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South Afraca HIV Status Report

South Africa’s Health Policy and HIV | Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs: "This is a summary of an event held on 16 September at Chatham House. The Honourable Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi Minister of Health, Republic of South Africa, discussed his government’s health policies, with a particular focus on those aimed at tackling HIV."

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Not a good day in Cairo

At least 19 dead in Cairo rioting - CBS News: "Fierce clashes erupted Sunday between Christians protesting a recent attack on a church and the Egyptian military, leaving at least 19 people dead and more than 150 injured, Health Ministry officials said.

In rioting outside the state television building along the Nile in Cairo, witnesses said some of the protesters may have snatched weapons from the soldiers and turned them on the military. The protesters also pelted the soldiers with rocks and bottles."

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Eliminate subsidies to the fossil fuels industry

"RE: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Reduce the Deficit

Dear Member of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction:

I am writing to urge you to end subsidies for the oil, coal and gas industries as part of your recommendations to Congress. Eliminating subsidies to the fossil fuels industry could reduce our national debt by $122 billion over ten years while bettering the environment and public health. Wealthy fossil fuel corporations simply do not need handouts from the federal government in order to produce energy. "

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Saudi Arabia Is The Texas of the Middle East

Saudi Arabia executes eight Bangladeshi nationals | Amnesty International: "“Court proceedings in Saudi Arabia fall far short of international standards for fair trial and news of these recent multiple executions is deeply disturbing,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Middle East and North Africa.

“The Saudi authorities appear to have increased the number of executions in recent months, a move that puts the country at odds with the worldwide trend against the death penalty.” "

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Tax all income as ordinary income

5 New Rules for an Economy That Works | Economy | AlterNet: "In 2007 the 400 Americans with the highest income—nearly $345 million—were taxed at less than 17 percent, less than half the ordinary income tax rate of 35 percent because most of their income was derived from investments. If we were to require that all their income be taxed at the 1999 tax rate of 39.6% this alone would generate an additional $300 billion in revenue over the next 10 years"

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New York Times Practices Drone Silence

ShortFormContent at Blogger: We're not throwing in the towel. We are automating war for a dismal future.: "But, for the life of me, I cannot see why we think it is smart to build drones that any idiot can put together and lob them all over and think we are protecting our national security. It is like poison gas in World War One. We have breached the rules of war in more than one way. And we will pay."

Just as the New York Times fudged W's entry into Iraq and disaster, a material cause of it, given its potential to have stopped him, the Times has failed to raise the banner against drones. I raised my little play flag here in on July 6, 2011 and had less than 100 readers. Each day I watched NYT ads that revealed to millions its main purpose. To grease the skids for upward mobility in a society where upward mobility produces Wall Street criminality. Is it any wonder I have spent a life time as amazed by the misdeeds of liberals as the horrendous values and actions of c…

Tax Financial Transactions

5 New Rules for an Economy That Works | Economy | AlterNet: "Economist Dean Baker suggests that a modest tax (0.25 percent) could easily raise more than $100 billion a year. “A small increase in trading costs would be a very manageable burden for those who are using financial markets to support productive economic activity. However, it would impose serious costs on those who see the financial markets as a casino in which they place their bets by the day, hour or minute.”"

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Money is not speech

5 New Rules for an Economy That Works | Economy | AlterNet: "The Supreme Court rulings declaring money is speech and corporations are persons make for a lethal cocktail. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland state senator and law professor at American university points out that Fortune l00 corporations had profits in 2008 totaling about $600 billion. If they spent only l percent of their profits on elections, a trivial sum to protect and foster their interests, the total comes to $6 billion. That is more money than was spent for and on behalf of all congressional and presidential candidates in 2008.

We need a Constitutional Amendment consisting of four words. Money is not speech."

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Pundits are forgetting the people as usual

As 2012 dawns The people will see what the stakes are And they will have a balanced view of where the roadblocks are And this will give the Democrats more than an edge It will give them the chance to take back the House And widen their Senate majority The exact opposite of what pundits right and left surmise today They do not understand the people The people are wise enough to know the difference between A possible future of opportunity And little or no future at all The people can see that the corporate power that the GOP serves is Not interested in anything but profit They can see that today's gridlock has two sides Those who would support the President in doing the right thing And those who are betting that the people favor anything but Another four years of Barack Obama That is a bet that the anti-Obama zealots will lose

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Interesting Steve Jobs Things

9 Little-Known Facts About Steve Jobs - SocialHype: "In an authorized book entitled The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, one of his college buddies wrote that Jobs had a short fling with musician Joan Baez. Baez later confirmed that the two were close for a brief period of time, but she is more known for her romance with Bob Dylan (coincidentally, Jobs' favorite musician). According to the same biography, Jobs also dated actress Diane Keaton."

