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Bahrain's inept handling of students

Hard Lessons in Democracy Building | Human Rights First: "The Bahraini government’s inept handling of its students is a great example of why the Kingdom is increasingly seen as a pariah state. Dozens of students were arrested and hundreds more were expelled earlier this year following large-scale peaceful protests calling for democratic reform in the Bahrain. These students faced aggressive interrogations about their possible participation in political protests and some were even asked to identify classmates in demonstration photos that appeared on social networking sites such as Facebook."

More focus is needed on conditions here.

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Media not central to nonviolent movement's success

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement -- The Onion Theory of Nonviolent Protest: "Since the purpose of a nonviolent action is to build a political, people-power movement, if it positively affects the first three layers of the audience onion towards that end it is a success regardless of media coverage. More than 90% of all the nonviolent protests conducted by the Southern Freedom Movement of the 1960s had no media coverage whatsoever, not a single radio sound bite, not a single newspaper sentence, yet they profoundly changed the participants, observers, and grapevine as well as their communities and the nation as a whole"

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Cambodia, Malaysia - egregious human rights abuses

Cambodia/ Malaysia: Domestic Workers Face Abuse | Human Rights Watch: "(Phnom Penh) – The Cambodian and Malaysian governments’ failure to regulate recruiters and employers leaves Cambodian migrant domestic workers exposed to a wide range of abuses, Human Rights Watch said in a report issued today. Tens of thousands of Cambodian women and girls who migrate to Malaysia have little protection against forced confinement in training centers, heavy debt burdens, and exploitative working conditions."

 Another sign for Occupy worldwide.

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Jesus gospel is what he said it was in Mark

Jesus Gospel Vs. Gospel of Jesus - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"Jesus gospel is what he said it was in Mark: Abba's kingdom, or realm, is at hand. Repent and believe this good news.

The gospel of Jesus was promulgated by the churches four centuries later. It was set forth as a creed which makes no reference to what Jesus said the gospel is."

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An age of post-secularism?

Taking a stance « The Immanent Frame: "I conclude by noting that a new politics of tolerance and citizenship may not sit easily with secularism as it is defined by Bilgrami. Does this mean that the outcome is not a form of secularism? The answer to this question will vary, depending on whether one thinks that secularism is less cohesive as a concept than Bilgrami argues it is, or whether one thinks that we have moved into an age of post-secularism."


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A radical version of U.S. disestablishment

Going to law « The Immanent Frame: "A radical version of U.S. disestablishment would suggest that churches in the U.S. are, and have from the beginning been, understood to be entirely voluntary and private organizations that survive or not due to the enthusiasm and pocketbooks of their congregants (and God’s will), not public institutions legally defined and supported by the state. State-supported churches with their own jurisdictional domains were the common model in Europe. Arguably it is that model that Americans have been trying to get away from for several hundred years. The ministerial exceptions, and other lingering legal privileges for American churches, particularly the most legal-minded of them, seem, at times, to be vestiges of that older European model."

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Perry comes off as flat out weird

Rick Perry Goes Full On Goofy in New Hampshire | Addicting Info: "It’s hard to know what to make of Governor Perry’s campaign thus far. Is he serious? Does he really want to be president? Who the hell knows?

However, I would argue that his ascent/descent trajectory clearly outpaces any that I’ve ever seen, including that of the former half-term governor from Alaska."

Video commentary - maybe the last we'll see of him?

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Abba Does Not Will Nuclear Plants

If This World Conformed to Abba's Way There Would Be No Nuclear Plants - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"I. Abba in in everyone therefore anyone can change by turning to Abba.

2. The state of remission can be sustained daily by the use of the following verses which contain the basis for the contention that we would have no nuclear plants."

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Krugman buys the supercommittee charade

Bombs, Bridges and Jobs - "What’s bringing out the military big spenders is the approaching deadline for the so-called supercommittee to agree on a plan for deficit reduction. If no agreement is reached, this failure is supposed to trigger cuts in the defense budget."

Or else he just wants to prove how dunderheaded we are about what constitutes actual evil in the world. That would be big military spending which is lethality by conscious and implicit intent. The Supercommittee will fail and the result will not be the massive cuts triggered to go into effect. The result will be that that will be voted down. The cuts will only come if the people wake up and build a new world based on moral principles that assume that human beings are responsible for both good and evil.

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Microsoft high tech in a retro world

Productivity Future Vision (2011) - YouTube:

'This sucks. No one can yet see that a future world in which cars and highways are central is not viable. Given the failure to grasp this self-evident, a massive global double bind exists that is driving (literally) the world crazy. Technology is incapable of directing the world to a viable future. That depends on human insight.

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Connecting lethality and evil

Fundamental to a working understanding of evilIn the context of global democratic revolutionBy which I mean the articulation by experiment of an evolved consciousness Is its fusing with the term lethalityand the term intentIn this understanding evil is unnatural death inflicted as a resultof conscious or inferential intentEvil and lethality should be connectedIn this understanding the evil in an encounter between peaceful demonstratorsAnd opposing forces relates precisely to the degree that conscious or inferential intentThat bodes death is presentWithin organized crime for exampleOr within military communitiesIntent is rife We need to evolve morally to the point that evil is understood to be the result of human intentAnd its result is literal death in whole or in part
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