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Eye break

Had my second cataract operation today and have the prospect of normal vision without classes for the first time in my life.Can't be doing this for a day. See you tomorrow.
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ProPublica should investigate the woman who accused Julian Assange

ProPublica | Search results for julian assange:

Too bad one of the few investigative journalism venues left has not dug into the skeevy story of Julian Assange's possible entrapment in Sweden. I say possible because I distinctly recall that at the outset it was entirely plausible that this was a setup. I wrote of it at the time but never saw any followup.
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Assange extradition looms

Let Out Your Daughters — Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal: "It's not the end of all hope for Assange to remain in the UK, though — there still may be a slim chance of an appeal to the Supreme Court if lawyers believe the case is of "legal significance.""

Imagine a setup that begins with
Consensual sex
In which the original female instigator is
Connected to the skeevy underside Of the CIA  Imagine the tentacles of our paranoid
Transparency bashers
Reaching out to turn That setup into a charge that might conceivably gain traction
Even in permissive Sweden
Imagine a story where you do not know the half of it
And the media passively fails to investigate
Divide the sum of ignorance by a simple thing called truth
The US is powerful and paranoid  Julian Assange has done what Jesus more or less anticipated would Be the result of his good news of openness
Neighbor love
And the like Seeing that all things are made manifest Knocking the legs…

Terrorists without borders

Open Channel - Born in the USA, but now among Somalia's Islamist terrorists: "The suicide bombing last weekend in Mogadishu – allegedly by a Somali American from Minnesota – has highlighted the important role played by U.S. citizens in the operations of al-Shabab, the Islamic terrorist organization battling the government in the war-torn east African nation."

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The year of the vanishing incumbent

Voter Rage Has Congress Worried About Job Security - Its Own - "WASHINGTON — One of the immutable laws of American politics has been that while voters typically loathe Congress, they tend to tolerate their own lawmaker. Now, with ratings for that institution in the root cellar and approval of individual lawmakers heading there, members of Congress and analysts are beginning to wonder if that law could be repealed next year."

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Is TV Toast? Most probably.

Will YouTube Replace Television? - Digg: " — Google plans to launch 100 new online "channels" with exclusive original programming — a deal reportedly worth $100 million. "

Peanuts when you consider the likelihood that on demand will migrate away from THE tube to YouTube and other online origin spots. The building of the macro world will honor the mobility of things as well as people. And ease of operation (usability) over means of delivery.

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