust with their complacency,

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Heartily recommend a dose of C. S. Peirce to all who do not acknowledge him

Heartily recommend a dose of C. S. Peirce to all who do not acknowledge him. Since things are evolutionary (continuity) and our theories are inevitably fallible (amendable), the draconian results of either too much or too little place for reason are eliminated. Indeed the realism of Peirce is a welcome liberation  from the straitjacket of feeling that reason is impotent to perform logical acts such as Peirce spent a lifetime considering. We are approaching the 100th year of his death. I rarely see him mentioned in academic indices. A good example is the work of Harold Bloom which suffers from a failure to make Peirce's acquaintance. Peirce belongs, to alter a Bloom saw, in the world canon.
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Fiction is whatever you want it to be

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: "Orlando was was eating shepherd’s bread and drinking Vernaccia Lido Del Sole, watching village boys kick a red ball back and forth on the beach. The sun was climbing gently over Monte Moro. Orlando thought to himself that there could never be a more pleasant day. (Not unlike my feeling in Manhattan on September 11 — a glorious morning — in the moments before the Towers went down.)"

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And we don't think we have an effect on climate?

Space 'Junk' Threatens Satellites and Astronauts:

Space junk is made by nature itself and we have nothing to do with it. Come come. We are as a universal humanity slobs. Some may have a fastidious streak but that is our default and we should acknowledge it and build a world that enables this trait to be accepted by eliminating our capacity to ruin the cosmos. This means that we need to create self cleaning technologies and follow this through on all products.

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The gambling part of John McCain

Does John McCain Still Have a Gambling Problem? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Published 8/18/2008. A good example of things in the open that were generally ignored by the MSM. A cursory search for material on McCain and gambling ends with material posted in 2008. So the answer to the title question is, I do not know. But the words below, unchanged, suggest that if there is no problem now, he reformed after dropping the election to Barack Obama. I do not detect that in his other activities."

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Is this tough enough for the President's critics who aid and abet the GOP by their disloyalty?

Obama says Congress must pass job program - politics -
""But we're not going wait for them," he said at an annual event sponsored by the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO. "We're going to see if we've got some straight shooters in Congress. We're going to see if congressional Republicans will put country before party."

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Cooking with Naan

How idiotic you sayNaan being the wonderful Indian bread I can buy everywhere fresh I cook at home just take out meals from great cheap restaurants nearbyNow I am cooking some jumbo shrimp a pruneSome green grapes some sopresetta a little cheeseAnd yes some scraps of Naan with some honey drizzled on itA compact little lunch for a hard working fellowAnd if you mix in rice or pasta why not NaanIf I couldn't find NaanI could do the same with flatbread
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Are we talking last legs here?

Senior al Qaida commander captured in Pakistan | McClatchy: "Younis al Mauritani, a senior al Qaida commander described by some to be the organization's "foreign minister", has been captured by Pakistani security forces, officials said Monday, the most important Al Qaida figure in several years to be arrested in Pakistan. American intelligence was involved in the arrest. Al Mauritani, central to the group's plots against the West, was detained in the western city of Quetta, along with two other al Qaida operatives."

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I rarely look at this kind of stuff. Here's why.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Downsized For Annie Leibovitz: "Apparently Annie Leibovitz was so angry that she's been reduced to photographing the Kardashian Kollection for Sears campaign that she went on a vengeful, Photoshopping rampage once the shoot was over. Either that, or Khloe downed some of the same Alice in Wonderland potion she had before posing for the ladies' swimwear line to make her 5'10" frame look smaller than her sisters', who are 5'2" and 5'3"."

I mean people take this seriously?

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Delicate approach to the coming Congo elections

Congo: The Electoral Process Seen from the East - International Crisis Group: "The technical preparations for the presidential and legislative elections scheduled on 28 November and the beginning of the electoral campaign in the East of Congo have generated suspicion that risks developing into a crisis of confidence in the whole electoral process."

