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Morning Joe Two Stars

Morning Joe:

Clicking above MAY get you to the latest Morning Joe. In any case the left hand sidebar is pretty good at bringing up what you may be interested in viewing. The two stars on this continuing survey of online viewing opportunities is the result of ads (necessary but not if repetitive) and somewhat less than easy usability.
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Video - Al Jazeera English Three Stars

Video - Al Jazeera English:

I am assembling GOOD video feeds that are usable and awarding them three stars. Only such will be chosen. This site offers a recent news summary at the top. Below is a selection of relevant news videos that will replace the top video when you click it. Nice and well worth bookmarking. This in preparation for removing TV from my premises. All in the interests of economy and simplification.

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US Wastes Breath and Bucks on WikiLeaks

Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules - "SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge on Thursday ruled that Twitter, the popular microblogging platform, must reveal information about three of its account holders who are under investigation for their possible links to the WikiLeaks whistle-blower site."

This is a goose chase and an indication of governmental mindlessness. WikiLeaks is the least of our problems and falls on the good side of the ledger - clarity and openness over secrecy and the power games secrecy engenders.

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Beck, Huckabee Helped Scam Goldbuyers

Glen Beck, Mike Huckabee Paid to Help Scam Goldbuyers, Into Buying Over Price Coins From Goldline - Digg: " — Goldline is being accused of defrauding consumers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Glen Beck along with former Presidental Candidates Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee were paid to help scam gold buyers into buying over priced coins...instead of the touted gold bullion advertised....the old classic "bait and switch".... 1 day 5 hr ago"

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Right in retreat on DOMA

DOMA Repeal Vote Represents a Critical Shift » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Unsurprisingly, all 10 Democratic cosponsors of the legislation on the Judiciary Committee offered strong statements of support and voted in support of the legislation. However, what was surprising was the minimal, token opposition offered by the supposed supporters of DOMA on the committee. Granted, at the end of the day, each voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, however, no “poison pill” amendments were offered and by the time a final vote was called, there was only one DOMA supporter actually remaining in the room — Ranking Member Charles Grassley (R-Iowa)."

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When reality is hard to bear (Music Video)

Occupy to GOP Courtesy of Suzanne Vega (Video)