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Showing posts from November 5, 2011

Tromping around Occupy Wall Street

I probably overdid things yesterday tromping around Occupy Wall StreetAnd other downtown environsAs a kid I visited regularly because My dad worked there for sixty yearsIn three locations This morning I woke up with a fever and have beenResolved to be a little more aggressive in the futureJust because I had surgery Wednesday is no reason to hold backOccupy fits my notion of a political flea marketTurned into something like a World War Two frontA block of shelters and tents low to the groundDefinitely an occupation and a presenceIt means that it is infinitely expandableWithout losing a central core that is not easy to dislodgeOccupy is about fairnessIts sign is 99 percentOr one percentIts object is the actual site transformed into A community centerAnd its hypothesis is that fairnessCan be made sufficiently universal as an issueTo create a democratic majority that is capable of passing laws thatServe usIt was nice to do this tromping about with Harvey CoxDown from Boston to see a MLK p…