Rachel Maddow is too convoluted in her reasoning

Dear Rachel
The Republicans care about winning by any means necessary
By spending an entire long segment showing that any means means any means
You are being a mite redundant
Besides the reasoning is convoluted
Best to cut to the chase

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That does not sit well with a sprawl society

Windows on The Bible: Sixty Great Expectations: " He says disciples must be prepared to break with their earthly families in order to follow Him. That is so. It does not mean you don't honor your family. Or your friends. But you are choosing to be a nomad of the universe. That does not sit well with a sprawl society."

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Wonder if Shakespeare got plot from Herodotus

Herodotus meets Ellroy: These Hera People are unbelievable:

"These Hera People are unbelievable. They find this hoary oracle. Hera Man and Slave Girl No Name lover spook everyone. Get government. Hera Decendants rule. Spook spell lasts 500+ years."

The Best Values Imply and Affirm Nonviolence

Violent Crimes Continue to Fall - The Daily Beast:

"Perhaps we’re all just learning to get along: violent crimes in the U.S. have dropped for the fourth year in a row, according to a recent FBI report. Robbery decreased the most of all violent crimes, followed by rape, murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, and aggravated assault. Property crimes also continued to slip for the eighth consecutive year. Many law-enforcement agencies are shrinking along with the crime rate, meaning the remaining officers and civilian employees are handling more work with smaller staffs."

Now if our military would stop training people to kill and permanently mess up the minds of our finest.

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Jesus was a questioner at twelve

Did Jesus Know the Whole Truth as a Child - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Jesus was a questioner at twelve, at least some scripture says that it was so. It stands to reason, he was wandering then, and willing to venture where few would go."

He chose solitude

Jesus Begins -- Imagining the Temptations - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"He chose solitude

He always did when he sought Abba out."

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Principles of True Security for Structures of All Sorts

Recipe for a New Human Settlement -- Note Toward a 21st Century Economy - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"The community will be designed to withstand any conceivable natural disaster or weather conditiion."

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An emporium larger than Marshall Field’s (Fiction Memoir)

The Complete History of Adam Panflick:

"As the 20th century drew near, Stanley helped Martin move into dry goods. The idea was if you did not have a monopoly, a giant store might do. The younger Panflick succeeded royally, working first in remodeled warehouses in downtown Cleveland. He peddled everything from lingerie to children’s games to porch furniture. Stanley rewarded him by building what was then the tallest edifice between Chicago and New York. The first six floors housed Panflick’s, an emporium larger than Marshall Field’s."

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Play is healthy for kids (Video)

Prescription for Play - YouTube:

And clearing streets for kids is of ultimate importance. Car-free is the goal.

Herodotus meets Ellroy New Blog

"The radically-edited James Ellroy-influenced history bequeathed us by Herodotus, to which this bears no resemblance save in its debt to the original in every respect."

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I will do my best to keep up with GOP lies

Obama's Way: Romney and Perry lie about Obama's commitment to Israel

I will do my best to keep up with GOP lies. Most of the pointers will be at my new Obama's Way blog at the link above.
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The Stupidest Article I have Ever Written

I Have Cracked the U.S. Cybercommand's Super Secret Code - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

Read it and weep.

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The Lord's Prayer contains everything there is

Lord's Prayer - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

Contains means inclusion. A gathering of every element."

Explained at the link above, I hope.

Annals of disgust

Life Neutral - Like Carbon Neutral, But With Bodies | Common Dreams:

"Launched in conjunction with the world's largest arms fair in London, Life Neutral Solutions says it is working with the defense industry to balance "the unfortunate side effects" of weapons - dead bodies - with "shiny new western babies," thus "turning a profit... to make up for collateral damage in our overseas adventures." A creation of the anarchist Space Hijackers, for those whose "moral compass is well and truly broken.""

But Life Neutral is an precise phrase for the warlike value system we are trying with some success t overturn as we speak. Or maybe not. Try Life Dissed or Life Forgotten or Life as Toast.

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Ontological Values Rule

Best advice
Is unconditional love
"It's not uncritical love"
Thus the Oracle of Omaha
My best advice is
Add nonidolatry tolerance
Helpfulness and

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Singing the Gospel of Mark

Who was Jesus? How to Find Out - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Singing the Gospel of Mark reveals Jesus to be iconoclastic, confrontational, funny, angry at injustice and not inclined to be worshiped."

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Gospel in 13 words

Jesus Gospel Vs. Gospel of Jesus - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Jesus gospel is what he said it was in Mark: Abba's kingdom, or realm, is at hand. Repent and believe this good news."

