Fracking Is delaying economic recovery

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Fracking is a sign and seal of doom
No one knows the damage it will do
Lives lost children poisoned futures ruined
Recovery will wait till fracking's through

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Fracking Andarko Threatens Colorado

Fracking could be coming to metro area | 9news.com: "There are more than 45,000 oil and gas wells in Colorado. Most of them are in the mountains and in more rural areas. In a populated area like Aurora, drilling wells could be popping up in the Cross Creek Community soon.

The Houston-based petroleum company Anandarko leased the mineral rights to most of the land around the subdivision and has expressed interest in fracking for oil."

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A Critical Mass of the People

A critcal mass of the people
She said as the people returned
This movement moves like a tsunami
It builds on the stripes it has earned
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NYC Occupy Should Meet in City Hall Park

Judge rules against NYC Occupy encampment - CBS News: ""At the end of the day, if this movement is only tied to Liberty Plaza, we are going to lose. We're going to lose," said Sandra Nurse, one of the organizers, referring to another name for the park. "Right now the most important thing is coming together as a body and just reaffirm why we're here in the first place."

No Sandra. It is tied to the global democratic revolution. To pin everything on occupying a single piece of territory is to play into the hands of an establishment that thinks territorially. Go to City Hal Park and have an Assembly there. Indicate that Occupy is not to be extinguished merely because the establishment uses various means to try to suppress it.

The mental atrophy around city planning

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The mental atrophy around city planning comes from not thinking through the matter of vastly reducing the presence, cost and force of the automobile. Once we have essentially freed our rights of way we can place upon them double wide, advanced transportation for human beings and goods.

We can use the interstate system as the template for the creation of car-free, walkable cyber communities on new sites or the recreated sites of existing sprawl areas.

It is this step toward new industries to create a reasonable chance of economically-viable redesign of society that has not yet been made.

The matrix or skeleton that contains all of the channels and conductors needed to afford recycling, energy and waste removal on-site is beyond the ken of existing city or regional planning.

The way such skeletons create in a mile square area a four level above ground opportunity for the attachment of myriad, lego-like, mass-produced spaces that serve as residence areas, kiosks, public areas, offices, stores and all other things we find in a city has not been surmised.

We can see the end though. A walkable, safe, pattern-language redolent, stair-free, car free community that is build around the realities of cyberspace and which tailors occupations to communities of 10,000 - education, recreation, health and everything else.Cyber communities clustered in cyber-cities in an ecumenopolis.

This is what is coming and we hardly know it yet.

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Bloomberg Opposes Occupy with Good Reason

His interest is in not being bothered as he pursues his happy life.
His interest is in maintaining all the privileges conferred on him by this ystem.
His interest is not in the welfare of New Yorkers.
He could be a great ally.
Instead, he is a great disappointment.
And, Mr. Mayor, I have been here a lot longer than you have.

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The park was available to me, Signeur Bloomberg

Police Oust Occupy Wall Street Protesters at Zuccotti Park - NYTimes.com: "“New York City is the city where you can come and express yourself,” the mayor said. “What was happening in Zuccotti Park was not that.” He said the protesters had taken over the park, “making it unavailable to anyone else.”"

Bloomberg should have offered to clean the park for reoccupation. I visited the park as a New Yorker and felt it was eminently available. Safer than most oarks. I guess in this city where the mayor can decree a third term we live under droit de Bloomberg.

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All the clues you need are here

In this complex of blogs there are the clues needed to move past the post-war nightmare of automobile glut and sprawl.

1. Car Free Communities must be the center of recovery. That means communities of up to 10K in areas where everything is pedestrian and where stratified zoning is suspended so that a community has all attributes of a city.

2. Occupations and professions must adapt to the idea of a walkable community where which the endeavors of humanity are realized where we live.

3. Human communities cannot possibly afford the infrastructure needed to create eco-sustainability. The only way to afford it is to build such communities on the skeleton of an eco-matrix which literally conducts all of the energy, waste, recycling and other elements needed for to service modular, mass-produced spaces (rooms, locales) which can be attached lego-like to form cyber-communities. This is beyond detached homes and high rises. Max height is four levels above ground.

Shorthand for all this is that it combines pattern language (Christopher Alexander) with new technology that one would hope the Google think tank would help dream up. I see no evidence of this yet. Robocars don't cut it and demonstrate mental atrophy.

ShortFormContent Five Months Old

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And growing. A bit of traction. Companion blogs - some with texts of entire books like The Grass Roots Church and Winning The War Within, others with explorations of evolving interests like Monopolisto Man and Herodotus Meets Ellroy and others to underline enduring concerns like Noxious Oil and Sprawl World. All told I value most the individual reader who may find here something that can elicit a sense of not being alone

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