Much More like a Rebel Renegade Than Your Typical Family Man

Iconoclastic Jesus Family Values in Mark Three - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"Much More like a Rebel Renegade Than Your Typical Family Man"

Now he will give the lie to our entire cultural and its so-called family values. I am not knocking love and loyalty but, for Jesus, this is trumped by higher values. Like obedience to Abba. 

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As China Currency Rises So Rises China

Obama raises economic rebalancing with Hu - ktla.com: "As part of a "rebalancing," U.S. officials would like China to let its currency rise, which would help make its exports more expensive and allow Chinese citizens to buy more imported goods. They argue this will help China shift away from an over-reliance on exports toward more domestic demand."

If China wants parity with other powers and the chance to help create a cooperative globe, it can follow President Obama's advice without seeing it as a matter of concession but of win-win. It can also join forces with Russia in turning the screws on genocidal Syria.

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Geithner and Obama Did Not Misjudge The Length of The Downturn

A typical NYT gloss that is deficient. Geithner and Obama have always known the depth of the recession and most probably its cause as well. It is the porousness and unsustainability of the oil-mcmansion (aka sprawl) economy and the fragility of a society that props itself up with a sickly prison system and a fatuous War on Drugs. Not to mention a half measure approach to transparency that has left Bradley Manning a martyr of our century IMHO. Fixing the society and recovering decent values will be the tonic this economy needs and these two worthies know it. While outfits like the NYT continue to shill for the retro consumer economy  (its advertisers) and to thereby create a subtext of shoddy anti-Veblenian values. 

I read my paper copy so no link. You get the idea.
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GOP High on Cliche Low on Originality

Republicans Debate Obama and Foreign Policy - NYTimes.com:

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Original would be what Obama is now doing. Pursuing a rational course in a volatile situation and succeeding where the GOP has failed.

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A central anthropological premise

New Tao Posts: The Tao does not define a character:

From whence we derive the statement of Jesus: Judge not that you be not judged. Characterization is among the most noxious of human activities.

The Tao does not define a character

The Tao does not define a character
In truth we are the spectrum we all are
The Tao sees us past all our human tropes
Past designation universes stars 

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