These usually mean that the outcome is hardly assured as regards whether the election will be fair or not. We cannot cast stones from the US because we are the national victims of a manifestly unfair electoral process which has wreaked untold damage on thousands who are no longer with us.

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I agree from my megatheocorporatocratic cell

I Blame The Patriarchy: "in my view the connective tissue is not Women’s Oppression, but rather the megatheocorporatocratic ideology of domination to which it is my somewhat lazy habit to refer as patriarchy. Domination ideology is predicated on the notion that social hierarchies are rooted in and validated by Divine Truth. All oppression — such as “women are whores” and “let’s enslave some Africans”– proceeds from this idea."

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In Nepal they steal the future

Futures Stolen | Human Rights Watch: "This 76-page report documents the hurdles that children with disabilities face in obtaining a quality education in Nepal. Some children with disabilities experience abuse and neglect at home and in their communities, making it harder for them to gain access to schooling. These barriers result in low attendance and high dropout rates for children with disabilities compared with their non-disabled peers."

Abuse begins at home. One solution is to be somewhat more careful about having children in the first place. Another is to embrace a non-lethal value system. All people are free to do that at any time.

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I've been wondering when the CETA model would return and in what form

Long-Term Unemployment: States Search For Strategies To Counter Joblessness: "To confront the growing problem of long-term unemployment, the Obama administration may seek to put Clark's strategy into practice on a national scale. The White House has signaled that it may replicate a program in Georgia that allows businesses to train jobless workers for two months without having to pay them."

Not a new idea but it worked in the early 1980s.

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Gerd Theissen writes with some accuracy

Historical Jesus Theories: Gerd Theissen: "Theissen writes, "his vision of the future rule of God was that of a great shared meal in which Jews and Gentiles were no longer divided by commandments about food and cleanness" (op. cit., p. 571). Jesus was an itinerant with a "radical ethic of freedom from family, possessions, home and security" (op. cit., p. 571) "

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High water everywhere

More flooding expected as Lee nears Ala. - CBS News: "(CBS/AP) Tropical Storm Lee - downgraded to a tropical depression - has dropped a foot of rain in some places, spreading the risk of flash flooding as it heads north, especially in Louisiana. The storm left 13 inches in New Orleans and 15 inches in the metro areas, and spawned tornadoes in Lilliana."

At least in Dixie. Still waiting to find any text that sees convergence between Lee and Katia. And any text suggesting that we reconsider how we live in an era of weather extremity that we helped to create. I have an idea but no takers so far.

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Hmmm Zambian elections no picnic, but consider our own

Zambia: Netizens Worried About Poll Violence Rhetoric · Global Voices: "During past elections, and the forthcoming ones are no exception, some Zambians are known to sell and others to buy voters' cards as a way to make money the sellers and to disenfranchise those likely to vote for the opposition by the buyers. One tweep bemoans the fact."

The GOP is cooking up its own mischief and 2012 looks to be a massive call for people's poll vigilance.

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The resilience of cork

Why Cork Is the Most Amazing Material in the World to Keep Your Wine Tasty: "Cork is an unbeatable bottle stopper. It's compressed by machines, jabbed by wine keys, and assaulted by liquids, only to bounce back, close up the gaps, and continue to keep leftover wine at bay."

I am not going to bother to try to figure this out. But I suppose it is a testimony to the breadth of nature and therefore the wonder of the universe.
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Children are in need of awareness of the ontological values of Abba

Windows on The Bible: Sixty Two Family Values 2:
"No less than adults, children are in need of awareness of the ontological values of Abba and cleansing of Abba's Word which mandates non-idolatry, tolerance, democracy and helpfulness. And the practice of Abba's way which involves the practice of daily forgiveness of all in exchange for deliverance of you."

