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Is there any better argument for my cyber communities

America's new poor - CBS News: "But for more families here, prosperity is a pretense. The job's lost, the savings are gone, and the big house is either in foreclosure or on its way. And just keeping food on the table is a struggle.

So Forsyth's newly-needy file into local food banks."

We are getting nowhere believing we can simply recover our sprawl nightmare. Where in gods name are the planners, the policy makers, the visionaries? It is all right here in this blog complex. We can no longer have a car, sprawl, oil culture. Period.

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Biggest DUH of the year

Lawmakers Concede Budget Talks Are Close to Failure - "WASHINGTON — Conceding that talks on a grand budget deal are near failure, Congressional leaders on Sunday pointed fingers at each other as they tried to deflect blame for their inability to figure out a way to lower the federal deficit without having to rely on automated cuts."

You could have read this story from the start right here. On this issue every escape route will be used until there is a a seismic catastrophe and then we will suck it up and find the gumption to say sayonora to the disposable consumer culture that has manipulated us to say no to quality, no to sustainability, no to reason, no to simplicity and no to values that might dignify a reborn society built on the pillars of community, tolerance, helpfulness and non-idolatry. These are fruits of a true democracy.

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Leave Angel Soft on The Shelf

Some Sabbath Music for A World Beyond It (Video)

Taking down Occupy now a right wing business

Why should our minds be blown?Remember when the auto industry Helped zap mass public transportationThe only thing that has changed is that we are starting to see itBravoFOX can be viewed as the tellOf the noxious one percentThose who hold most of the oil sprawl business assetsIt will practice big lie without respect to anythingBut its resonance with what is truly evil and to be opposedMost recently FOX linked WH shooter with OccupyYou may infer that it is FOX that desires the death of the President
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Fight the frozen pizza lobby and their GOP minions

These nice little products are funding the stealing of our democracy

Are the 99 percent collateral damage

Excerpt From the Book This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine: "The Occupy Wall Street movement is not just demanding change. It is also transforming how we, the 99%, see ourselves. The shame many of us felt when we couldn’t find a job, pay down our debts, or keep our home is being replaced by a political awakening. Millions now recognize that we are not to blame for a weak economy, for a subprime mortgage meltdown, or for a tax system that favors the wealthy but bankrupts the government. The 99% are coming to see that we are collateral damage in an all-out effort by the super-rich to get even richer."

Seems funny that 40 years or so ago I was musing about just what is happening now. But we were not collateral damage. Things were seen as more complex, requiring deeper solutions. A values revolution which changes the basis on which we speak of things.

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