Cop OccupyViolence Shames NYPD

FreakOutNation » Cop Punches Another #OccupyWallStreet Protester in the Face:

Bull Connor has moved to NYC. Take a look at the video. This is going to be a feature of anything involving cops who cotton to the one percent. We need to be prepared to deal nonviolently with anything that is getting out of hand. I would recommend sitting down immediately when something like this breaks and leting the cameras tell the world whether or not the police are capable of restraint. This is a wave that is global, a great awakening and it involves all elements of the 99 percent. Strikes are sure to be in the offing. Universities will be closed. The ingenuity of this movement is that we have not yet even imagined the likelihoods. The children of these cops will be ashamed for sure along with the many good cops who do not need rogues and bullies their midst.

Get the cops off the street, Mayor Bloomberg. We do not need a Lead Provocateur in City Hall.

The Tao in Mark: The seer in the wilderness gained strength

The seer in the wilderness gained strength
Then made the world’s weight featherlike
The seer changed a sickness unto death
Into most fulsome health
The seer opened eyes to things unseen
The seer gathered other seers too
Who learned to see the subtle in the weak
And lift their killing burdens with a word
The very power of the Tao
Made palpable
And many came
And heard
And healing knew

Waiting for the Times Square Occupy Arrival

globalrevolution - live streaming video powered by Livestream:

UPDATE: Apparently some arrests have taken places. I think the Occupy folk are increasing in number heading toward Times Square.

UPDATE: This is a good channel. The ETA for Times Square is around 5:00 PM Eastern. 950 cities are involved, some with many more numbers than in NYC. At the link above you can log in to Twitter and comment live with the event unfolding.. I am almost certain that this will fan out into major strikes globally, in essence turning the union movement inside out and making it a universal democracy movement. This is literally the only way it could happen because finally individuals say their yeses and nos and that right is sacred.


I command a view of Broadway heading toward Tmies Square and expect the arrival of Occupy folk soon. This live blog is currently showing the advance north from Wall Street. Police are a bit too much in evidence for my taste. Calling then fascists is not to my liking either.

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An Almost Live Taste of Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Wall Street live: march on Times Square | World news | guardian.co.uk:

The Guardian seems to be stepping up to the plate. Would more media were as perspicacious.

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Occupy Everywhere and The Quest for Community

This is excellent background thinking for Occupy oriented individuals. | Beyond Pattern Language:

The apparent goalless nature of the Occupy movements now going global relates in part to the gradual rediscovery of the need for community, a need which has been leeched from our lives. The video and text at the link above expands on this.

NYPD may require a leash anon

Video: Man Run Over By a Police Scooter This Morning at Occupy Wall Street - New York News - Runnin' Scared:

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European Sympathy for Occupy Mapped

fbPac.jpg (575×391):

There can be no better proving of the global nature of the awakening in progress. Awakening is an excellent term for the events now underway. They tap into the universal value system which all people share. The power hierarchies of our recent millennia obscure the ontological values which are literally the spark which waits to be ignited within every human soul. Our freedom is to say yes or no to non-idolatry, to democracy, to helpfulness and to tolerance. These are the foundations of a realized human value system.

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O God is CNN really going FOX?

The Foxification of CNN? 8 Signs the Network Is Trying to Tilt Crazy Right | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet: "If there's one thing that American media doesn't need, it's another Fox News. The first one is already doing a stellar job of advancing the GOP agenda."

I do not watch. I see pretty Erin in passing, most probably losing whatever mojo she may have had. I see people whose names I do not know. I see Pierce with uninteresting guests. I see Anderson Cooper holding wierd Town Halls. I manage not to hear Wolf Blitzer's sing song speech. But if this Alertnet page speaks truth, we will see the our Democratic Occupy Revolution Broom sweep it from the tableau, as it were. We are making history now. It will no longer be made for us by ideological media which serve the miniscule and soon-to-topple dominating class. Why do I, a nonviolent sort, speak this way? Because we are in the Age of Influence and it is a learning window and we are going where we have never gone before. It operates on the values of non-idolatry, tolerance, democracy and helpfulness.

This video trumps all our talk of infrastructure

Christopher Alexander: We Know What Needs To Be Done But Have Not Done It (Video) | Beyond Pattern Language: "Christopher Alexander: We Know What Needs To Be Done But Have Not Done It (Video)"

This video trumps all our talk of infrastructure. But the Occupy movement which expands today to global relevance is on target and if you listen to the video and think Occupy you begin to get the picture and understand the universal urge. And then the house of cards begins to fall.

"Bloom's alright," he said.

Adam Panflick: The Boston Car Wars (1980s):

""Bloom's alright," he said.
Eyes turned toward him again and there was a scattering of "Shhhs" mingled with more profane utterances.
"Time to go for the jugular," Panflick grunted.
He headed speedily for the door.
"Time to tremble, barbarians of Boston!" His huge denim vest billowed out behind his top-heavy frame. "There is mung on the land."
"Psychotic!" someone muttered.
"Read Bloom," Adam called over his shoulder."