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Peircelets: Peirce's Balanced View

Peircelets: Peirce's Balanced View:
When you consider that these thoughts were formed in the 19th century in evident separation from the thought of Nietzsche, this is quite amazing. If you collate these two seminal thinkers, you form a basis for the synthesis that is Abba's way which adds to the insights of these two the theory that values represent the principal thing we can actually freely will (and change) and that values are what we live by all the time and that values are to be distinguished from characteristics and virtues, as Aristotle failed to do. Values relate to such things as the sanctity of life (not killing) and are in Abba's way called non-idolatry, tolerance, democracy and helpfulness, one root and three active and interactive values, an inference from the Jesus of Mark.

Peirce's Balanced View

The Charles Sanders Peirce Daily - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"Thought as virtual

Meaning as experimental and interpretational

Mind as a multi-dimensional communicational process

Sciences as collaborative communicational communities

Truth and knowledge as social and distributed

Formal reasoning as graphical inference

Humanities and sciences conceived unitarily

Education as inquiry and exploration "

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Just in case Katia and Lee have a tryst in store

Convergence: "Convergence

Convergence occurs when air moving from different directions collides. When convergence happens near the surface of the earth, such as when air spirals into the center of a low pressure cell, air is forced upward, a process called ascent. When convergence occurs high in the atmosphere, for example near the top of the troposphere, air is forced downward toward the surface, a process called descent, or subsidence."

Why do I feel this?

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A reasonable take on Saul Alinsky and two of his interpreters

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Were Well Beyond the Thinking of Saul Alinsky - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "As one who conducted extensive interviews with Alinsky, I am naturally interested. As I'm sure are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are. Each delved deeply into the thought of the Chicago-based community organizer whose grassroots stratagems appeal even today. Both produced lengthy accounts of Alinsky and his ideas."

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Tea party's homogenized bile

FreakOutNation: "Rep. Andre Carson’s recent statement caused quite a stir in the Tea Party. Carson said members of the Tea Party movement on Capitol Hill would like to see African Americans “hanging on a tree.” That much publicized statement was/is demonized by the right, who deny any claims of racism in their party."

Trying to sort race from other forms of mindlessness and hatred in the Tea Party is like trying to separate various forms of bile in a boiling pot. The only remedy is to suggest an individual wake up, repent and start over. This is provided for in the Gospel of Jesus Christ correctly parsed. (See Mark 1)

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The part of Obama's ozone decision that few will read

Industry Victory: Obama Withdraws EPA's Stricter Smog Standards:
"Work is already underway to update a 2006 review of the science that will result in the reconsideration of the ozone standard in 2013. Ultimately, I did not support asking state and local governments to begin implementing a new standard that will soon be reconsidered," Obama said.

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In CA Conservative establishment shies away from gay history referendum

CA gay history referendum faces long ballot odds - Yahoo! News: "But so far, Mormon and Catholic church leaders and conservative groups who spearheaded the Proposition 8 campaign have not joined the effort to qualify the gay history referendum for the June 2012 ballot, leaving less-experienced Christian conservatives to lead the charge without the organizational prowess and funding to hire paid signature gatherers."

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RIP Trey Pennington

Popular Social Media Personality Trey Pennington Dies Unexpectedly | LinkedIn:
"Many of his friends and fans have turned to the web to mourn, as news of his death spreads. People have commented on Twitter and Facebook about the tragic loss and the role of online and offline friends — a sentiment Pennington himself mentioned in his last tweet. It was sent late Sunday morning."

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Harvard's Pdf on Entrepreneurship via Linkedin

"This paper presents evidence of performance  persistence in entrepreneurship. We show that entrepreneurs with a track record of success are much more likely to succeed than first-time entrepreneurs and those who have previously failed. In particular, they exhibit persistence in selecting the right industry and time to start new ventures.  Entrepreneurs with demonstrated market timing skill are also more likely to outperform industry peers in their subsequent ventures. This is consistent with the view that if suppliers and customers perceive the entrepreneur to have market timing skill, and is therefore more likely to succeed, they will be more willing to commit resources to the firm.  In this way, success breeds success and strengthens performance persistence."   
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