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Parsing the decline of mainline POrotestantism

The Grass Roots Church:
"The family grace, the gilt-edged testaments worn with devotion, the musty-smelling ten-year-old owl-faced Plymouths chunking on dirt and barely tarred roads, the local church college with two Ph.D.'s, the one-room schoolhouse, one-track life, one religion, just one wife, will of God, and woodshed whipping-these and all the other half-real, half Norman Rockwell intimations of something way back, when religion was religion, and it was all right to take in Grandma when Grandpa passed on-these are the dreams that white Protestantism U. S. of A. (like a boy grown older and moved to the big town) tries to recapture and cannot."

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Food for thought

The Idea of a Local Economy | Wendell Berry | Orion Magazine: "'The idea of a local economy rests upon only two principles: neighborhood and subsistence...""

I do not see why a local economy could not be part of a global economy if we combined some of Berry's principles with the implications of a decentralized employment model. If jobs are now outsourced abroad, why not throughout this country in cyber-communities where folk work at home or in cyber-spaces.

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Why Beyond Pattern Language

Beyond Pattern Language:

Because the existing structure for the presentation of the principles of the cyber-community are nonexistent. Without an image and principles for getting to what should be, even the small changes one could make in a neighborhood are doomed to frustrate. The principles of Beyond Pattern Language include:

Economic Realism: To supplant the car the living space must become the new car, a mass produced, modular unit of many varieties which can be put together in innumerable ways to make the dwellings of the future. This increases by at least five times the reach of the current auto industry. We will decline as an economy until this is realized.
Security Realism: Weather daunts. We are not immune from attacks anywhere. We fear crime in neighborhoods. The cyber-community proposed addresses each of these huge issues.

Quality of Life: The quality of life in our drug and consumer society is egregious. Parts of our society are dysfunctional. My proposal is for voluntary r…

Abba did not forsake Jesus

The Thinking of George Kennan Linked to the Perception and Articulation of Abba's Way, Page 2 of 2 - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"Abba did not forsake Jesus. Like all human beings who seek to move the world forward, Jesus suffered the animosity of fearful humankind, unwilling to grasp the offer of Abba which never is extinguished - the offer to live and prosper by values which can uplift the whole world. The values not of some religion among religions but of Abba's universal way, applicable to all people. The way of tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry."

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When I thought he might cotton to my words

Obama's Way: An unsure nation awaits an Obama sign:
"If Barack (my name for him from earliest days
when I thought he might cotton to my words)
Were merely to start evoking the world beyond the
Tyranny of oil and sprawl
A world where neighborhoods are not tract homes
But vibrant cyber-communities
He might find a wedge

But until he gets the truth embedded
In his mind and sees that it is as large and portentous
And dangerous as it is
He will be the One Who Was Too Early
Sad to say
So sad to say"
The time to get this down is now.

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I think Dakota's truth is more complex than the ceremony let on

Obama awards Medal of Honor to Kentucky Marine - "On Wednesday, they shared a beer. On Thursday, President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer, credited with saving three dozen lives during operations in Afghanistan in 2009."

His picture says to me, why this war at all? Such wars have been obsolete since Vietnam. I also think Obama knows it but like other things he cannot say it.

Decibels rise with obfuscatory methodologies to game the system

Noxious Oil: Big oil chickens are coming home to roost: "Big oil chickens are coming home to roost"

Now that big oil knows reality is
Against its continuation as a resource
And that its quest for profits is endangered It will try very hard As in the noxious Mobil-Exxon fracking ads To tilt the scales toward short term profit So that the good life will continue To flow in the direction of its primary employees
This will continue for 20 years max During which we could experience yet more oil wars Higher prices at the pump And continued Potentially incendiary Social and economic stratification globally
Because all business is cottoning to the Short term mantra To the Trading Economy Productless and based on someone else losing
All this is veiled in fast talking TV Idolizations Sports and celebrity stuff Decibels rise with Obfuscatory methodologies To game the system
But there is but one solution See it for what it is Say no to it Start acting to oppose it Do not be bemused by hate mongers And simp…

Imagining a contemporary John the Baptist

Markman: A Film About Jesus:

A POLICE CAR WITH LIGHTS FLASHING but no siren on, climbs Lake Mead Boulevard toward the crest of the Sunrise Mountain. As it moves over the crest, we see a spectral desert landscape stretching toward Lake Mead, some 25 miles east.


TIGER WARD (40's), at the wheel talking on his car phone to MAYOR STEVE BLAIR (40's).

TIGER: Yeah, we're secure. I rigged this baby up myself. It's just you and me, your honor.

BLAIR: (V. O.) I'm depending on you.

TIGER: Don't worry, Mr. Mayor. Reverend John WATTERS: doesn't know a thing, in my humble opinion.

BLAIR: (V. O.) And if he does?

TIGER: Jesus. Ain't you got any faith?

BLAIR: (V. O.) Lord, Lord.

TIGER: Look, your honor, you just rest easy with that new sweet thing of yours and leave the reverend to moi.

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The uses of churches

The Grass Roots Church:
"The power and property of the church are in themselves more or less neutral. Church buildings can be used to plot demonstrations, insulate junior-high youth groups, provide a stage for experimental plays that no theater will risk, or encapsulate congregations in sin-proof vinyl. The same is true for the church's boards, agencies, investments, and pension plans. They can be used to perpetuate sterility or to crash through into radical identification with the forces of change and renewal in today's turbulent world." - Harvey Cox

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Bristol chipping away at the grass roots

Bristol residents reclaim the streets for children’s play | Bristol24-7: "Thanks to a pioneering year-long trial being run by Bristol City Council, residents can close their road to through traffic up to once a week, with the aim of giving children the space and freedom to play outside their homes. Providing all your neighbours are consulted, a Temporary Play Street (TPS) Order will allow you to close a road for up to three hours once a week for a whole year. "

A thicker, tougher, more subtle and more complex view of structure

Christopher Alexander Needs to Be Heard in the 21st Century - Associated Content from Yahoo! - ""It must be emphasized, lest the orderly mind shrink in horror from anything that is not clearly articulated and categorized in tree form, that the idea of overlap, ambiguity, multiplicity of aspect and the semilattice are not less orderly than the rigid tree, but more so. They represent a thicker, tougher, more subtle and more complex view of structure.""

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The Morning Regimen

New Tao Posts: The Tao contains all signs known and unknown: "The Tao contains all signs known and unknown"
How many habits rules and actions all at once Churn round at rising up to face the day Our mindful steps we check for balance now We make it to the fridge crack out the ice And pour the coffee that we made last night
There's no one here but me today How strange that is Yet I make do I pour the sweetener I carry water to this table Carry coffee to this place Push on and see the lights
How many habits change so subtly With changes we cannot presage How much our rising and our falling Is subsumed in a strange grace