What does it mean that a sign relation is irreducibly triadic?

Interpretation as Action: The Risk of Inquiry: "What does it mean that a sign relation is irreducibly triadic? In simplest terms it means that there are facts about a sign relation which cannot be pieced together from separate investigations of the pairwise relations. Thus, studies which limit themselves to syntax (relations internal to the sign domain) or semantics (relations between signs and objects) or semiotics (relations between signs and interpretants), all necessary to the topic, are not sufficient to capture the full dimensionality of the subject. Pragmatics is the name we use for the full theory of signs, one that provides for the consideration of plurality and progress in the analysis of interpreters."

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The truth is lodged in every human being (Slide Show)

Every Evil Ever Done Was Done Because of A Decision Someone Made - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

The wisdom needed to overcome the wiles of life has been there all along. Jesus unveiled it. And ramped up the project. More above.

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Where Freud Fell Down

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Where there's life there's will:

Actually there are two places. 1. Freud fell down in denying the higher self, confining his notion of conscience to a superego made up largely of ambient input. He did not assume with philosophical realists that some ideas are true whether we happen to believe them or not. 2. He was also stingy in giving place to the will and to the capacity of a person to change by means of setting rules and developing habits to deal with the ongoing crises of life. Psychosynthesis is a better system than classical Freudian understanding because it assumes a higher self and the power of the will to activate ones conclusions, insights and the promptings of that higher self.

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The GOP tells bald faced lies

The GOP tells bald faced lies
While taking contributions
From those who can capitalize
And escape retribution

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GOP's ridiculous "every economist agrees" claim

Political Animal - Elmendorf all but endorses American Jobs Act: "Taken together, every credible observer with a pulse — the Fed, the CBO, a wide variety of economists, the financial industry, the bond market, business leaders — are all saying more or less the same thing. They all want policymakers to approve short-term stimulus and oppose drastic short-term budget cuts. GOP officials, of course, desperately want to do the opposite.

It’s against this backdrop that House Republicans believe “every economist” agrees the GOP is on the right track. It’s hard to overstate how ridiculous that claim really is."

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Obama's In Synch with CBO

Political Animal - Elmendorf all but endorses American Jobs Act: "So, the director of the CBO wants to see a short-term boost in spending, a rejection of efforts to impose sharp short-term budget cuts, and a longer-term approach to debt reduction, including possible tax increases."

In other words we need to get rolling, cutting where we can, and when momentum increases we can address the big debt issues. And in other words the nonpartisan arm of budget research agrees with the President. And in other words the GOP is whistling in the wind when it goes with Grover Norquist, the brothers Koch and the Club for Growth.

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The media ignores consensus on Obama plan

Happy Hour Roundup - The Plum Line - The Washington Post: " As Steve Benen keeps tirelessly pointing out, Obama’s basic approach is the consensus preferred by a wide variety of economists, market analysts and business leaders, but this somehow keeps getting lost in the discussion."

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Obama winning hearts and minds

Happy Hour Roundup - The Plum Line - The Washington Post: " Interesting piece by Dee Dee Myers, who says the battle is on for the hearts and minds of the American people on jobs, and to win it, Obama has to find a way of making an emotional pitch for the plan as crucial to fixing people’s lives."

He needs to link the complexity of this to the complexity in people's lives. Nothing is simple and when politicians say different they do not understand reality.

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Perry Bush 3 Fuzzy Math Like 3's Military Stuff

Happy Hour Roundup - The Plum Line - The Washington Post: "This seems kind of important: Dan Eggen does the digging and finds Rick Perry took in at least $30,000 from Merck in the years before ordering young girls to use Merck’s HPV vaccine — far more than the mere $5000 Perry claimed could not buy him."

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Another good C. S. Peirce Page Building as We Speak

Projects, Institutes, Centers related to Charles Sanders Peirce - ARISBE: THE PEIRCE GATEWAY:

I'll be dipping in to find Piercelets.

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Your page for news about a successful grass roots street-closing movement

Playing Out (1):

This is a great start in waking the world. And what has been done in Bristol is spreading slowly but surely around the world. Below me in NYC streets once filled with traffic are filled with tables and folding chairs.