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Making Local Really Local

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Actually I could improve Yelp: "Actually I could improve Yelp"
If my cyber-communities ever get built, everything can be both local and tied in globally. This is because my cyber-communities are about 10 k people living within a space with a mile diameter max. Modular mass construction creates the lego-like living-work-commerce-entertainment-recreation spaces that attach to the global eco-skeleton which makes the whole thing affordable and sustainable. Even franchises would be more local than today's highway culture versions. Kiosks every 300 feet or so would replace today's stores. Squares every 300 feet or so would house the eateries and schmoozing places. In a kiosk, you find an expert (or a teacher) in this or that and they direct you to this or that on a big screen. Education is rampant. You watch big brother, not the other way around. Big brother is the best of the best. Quality increases exponentially. When local is really local an…

Actually I could improve Yelp

Can Yelp Help Independent Restaurants Drive Chains Out of Business? - Business - GOOD: "More often than not, if you want to find a good restaurant, you’re going to Yelp it. While the individual reviewers may not be the most charming, in aggregate, they’re changing the restaurant market, creating new business for well-reviewed companies and cutting into the market share of chains."

Turns out I was schmoozing for loyal restaurants just yesterday. But Yelp was no help in actually doing what I needed, which was to find out the exact mileage (I walk). To do this I used GrubHub. Much better for actually enabling a search. Try it you will agree. But once you get the restaurant you want Yelp because it gets you to the menu quicker. Raising the question why either one of these sites cannot incorporate the capability of the other. And reminding us all that decent usable programming trumps everything else.

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John Boehner Manque Returns

GoddammitI defend myself against that manAnd all I get is griefThey say I lie and prevaricate and play the consummate hypocriteScrew itScrew themJust because I care more about DOMAThan that manWhen will they get itWe want that man outOut Dammit pass me that bottleYou have to admit that when I have to performI can performDamn
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Did I Hear Waffle? Mildred Purse Returns

Rick Perry is incapable of waffling He tried once and his jaw fell off It dribbled down his front It was disgusting Perry is disgusting I much prefer that nice Mitt fellow I like my lies tasty
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What is free speech

It could be Dionysian babblingHip hopping down a bunny trailIt could be tempting incarcerationEchoing what once was free now up for saleIn which case it would instigate a penaltyAnd be denoted robberyOr it might beA yes or no that springs fromSome deep freedom sensed withinA destinyOdd to say thatYet nothing is more free
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A sticky public domain issue that threatens free speech

Talking about Jimi Hendrix, the Star-Spangled Banner, and Free Speech at the Supreme Court » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Our brief argues that the First Amendment doesn't permit Congress to take away the public's right to use speech that has previously been in the public domain whenever it wants to do so. Speech based on words first used by others — like political signs or t-shirts — are entitled to full First Amendment protection."

Worth a careful read.

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Venality and Hypocrisy Are Partners

Venality is unfair competition. Hypocrisy is knowing and denying. Venality is cruelty that injures. Hypocrisy implies it is not so. Venality creates an unjust system. Hypocrisy will call it great progress.

I spend more time rejecting than accepting

I spend more time rejecting than acceptingLike just now I rejected a long videoWhy because it never reached an endingIt was put out without the requisite thoughtIt was inconclusiveOr maybe I didn't get itBut here I decideSo whether right or wrongIt was an instance in which a one and two did notBecome a threeSave here and nowFor meGlobal Online Privacy

What is non-idolatry?

What is non-idolatryIt's seeing a universal penumbra that is vagueIt is knowing there's a distance you can never breechIt's knowing every perspective you have is differentFrom every other perspective others haveAnd accepting the ambient mystery that Renders ambient all certaintyIt is accepting the I am I of the One you say is All in AllAs the universal self identity of the OneWho is in everyone
It is having no other core value Than non-idolatryIt is making free and happy ignoranceThe basis for all you are and doIt is hanging loose to reality
Iconoclasm is the air we breatheIt sustains usIt fuels our noTo all but the I Am
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Freedom, Chance and Fate

Is there any freedom which is not subjectiveVery littleI know I'm free is a stretchWhat bites you is also freeFollowing a destinyAffecting you in ways you never sought Non-idolatry is humility and watchfulnessBefore the mysteryIn amor fati may be perfect freedomFor thenFreedom chance and fate are oneUse your mindThinkChoose the values you live byStarting with non-idolatry
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