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Charles Sanders Peirce on Thinking Things Through

'The faculty which I call abstractive observation is one which ordinary people perfectly recognize, but for which the theories of philosophers sometimes hardly leave room. It is a familiar experience to every human being to wish for something quite beyond his present means, and to follow that wish by the question, 'Should I wish for that thing just the same, if I had ample means to gratify it?" To answer that question, he searches his heart, and in doing so makes what I term an abstractive observation. He makes in his imagination a sort of skeleton diagram, or outline sketch, of himself, considers what modifications the hypothetical state of things would require to be made in that picture, and then examines it, that is, observes what he has imagined, to see whether the same ardent desire is there to be discerned. 
By such a process, which is at bottom very much like mathematical reasoning, we can reach conclusions as to what would be true of signs in all cases, so lo…

Feed-in Tariffs Are The Way of The Future

Feed-in Tariffs Rule, and This is Why (Video) : TreeHugger: "FITs guarantee an owner of a renewable energy project a premium price for every unit of electricity or heat generated over a 15-20 year period of time. That premium is designed to give the owner "a reasonable rate of return" and is changed on a set schedule as technology costs come down, with room to make immediate changes when needed. (In fact, Germany and other European countries have made major changes to their FITs over the last year as the price and cost of solar PV has dropped dramatically.)"

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Exxon's Montana Mess

Mont. oil-fouled debris from Exxon being torched (AP) | Yahoo! Green: "LAUREL, Mont. - Montana officials have set fire to an oil-tainted logjam along the Yellowstone River — the last of dozens of contaminated debris piles from a 42,000-gallon Exxon Mobil pipeline spill.

Regulators say the logjam was too precarious to be hauled away but needed to be removed to prevent future wildlife damage from the July 1 pipeline break near Laurel."

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Thoughtlessness is the number one cause of disease

ShortFormContent at Blogger: I picked up my disease at the gas pump:

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It was thoughtless to base everything on fossil fuels. But more pertinently disease is generally the product of thoughtlessness. Thoughtlessness of all kinds. Not taking the time needed to ask is this the way it should be. We all do this. It is part of our common hubris. The way out is thoughtful and considerate community, not lying, prevaricating, macho society.

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Mildred Purse Says Cain Is The Cat's Meow

Cain, on Late-Night Television, Speaks to Accusations -

In order to succeed in Reagan's America you never admit anything. You grasp a lie by the horns and twist real hard. Go Herman!
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Occupy Signals the Fruition of Mary's Dream

Occupy goes back to TahrirTahrir goes back to the MagnificatNo one more misunderstood than MaryNo virgin sheFor the true miracle is that Jesus' divinity sprung from the human messAnd that Abba works within each of us toTeach us how to occupy this globe he gave to usMary in the MagnificatDreams of scattering the wickedAnd bringing down the proudWhich is what the ontological values of Abba Deep within every human being (If we have eyes to see)Are designed to being aboutDemocracy toleranceNon-idolatry helpfulnessOccupy goes back to TahrirThere must have been some reason MaryMonths past the MagniificatShe shared with ElizabethFled down to EgyptShe left a little dream dust in TahrirThis is Mary's century
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Salient excerpt

Here Comes the Sun - Digg: ""So it’s worth pointing out that special treatment for fracking makes a mockery of free-market principles. Pro-fracking politicians claim to be against subsidies, yet letting an industry impose costs without paying compensation is in effect a huge subsidy." Agreed."

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Unbounded dishonesty this fracking ad campaign, trying to push all manner of double-bind buttons. Best to take a position against all future use of fossil based energy as a matter of common sense.

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