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Nuke is more than a plant - it's everything else too

One Dead in French Nuclear Waste Furnace Explosion: "PARIS, France, September 12, 2011 (ENS) - An explosion at a nuclear waste processing facility in France has killed one person and injured four others, but no radiation has leaked from the site in southern France, officials said today."

And we know enough to know that in the worst circumstance entire populations are at risk. Knowing this makes us all complicit insofar as we fail to make such risks a compelling reason for moving to safer means at any cost.

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If I was in the market I'd move to MD and send my kids here

Ivy League are top colleges but Maryland up-and-coming - Yahoo! News: "Top "up-and-comer," was Maryland, a public institution founded in 1963, with in-state-tuition and fees of $9,171 for 2011-2012, according to U.S. News. Maryland only ranks No. 157 among "Best Colleges." Harvard had tuition and fees of $38,849 for 2011-2012, despite the largest endowment of any school in the world."

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The Tooth Fairy hates the GOP

Daily Kos :: News Community Action: "Instead, they seemed to think the tooth fairy would leave $1 trillion under their West Wing pillow." - Ben Adler

Loving instead little children and protecting them from needless fears and Bush 3 sorts.

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What are we watching. tennis?

Did Romney Resume Frontrunner Status? - The Daily Beast: "Michele Bachmann attacked [Perry Bush 3] over his failed attempt to mandate HPV vaccines in Texas; Rick Santorum criticized his border-fence opposition; and Ron Paul accused him of raising taxes in Texas. Meanwhile, the Republican elite are consolidating behind Romney..."

As far as I am concerned, Perry Bush 3 has the appearance of falling down right in front of us weighted down by his stiff ur smirk. And Romney reminds me of a fictional nanny that I would never deign to write about. I shall watch our President grow into his intended role in history before our jaded eyes.

Pardon my misprints

ShortFormContent at Blogger: More expert and media claptrap - she looks fine to me:

Vision is not my strong suit. At least proofing. I do not have anyone but me myself and I to do what I consider to be the matrix of communication that would literally make any site that actually wanted to probe deeper and wider than most. I am not complaining. But I owe the reader an apology when I write wetting a trend when I mean setting a trend and do not discover it for an hour or two.

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More expert and media claptrap - she looks fine to me

NY fashion experts say Middleton no trendsetter - Yahoo! News: "NEW YORK (Reuters) - She has graced countless magazine covers and dresses sell out hours after she has worn them, but experts at New York Fashion Week say Britain's Kate Middleton is a style follower, not a trendsetter like her royal spouse's late mother Princess Diana."

Plus since when did setting a trend mean more than whatever its predicate is? For example, would you call Charles Manson a trend setter? The only thing that matters is values because they are both subject and predicate. That is to say the action they presage is of real value. Like democracy or tolerance or helpfulness or non-idolatry. The true values are much more difficult than trends. Which is why Jesus said the way is narrow. But where it leads is the only place that really is. The rest is. in a word, trends.

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King Felix takes the pipe

New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners - September 12, 2011 | MLB.com NYY Recap: "For over three years, the defending American League Cy Young winner had New York's number, going 5-0 with a 1.29 ERA in his last six starts against the Bronx Bombers. But the Seattle ace finally cracked, as the Yankees' bats went off in a five-run fourth inning to help New York finally bring down King Felix."

We all are fans of something. It beats war.

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What power do we need to supplant deadly power

What power do we need to supplant deadly power
Is all motion just death in waiting
Is all power lethal
Where can safety be found
Is it in the mind
Accepting our risk 
Going with the flow
Or is it saying 
Start with what least kills
Start with life that is most life 
Dismantle death machines
I say the latter
Start with big oil
And then nukes
And then address our woeful sad mentality
Assenting to the things that clearly bode lethality

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Where there's life there's will

Where there's life there's will
And will renews our hope
Will can power new ways
Enabling us to cope
With changes as they come
And things that must be done
Without our will our power is naught
Will is the way that Jesus taught

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