From the first chapter. The whole novella is presented at the link above as a single post.

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The Tao in Mark 1

The Tao in Mark:

"Hated seers spoke most precious words
A messenger of peace came from the wild
Water could not wash all sins away
A deeper power was brought into play
The lowest becomes highest
The least become the most
There is happiness in heaven"

The Tao In Mark is the complete text of an effort to express the Gospel of Mark in terms of the Tao. It is a single post.

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No earthly form of government will do

Thirty-Two Thy kingdom come harks back to royalty | Winning The War Within Collected Sonnets:

"No earthly form of government will do
No worldly realm is run by faith and grace
Yet that’s the way that Jesus calls us to
Thy kingdom come means simply let it be"

Complete sonnet at link above.

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On Fleeing This World | Abba's Way

On Fleeing This World | Abba's Way:

"Oppose not earth and heaven, they are one,
For Abba lives within imperfect us.
Instead of fleeing, face life, bring it on,
Who works to transform this world? Abba does."

The full meditation is at the link above.

Is there still hate in America?

Daily Kos: Morgan Freeman attack of racism on Tea Party does raise some skeletons: "Morgan Freeman was interviewed on the Piers Morgan TV Talk Show calling the Tea Party movement “a racist thing.” He added, “Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? Screw the country. We're going to {do} whatever we can to get this black man outta here.” In the Huff Post he commented on how this group has illustrated there is still hate remaining in America."

Hate is something stirred up by those who have an interest in creating a certain environment. It capitalizes on the reactions we have to various events. Hate can be used to create a constituency for revenge. I believe it was a conscious stirring up of hate that created the context for the four major assassinations in the US during the 1960s. I believe the power behind hate has moved somewhat from organized crime to the edges of corporate and government institutions. I believe that the poster person for the mobilization of hate by wiser heads was J. Edgar Hoover. Several public figures in the GOP could qualify today.

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Bush Treasury Guy: Cain's 999 is a Distributional Monstrosity

What is Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan? - latimes.com: "But Bruce Bartlett, a former Treasury official under President George H.W. Bush who studied Cain’s plan and wrote an analysis Tuesday for the New York Times, said Cain “offers no evidence for this assertion; it is simply put forward as self-evident.”

Bartlett called the plan “a distributional monstrosity.”"

You would have to be pretty stupid to vote for it. Oops.

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Jane Fonda at 73

Jane Fonda Is a Virgin | Style Goes Strong: "At 73, Jane Fonda defines the third age in terms of a play's acts; the Third Act starts at 60 – when Acts 1 and 2 start to hang together and it all begins to make sense, if you're lucky. But you have a little work to do to get there in style and with serenity.

Picasso was right, she quipped,

'It takes a long time to become young.'""

I am suspicious of life stage observations because I believe that children have as much wisdom if not more than adults of any age. We miss the boat when we think in terms of life as a progression from infancy to maturity or whatever else we may think that boxes in the child.

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Nothing rotten in Denmark

Denmark Is Happiest Country, U.S. Misses Top 10 | LiveScience: "A new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found that Danish people are the happiest among those in the 40 countries that were studied. Depending on the happiness scale used, Americans rank somewhere between No. 12 and No. 19 in the results."

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GOP terrifying

Rabbit-Hole Economics - NYTimes.com: "And since economic policy has to deal with the world we live in, not the fantasy world of the G.O.P.’s imagination, the prospect that one of these people may well be our next president is, frankly, terrifying"

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Another side of our misguided war on drugs

Ex-NYPD Detective: Police Plant Drugs On Innocent People - Digg: "tokeofthetown.com — A former NYPD narcotics detective testified on Wednesday that he regularly saw police plant drugs on innocent people as a way to meet arrest quotas"

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Obamas Preview MLK Memorial, to Be Dedicated Sunday

First family visits new MLK memorial - CBS News: "The young senator is now president, and the King memorial is complete, having opened to the public in August. On Sunday, the country's first black president will be a featured speaker at the dedication ceremony.

The dedication was originally scheduled for late August but was postponed after Hurricane Irene swept through the Washington region, dumping rain on the nation's capital and disrupting travel plans for many of those who planned to attend the event."

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Is failure to report child porn to cops now a crime?

U.S. bishop charged for not taking porn to police - CBS News: "After the Catholic sex abuse scandal erupted in 2002, grand juries in several regions reviewed how bishops handled claims against priests. However, most of the allegations were decades old and far beyond the statute of limitations. Until Finn was indicted Friday, no U.S. Catholic bishop had been criminally charged over how he responded to abuse claims, although some bishops had struck deals with local authorities to avoid prosecution against their dioceses."

I'm not sure where this is going. This is the first criminal charge against a Bishop. But why would anyone who failed to report be similarly liable? And why could that not extend to all knowledge of criminality?

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