President Obama On Global Democratic Revolution (Video)

The title is the subtext of this memorial speech for Dr King.

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Croesus is done in by smelly camels | Herodotus meets Ellroy

Croesus is done in by smelly camels | Herodotus meets Ellroy:

"Cyrus smells victory. Cyrus tries to sweeten his military pot. He seeks more bodies. More camels. Smelly camels. Cyerus already has a substantial force. He tries ti win over some Ionians. No dice. Not one. Ionian. They stick with Croesus. But Cyrus has a serenity about him. Without effort he is a master of aplomb."

It's true. Smelly camels won the day. This is my fun place where I go to write without worrying about being right or wrong of what anyone thinks.

GOP so hapless it hurts

Newsvine - Obama Slams GOP "Jobs Bill": "“So let’s take a look at what the Republican American jobs act looks like. It turns out the Republican plan boils down to a few basic ideas: They want to gut regulations; they want to let Wall Street do whatever it wants. They want to drill more. And they want to repeal health care reform. That’s their jobs plan.”"


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Cops need to understand what is happening (video)

Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Digg:

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Why Obama is Not Wall Street

Obama's bow to Wall Street had two causes
He genuinely believed a mega-depression was at hand
No one has proved him wrong
He was also a centrist who had no hostility to Wall Street
Events proved him wrong
Obama is a pragmaticist - spelled correctly - different than pragmatist
He thinks in threes not twos
When something proves wrong he moves forward taking what he can take
From his first reaction and from his subsequent experience
And he puts it into a hypothesis for the future
The hypothesis for the future has always been his idea number one
It is change 
Save the middle class
Challenge poverty
Reform prisons
Minimize nuclear dangers
And other sensible things
He has experienced the sad and racist underside of the GOP
Who can't stand the idea of him in the White House
He has been silent about this
If you look back to key junctures
You should know that just when Obama looks as though he is being too nice 
Or tooWall Street 
Or too anything
He will fool you
He has fooled the whole nation into thinking he cannot win
And for the next year or so he will do what he needs to do to win
And Wall Street will be chastized and wiser
And he will be our first Human Rights President
In his second term
And people will flash back to Berlin in the 2008 campaign
Because he will be remembered not as an American leader primarily
But as a pivotal figure in world history
All because he thinks like Charles Sanders Peirce

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Romney 1 Versus Us 99

Romney Is The 1%:

Smile for the picture Mitt.

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Obama the intrepid

Obama gets back on the bus for trip to NC, Va. - Topix: "President Barack Obama is campaigning for both his jobs bill and his re-election on a three-day bus tour beginning Monday through North Carolina and Virginia, two southern states crucial for his chances in next November's election."

And he's just warming up. I want a nickel for every pundit who said he was finished anytime over the past three years. I could afford an architect to design my cyber-community. Except that these communities are going to spring up all over. The next stage of occupy is occupy America. Redo the society. Hop to it.

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Cool Show

Ingenious Solutions to First World Problems | WildAmmo.com:

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DEA should be abolished

Protesters At Federal Courthouse Decry Medical Marijuana Raid - Digg: "tokeofthetown.com — The ripples of the DEA's early morning assault in Ukiah reached the Bay Area on Friday. Medical marijuana activists gathered in front of the San Francisco Federal Building to bring awareness to the crack-of-dawn raid Thursday on Mathew Cohen's collective"

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Rupert Murdoch Hates Occupy - With Good Reason

Rupert Murdoch Deploys His Minions To CNN To Smear Occupy Wall Street - Digg: "politicususa.com — Not content with their multi-platform smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp had friends and employees on CNN today to attack and smear the protests."

US and UK did not put him behind bars, but Rupert may join Bernie before it's all over.

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In fact everything not lethal should be legal and regulated

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Marijuana and all other drugs should be legal and regulated:

Maybe this should be an occupy principle. The primary evil is conscious lethality in any form. That is the homicidal instinct allowed to play out and known to the perpetrator. It is done most often corporately. Cars are the best example of lethality that is both conscious and effective in achieving a lethal purpose. Cars are legal but their regulation is also lethal. Regulation should be for the purpose of decreasing lethality.

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Archimedes was the prime mathematician all along

Walters researchers decode the secrets of the Archimedes Palimpsest - baltimoresun.com:

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Marijuana and all other drugs should be legal and regulated

Marijuana legalization support at record high - CBS News: "Support for legalizing marijuana tended to be stronger among younger, more liberal groups, according to Gallup. Legalization received 62 approval among those aged 18 to 29, but got only 31 percent approval among those 65 and older. Liberals were twice as likely as conservatives to favor legalizing marijuana."

Come on. This is an Occupy problem. If we just legalize pot it will be like tolerating hippies was in the 60s, an easy way to avoid dealing with the underlying systemic problems. The War on drugs is a lethal operation that costs billions. Sweep it away with a wave of democratic revolution. People should be able to become their best doctors. They already are.

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China shaken by its own inhumanity

After toddler is left to die, China disquieted - World Watch - CBS News: "The video from Foshan City of Guangdong Province in China is unequivocal: A two-year-old is seen lying in a pool of blood on a market street having just been hit by a truck, which sped away after slowly running over her with its back wheels too, after which more than a dozen people walk around the toddler, none offering help."

This inhumanity is universal and is the product of the suppression of the impulse to helpfulness. Helpfulness is an active ontological value, one of three that works when one is following Abba's way, the universal way of non-idolatry, tolerance, democracy and helpfulness. A world which has decided to let people operate lethal instruments, and have them run wherever defenseless persons congregate, is not giving much place to helpfulness. Vehicles and people should not be in direct proximity. Human communities should and will become car free.
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