Landmark Arab League Action on Syria

Obama Praises Arab League Vote To Suspend Syria | Fox News: "WASHINGTON -- President Obama is praising the Arab League for suspending Syria's membership, highlighting what he called the group's leadership in seeking to end attacks on peaceful protesters.

Obama says the vote shows the increasing diplomatic isolation of President Bashar Assad's government, which he says engages in "callous violence." "

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Lefty Blogs Have Been As Hard on Obama As Right Wing Blogs

Liberal Bloggers to Axelrod — Stop the Hippie Punching | Liberal Whoppers: "The Obama administration has believed so strongly that they have the liberal media (new and traditional) at their beck and call, that they have been becoming more and more brazen about bashing them from the briefing room, while asking for their help off camera. It appears that some in the liberal media have had enough."

Actually it is a tossup. Liberal blogs have been about as helpful as Democrats in Congress. That would be "not very" and "kicking and screaming". Conservative blogs lie more about the President's actual achievements. But the net effect of liberal complaint and lassitude has about balanced the scales. Meanwhile President Obama appears to win every battle despite the overreach of the right and the disdain of the left.

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Another nail in the coffin of nuclear energy

Media's 1st look inside Japan nuke plant - CBS News: "In their shadow, plumbers, electricians and truck drivers, sometimes numbering in the thousands, go dutifully about their work, all clad from head to toe in white hazmat suits. Their job — cleaning up the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl — will take decades to complete."

Hopefully Occupy will include the elimination of future and eventually present nuclear energy plants on its to do list. I am assuming this is a century-long thing. The last chance human beings have to apply elementary intelligence toward living sustainably. Hint - it does not involve retrofitting and adjusting. It involves rebuilding from scratch. The first to create a credible model of a car-free, eco-sustainable, economically viable human community wins.

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Current TV Antidote To The Wingnut Right

Occupy Wall Street: Tom Hayden on the movement’s focus and its connection to Tuesday’s election - Countdown with Keith Olbermann // Current TV:

Click on home for online watching options. Current is leading the fight against our absurd War on Drugs and its lethal results in Mexico.

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Calling Big Oil To Heel Now

Time to End Big Oil Welfare: Take Action! | Planetsave: "The big five oil companies reported more than $67 billion in profits during the first six months of 2011. At the same time, these same oil companies are getting billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts each year. In fact, even as ExxonMobil made more than $118 million a day in profits last quarter, it is still paying a lower tax rate than the average American. It’s time for this to stop. Tell Congress to end Big Oil handouts."

The rubber meets the road with this issue. It is time to move past oil and poast sprawl to car free and community living.

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Awake to all that is your body now

Abba's Way:

Awake to all that is your body now;
Within your body sense and reason live.
The spirit ranges from toe tip to brow;
Body and soul, they are a single gift.

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Inherited values are toast

A Global Revolution Compendium - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

The global in global democratic revolution means
What it says
This will be happening this century from pole to pole and around the entire planet
In every country
Because we are at a watershed
Inherited values are toast
Based as they are on the honor of power and domination
And the hypocrisy of hierarchical power

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Behavioral Economic Conundrum

Behavioral Economics Foils an Obama Tax Cut? - BusinessWeek: "It didn’t work. That, at least, is the finding of the first study to look specifically at the behavioral economics element of the stimulus. In a forthcoming paper, three economists—Claudia Sahm of the Federal Reserve, and Joel Slemrod and Matthew Shapiro of the University of Michigan—found that Making Work Pay didn’t get people to spend more money. In fact, it got them to spend less. The study is a prism through which to view both the efficacy of Obama’s stimulus and whether a set of discoveries about the foibles of human decision-making can be translated into effective government policies."

IMHO the entire project of getting us to spend more should be shelved. Our economy should be based on providing products and services we will gladly pay for. Most of what we can now buy - the big ticket items - are inherently undesirable. This includes cars and houses. We would live better and have more healthy and vibrant economies in a world beyond sprawl made up of car free communities and modular housing affized to skeletons of sufficient size to enable actual green technology rather than today's feeble retro-fitting enterprise.

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Russia and China bear the onus for Syrian deaths

Russia and China bear the onus for Syrian deaths
It is their intransigence that prevents us from doing the same thing in Syria
That we did in Libya
This is human rights violation on a global scale
If China and Russia want to show a different way
Let them favor and facilitate the insurgent movement in Syria
Otherwise call them out until they feel the heat

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I'll speculate about the Oakland violence

Who's Behind the Mayhem at the Occupy Oakland Protests? | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet: "During an Occupy Oakland camp meeting on November 3 – the morning after a boisterous but peaceful day of protests in Oakland devolved into a barrage of teargas and “less lethal” bullets after nightfall -- about a dozen “occupiers” expressed their frustration with the vandalism that had marred the evening; acts of mayhem committed by a small number of people among the thousands who took part in the protests"

1. It is not caused by the Occupy Movement or the participants who are sympathetic to Occupy.

2. It may be caused by random groups from the community.

3. If the Koch brothers or other well known GOP and Right Ring  or corporate operatives had the opportunity to create a major media blow back against Occupy, they would do whatever they could get away with to enable it.

4. Its effect if not its purpose is to convince the bemused media that Occupy is trouble, not constructive movement for change. This will not wash even if the media will not dig for the actual causes.

Everything You Need  to Know to Boycott Koch Products

The spiritual book of the new century

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse:

This is the spiritual book of the new century because it updates and makes universal the Good News of Jesus in a form accessible to all readers. Ideal as a gift. Available in all formats.

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If you despise your body, please hear this.

Abba's Way:

If you despise your body, please hear this.
Without your body you would not be you.
Are soul and body one? Yes, one it is.
It is the body that lets soul come through.

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