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Science fails when in the hands of corporations


Science has become captive of specializations
which inhibit cooperative ventures and risks that are
essential to moving forward
Science is in thrall to the notion that an individual discovers 
When discovery is what the word implies
The lust for money and for credit is a virus of deadly force
Science and universities are likewise a lethal mix when these elements of
Narcissism and money-lust cohere
Or where rank timidity reigns
Science is never wholly accurate
And the effects of its discoveries have consequences unseen
Only with requisite humility can science deservedly stand
As a beacon and a guide
And deserve the respect of the human community


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The Tao holds wonders unknown and unseen

The Tao holds wonders unknown and seen
The mind unfolds only in Tao time
According to the values that it holds
And its attentiveness to the sublime

A bag full of downers in the reverend's car? (Film Script)

Markman: A Film About Jesus:


THE BOSS (60's), and the five others who actually run the City are in a semicircle around the Mayor.

BOSS: A bag full of downers in the reverend's car? What is this? It's tacky. Gives the whole town a bad name.

MAYOR: Watters is out of his mind. He's back in the 60s somewhere. It's not that far-fetched.

BOSS: We don't like surprises, Steve.

MAYOR Hey, I was just as surprised as anyone.

The Boss raises an eyebrow.

BOSS: So. How's the new bride?

MAYOR: Bride? Oh, fine. Look I know ...

The Boss stops him with a motion of his hand.

BOSS We know you know. It's just, we worked hard to get where we are. We got a good thing. Nice and peaceful. Family values and all that shit. So no more waves. Okay?

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American Protestant Doldrums Circa. 1966

The Grass Roots Church:

"During the coming years American Protestantism will be faced with harder and harder decisions. Already the foundations are shaking, theologically as well as institutionally. Membership in the churches has begun to decline in relation to population. The active involvement of persons who claim membership is also on the wane. Financial giving fails to keep pace with the costs of operating the Church as it is presently structured. There is unrest within the theological seminaries. As many as two-thirds of the students in seminaries state that they have no intention of entering the ministry unless the job description of the clergyman is changed radically. Active ministers, in larger and larger numbers, are saying they would leave their jobs if they could find other employment.

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The coach is doing some warm up laps

Obama debt plan: President to unveil $3 trillion in cuts - Sep. 18, 2011:

"Indeed, in remarks on Monday morning, the president will make clear he'll veto any debt-reduction legislation that takes "one dime away from Medicare benefits without asking the wealthy to pay their fair share," the official said."

Veto the suckers and hang them out to dry.

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Car free cyber-cities do you get the idea

Beyond Pattern Language:

"Car free cyber-cities
Do you get the idea
It is the synthesis of today's suicidal effort at green that is
Grafted onto the suicidal car world
And the endlessly impractical notions of Christopher Alexander
Which were also propounded around a car world
To create four level
Quasi disorderly
Highly uniform
Car free
Integral human settlements"

Hint: A cyber-city is a cluster of ten cyber-communities of around 10K persons each. The Cyber-communities are car free and contain all elements we associate with a city in an integral way - everything within walking distance.

None of the ethanol crap

Obama Unemployment - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"None of the ethanol crap. None of the retrofitting anthem. But simply: What do we have to do to respond to the crime of warming the world via internal combustion and oil."

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The good news is not that Jesus is God

Abba's Way: 60 On The Good News:

"The good news is not that Jesus is God.
The good news is the truth I first proclaimed.
God is available to human beings,
Call him Abba—for father and for friend."

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Capital Punishment - Ya Gotta Love These Expert Witnesses

Close Read : The New Yorker: "“You have determined that the sex factor, that a male is more violent than a female because that’s just the way it is, and that the race factor, black, increases the future dangerousness for various complicated reasons,” the prosecutor asked Mr. Quijano. “Is that correct?”

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Being a spectrum not an either or is our redemption

Fallibility - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Just as we all have that low. we all have the high as well. Buried in the deepest part is the common Abba spark."

And to underline this, we are all ultimately one and in that sense interchangeable. We cannot be fixed and made static because we always are choosing freely the values we will live and die by. The best are non-idolatry, democracy, tolerance and helpfulness.

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Turn Dim into Nails for the GOP Coffin

Can Obama turn it around? - CSMonitor.com:

"A feistier President Obama has emerged as he makes the case for his jobs bill. But will campaigning for a plan that faces dim prospects with Republicans be enough to save his presidency?"

Dim prospects are golden opportunities. Let Obama take every instance of GOP resistance and turn it into a nail. Cantor says o gee but. Turn the clip into a nail. Brush the lapel. Dare him to bring it to a vote. If he rises to the bait, take the clip another brush another nail. And don's forget the cap and the Coach sweatshirt.

Oil and sprawl are one joined at the hip

Sprawl Apocalypse - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Oil and sprawl are one joined at the hip
The world faces a sprawl apocalypse
If we don't do what we must do in time
We'll all be prey to more and more decline"

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Get Triadic

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