Tromping around Occupy Wall Street

I probably overdid things yesterday tromping around Occupy Wall Street
And other downtown environs
As a kid I visited regularly because 
My dad worked there for sixty years
In three locations 
This morning I woke up with a fever and have been
Resolved to be a little more aggressive in the future
Just because I had surgery Wednesday is no reason to hold back
Occupy fits my notion of a political flea market
Turned into something like a World War Two front
A block of shelters and tents low to the ground
Definitely an occupation and a presence
It means that it is infinitely expandable
Without losing a central core that is not easy to dislodge
Occupy is about fairness
Its sign is 99 percent
Or one percent
Its object is the actual site transformed into 
A community center
And its hypothesis is that fairness
Can be made sufficiently universal as an 
To create a democratic majority that is capable of passing laws that
Serve us
It was nice to do this tromping about with Harvey Cox
Down from Boston to see a MLK play with local family
I am hoping Harvey and others will begin contributing here
On the theory that two or three gathered beats
A lone individual every time

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