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RNC Big LIE Ads - Example One (Video)

How Obama Describes America - YouTube:

All Obama needs to do is show this with the actual statements he made in context. But never underestimate the swiftboating nefariousness of the GOP. The lied their way in in 2000 and broke the country. And did a reprise in 2010. We need to join forces and circulate the truth over against the RNC falsehood.

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OWS retired cop stymies NY constabulary

OWS Fight Is Far from Over: Explosive Actions on 2-Month Anniversary of Movement | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet: "One protester, however, had a hard time getting the NYPD to take him into custody. Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis, in full dress uniform, was almost begging to be arrested -- kneeling in front of a line of cops, with his hands behind his back at the southwest corner of Nassau and Pine -- as he decried corporate exploitation. The police made feints at arresting him for a time, almost toying with the retired cop, but wouldn't actually do it -- at first. After he moved back through the crowd and up toward Broadway, they pounced, turning Lewis into a full-fledged OWS folk hero. Walking ramrod straight with his hands behind his back, the retired police captain was led by two NYPD officers through the intersection to the whoops, whistles and applause of the crowd."

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Thinking beyond oil is either eccentric or subversion

Deadly Mojave Race - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

"Off road and dirt track racing is everywhere. I've watched in Cedar City, Utah, in New Lebanon, New York. In Vegas. The roar and most of all the (shall we say) fortitude of the drivers transfixes us. Mostly we are far enough from the dangerously careening vehicles to watch in safety. But on Saturday there was not enough distance. Eight were pulverized, twelve nearly so.

If this was Afghanistan, we might call these deaths collateral damage. Our oil world depends on putting lethal machines in the hands of fallible drivers close to defenseless pedestrians. Oil dominates our culture, our economy and, most of all, our mentality. Thinking beyond oil is either eccentric or subversion"

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Oil Spill History

The Mariner Group -- Oil Spill History:


March 18 - UNITED KINGDOM - The Torrey Canyon ran aground off Cornwall spilling 80,000 tonnes (919,000 barrels) of crude.


March 20 - SWEDEN - At least 438,000 barrels of oil spilled in a collision involving the Othello in Tralhavet Bay.


December 19 - OMAN - After a collision with Brazilian tanker Horta Barbosa the South Korean tanker Sea Star spilled about 840,000 barrels of crude into the Gulf of Oman.


December 15 - USA - The Argo Merchant ran aground off Nantucket spilling 183,000 barrels of oil and causing a slick 160 km (100 miles) long and 97 km wide.


February 25 - PACIFIC - The Liberian-registered Hawaiian Patriot caught fire in the Northern Pacific spilling 723,000 barr"
And so forth into the future.

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When will we run out of oil?

2 The End of Cheap Oil: When and Why?: "When will we run out of oil? Never. When will we reach peak oil production? Soon (2007-2012) [14, ; also Figure 8]. The issue is not the ``end of oil'', but rather the ``end of cheap oil''. We do not present a doomsday scenario. Eventually, alternative energy sources will come to the fore. We present an oil price shock scenario, with long gasoline lines, wrenching economic adjustments, and trillions of dollars of profits at stake for major companies. (The estimated trillion barrels of oil reserves, at $35 per barrel, is $35 trillion.) This scenario can be alleviated, but only with sufficient planning for alternative energy sources.

The standard economic arguments show that there are 40 years of ultimately recoverable oil in the ground. The arguments are correct, subject to two assumptions. First, the arguments assume that with enough economic incentives, one can extract oil from the ground in ever increasing quantities -- un…

Peak oil panorama

Some say the peak oil crisis is already underway This merely refers to production and decline in same It does not add in the crucifixion of Nigeria It does not add in the crucifixion of the Gulf It does not add in the daily oil consumption in the US And its support of a lethal sprawl automobile lifestyle Some say the crisis will not hit until 2020 And that by then alternatives will have emerged So say hello to nine nice years of oil spills fracking Off shore drilling and other depredations Born of human hubris And the capacity to create gated realms where the slaughter Is invisible And consumption can proceed without a murmur
If the job of leaders is to look ahead and say NO MORE We have no leaders
Peak oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Optimistic estimations of peak production forecast the global decline will begin by 2020 or later, and assume major investments in alternatives will occur before a crisis, without requiring major changes in the lifestyle of heavily oil-c…

Why we need a redensification of the world

Redensification?Attaining a sufficient density of population to enable life to flourish To enable walkable face to face communitiesWhere everything necessary for life is available either locally or at a distanceTraverse distances by cyber means using experts who man/woman kiosksTake orders answer questions become the hubs of a new educational systemBeyond today's imaginingBoth today's urban and rural areas are largely unsuitedFor the futureBut we can reshuffle and create communities of around 10,000Even today's metro areas of millions could begin to segment into such units.This is the key to any cogent thinking about the future WhyTo create viable local democraciesViable local playViable local transportation by footViable local social lifeAn end to an anomie-based worldViable local economiesRedensify!

Boycott Koch Brothers Products

Now that the Koch boys want all the newspapers Murdoch does not own it is time to put them out of business.

From earlier posts on the subject:

UPDATE June 19 This was written six months ago. Now it is about to happen.

There are many more Boycott Koch posts. This is a turning point. Without a boycott we cannot win. With one they are toast.


Koch Brothers' Products:

"Angel Soft®
Mardi Gras®
MD Bathroom Tissue
Quilted Northern®
Soft ‘n Gentle®
Vanity Fair®

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And a whole lot more at the url above.

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