Cops and Corporate Interest Coincide Right?

Cop Caught Macing "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters a Second Time, NYPD Launches Investigation | AlterNet: "The comically named New York policeman Anthony "Tony" Bologna has now been caught macing #OccupyWallSt protesters without apparent provocation not once, but twice. The Guardian reports that new footage of Officer Bologna macing protesters emerged yesterday, and that the NYPD is launching two separate investigations into the matter."

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Another capital case the White House will side-step?

Al-Nashiri To Be Tried for Capital Crimes by Military Commission at Guantánamo Military Commissions Especially Unfit to Try Death Penalty Cases, Says ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union: "Al-Nashiri, who was tortured while in U.S. custody, is accused of planning the 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole. According to news reports, much of the evidence that will be used to prosecute him is based on hearsay or is circumstantial, and would be inadmissible in a federal court."

This is political. We are being tougher politically, Sir, eh?

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A Journey to a Revaluation of Values

Abba's Way What is it How Does it Work How Can it Help You - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Abba's Way is a Viaticum for a Journey to a Revaluation of Values to Paraphrase Kenneth Burke's Comment on Keats "Ode to a Grecian Urn""

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In Abba's Way, Jesus returns to set the world's religions straight

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse:

"In Abba's Way, Jesus returns to set the world's religions straight.

Abba is the shockingly-familiar Aramaic name for God that Jesus uses in the Lord's Prayer. Jesus argues that this very Abba is within each of us, ready to change our lives for the better. If we only have eyes to see.

In 70 brief poetic essays, Jesus explains how we can move the world from its present violent precipice to a global society built around negotiation, individual achievement and openness to the presence of Abba in each person."

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Clearing our brains of dross would help

3quarksdaily: "Our modern system for generating novelty and prosperity has stretched to encompass the entire planet, growing more complex and expansive, so that now it seems to groan and shudder beneath its own weight. In its service, some things are falling apart: Non-renewable resources are profligately consumed, ecosystems disrupted, and social traditions steadily relinquished. "

Dross includes allegiance to roads and automobiles in preference to the creation of sustainable communities linked by yet-to-be-invented public means. Dross includes acceptance of stratified zoning principles that create and abet sprawl. Dross includes a sense that we can solve everything building on the premises we now base our planning and design on. Dross is the power elite's best friend.

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Oxford's First Play Street (Video)

BBC News - Oxford road closed so children can play: "Residents in part of Oxford have given their children the chance to play in the road by closing it off to traffic."

It will only be a few months before the opposition flags this as what it actually is, a move to counter the oil oligopoly and roll back the power elite and reclaim existence for ordinary people. Car-free means mind-free.

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A Salient Recap of Mills's Power Elite

The Megapower Elite « Jeffrey C. Goldfarb's Deliberately Considered: "Mills’s concluding sentences strike home in today’s Megapower Elite America, where consumer identity and its values of exclusive distinction have eclipsed the broader sense of citizenship as involving inclusive commonality. “Those who sit in the seats of the high and mighty are selected and formed by the means of power, the sources of wealth, the mechanics of celebrity, which prevail in their society… They are not men shaped by nationally responsible parties that debate openly and clearly the issues this nation now so unintelligently confronts. They are not men held in responsible check by a plurality of voluntary associations which connect debating publics with the pinnacles of decision. Commanders of power unequaled in human history, they have succeeded within the American system of organized irresponsibility.”" - Eugene Halton

This entire piece is a chilling analysis of the leeching of democracy from the people, confirming the common but largely unarticulated sense that we have indeed ceded almost everything to forces that now dominate us inexorably and demonically. We need to gently vote these forces down and out as we recover our senses. Democratic revolution globally is the only response. Nonviolent. Massive. Base on the ontological values of non-idolatry, democracy, tolerance and enabling helpfulness.

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