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Parsing Bob'Dylan's "I and I"

Parsing Bob'Dylan's "I and I" - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Dylan's "I And I" from 1983 is, with "Angelina", "Not Dark Yet" and "Highlands", among my favorite Dylan songs of the moment. It's also part of the evidence I would offer to confess that, if I had to do the desert island thing and choose, I would take later rather than earlier songs of Dylan."

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The seer loved the sick and suffering

The Tao in Mark:
The seer loved the sick and suffering
And touched them with the power of the Tao
Where faith was found their burdens became light
The power of forgiveness made them right
This was the seer’s lethal blasphemy
The way of Abba made reality
Forgiveness is more powerful than flood
More purifying than a holy flame
The one who knows oneself knows also need
The one knows no need goes dumb and blind
The one who knows one’s need will feel the touch
The one who knows no need feels only pride
The seer knit the fabric of the Tao
Into a mantle fit for those in need
Those filled with pride saw what was happening
And called this brand new garment blasphemy
The seer saw the fate that was in store
A world unready for the way
Inured to patching over wrongs
Instead of turning
Making all things new

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Violence is false witness

Abba's Way Premises - Violence - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "I will inveigh against violence as immaturity, as folly, as something to be rejected as means or end, in all ways, in all forms until I have no breath to speak my no. And I will reject all religion that condones violence and say that Abba has no truck with such false witness."

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Perils of being Google

November 2011: The worst month in Google's history? | ZDNet: "Google has a very difficult month, and yet we're only half way through it. From leaked Gmail designs to a near-mass-exodus over changes to Google Reader, others were more bothered by the fact that their BlackBerry's would no longer be supported, while iOS users felt excitement and disappointment in the space of about an hour."

Unfortunately Google has not yet latched on to my cyber-community concepts.

Child Independence in The Big City

Manhattan Bully Wars: "Adam had ventured out alone in Manhattan since he was five. He walked a lot. He knew the buses and subways. He had little trouble achieving independence because his parents had full lives of their own.  Their ideas about bringing up children were affirmed by Dr. Benjamin Spock.  Give them independence. Treat them as adults.  No heavy discipline. Adam called his mother and father by their first names, Mildred and Melchezedek. Words like mom and dad were never spoken."

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Sexual Abuse of Child Farmworkers in US

Child Farmworkers in the United States: A “Worst Form of Child Labor” | Human Rights Watch: "In a Texas panhandle farming community, a mother—whose 11-year-old daughter toils in the cotton fields and cares for her younger brothers—tells her child, “I’m so sorry I stole your childhood from you.” While this mother may feel personally responsible, her government is also to blame.

Hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 18 work in agriculture in the United States. Under a clear double standard in U.S. federal law, children can toil in the fields at far younger ages, for far longer hours, and under far more hazardous conditions than children working any other type of employment in the United States. As they do so, child farmworkers risk their education, their health, and, sometimes, even their lives. This legal loophole also places the United States in violation its international legal obligations."

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Sexual Abuse? Try your nearest detention center.

Sexual Abuse: Penn State vs. Immigrant Detention Centers - New America Media: "About three weeks before the Penn State scandal broke, two sources reported the prevalence of sexual abuse suffered by the undocumented, most of whom are Hispanic, confined to detention centers. An ACLU report counted nearly 200 formal complaints of sexual abuse between 2007 and 2010 lodged by immigrants housed in these facilities.

At the same time, PBS aired Frontline’s “Lost in Detention,” a film that documents the plight of some 350,000 immigrants detained each year. The cameras focused on the privately-run Willacy Detention Center in Raymondville, Texas."

Or go to Rick Perryland.

This union is possible with a word now

Union with Abba - Abba's Way, Page 2 of 2 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "It is easier to accept the resurrection of Jesus than to accept the notion that we as individuals could have a cosmic destiny involving some form of survival and union with Abba, but since this union is possible with a word now, it ought to be possible forever. As Abba intends and wills."

A bit of a preview from last April

Quail Dictators Your Ending Time is Here - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

"Quail dictators your ending time is here
Withdraw give up fight back the end is near
You can't withstand the force of people's hearts
Stop look and listen hear the last wave starts

If in Tunisia then Egypt

If in Egypt then in Cote d'Ivoire

If in Madison then in Libya

If in Syria then in Iran

If in China then in the US

Sclerosis knows no nationality

It is the product of the lesser values

And the power arrangements they permit

Once put the best values in place

Then to awakened people goes the race"

I saw it coming and said so

Excerpt From the Book This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine: "Something happened in September 2011 so unexpected that no politician or pundit saw it coming."

And anyone who understands the fundamental power of the value democracy saw it coming too. And we do not function as individual discrete minds only but as part of thought patterns that were here at the foundation of reality. Being original is nothing compared to being right.

This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street

Excerpt From the Book This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine: "“We fail to understand why we should have to pay the costs of the crisis, while its instigators continue to post record profits. We’re sick and tired of one injustice after another. We want human dignity back again.

This isn’t the kind of world we want to live in, and it’s we who have to decide what world we do want. We know we can change it, and we’re having a great time going about it.”

—From #HowToCamp by the Spanish indignados, whose occupations in cities throughout Spain helped inspire Occupy Wall Street"

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A Palpable Hostility

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: Book Two: "Combining parental traits is not rare, but in Adam’s case it resulted (in the photo) in a palpable hostility. Most likely the first indication of the energy that would launch him like a cosmic cannon ball to a destiny light years from the world of Mildred and Melchizadek. Adam’s very future was etched into the area above his eyes, an explosion waiting to happen. No amor fati in this child."

Book Two of The Complete History of Adam Panflick is up.