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Hurrah for MySpace

Stephen C. Rose (Steve) | Stream:
MySpace has been my best source of readers despite the fact that I have a large Twitter following and am active on Facebook. THis says something to me. I found out today thatt my blogs here are announced in my stream there without my having to promote them using That is excellent news. It does not look as though ping will work for me for a while.

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Community in Death and Life

Community in death may beMore pronounced than in lifeThink about itAn individual like may continue a bit but few are even noticed after a whileWhen we are gone some will remember those who fought for justiceOr for tolerance Of for helpfulnessThat is the continuity we canExperienceLong after individuals have faded into the substance or statefrom which they/we came 
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Actual Criteria of Wealth

According to Abba's Way The wealthiestPlace no ultimate faith in anything that isReserving all allegiance for Abba who none have ever seenSave in a burning bushOr (some say) in the person of JesusJesus used Abba as the holy name name in the only prayer he gave usFollowers of Abba are nomads of the universeThey practice toleranceDemocracyand HelpfulnessWealth relates toValuesIt always hasIt always will
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