Sense about a genuine revolution

OWS: To Change the Country, We Just Might Have to Change Ourselves | | AlterNet: "If we are going to contribute to this huge fight against unbridled global capitalism, we must accept the anxiety and uncertainty of doing things differently."

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Occupy Agribusiness

Why occupy agribusiness?

To dramatize the presence of harmful elements on processed foods.

To seek support for car free communities that concentrate population and frees existing sprawl land to morph into nearby organic farms.

To point to the ongoing slaughter of living creatures in the most horrendous conditions imaginable.

To expose the obfuscation and secrecy which shields this industry from close examination.

To say that in the future we will see a return to local agriculture surrounding our new car-free cyber-communities.

Chris Hayes Expose of Clandestine Attack on Wall Street

John Boehner and the Lobbying Firm Planning to Undermine Occupy Wall Street | The Moderate Voice: "The proposal was written on the letterhead of the lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford and addressed to one of CLGC’s clients, the American Bankers Association."

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The CLGC lobbying firm is close to Boehner. Who is surprised?

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Shameful Police Behavior at Davis

The occupy movement can’t be sprayed away - The Washington Post: "For refusing to leave an occupy encampment they had set up on campus, more than a dozen students received a point-blank hosing of military-grade pepper spray by a campus police officer dressed, inexplicably, in riot gear. Then they received another one. And another. According to reports, some were punished for trying to protect their faces by having pepper spray forced down their throats. One student was reported to have been coughing up blood 45 minutes after the occurrence. Several were taken to the hospital. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the chancellor of the universitydefended the actions of the police. She should resign immediately."

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It Is Time for All Militarys to Collapse

A reasonable collapse would be to 50 ,percent 
of current annual expenditure
It is hard with out moronic Congress to suggest that 
institutions like Parliaments and Congresses are efficacious
The foundation of the future cannot be institutions
There  must be an evolving consensus on values
On the values of democracy tolerance helpfulness and
These values venerate the sanctity of life
The joy of discovering creation
The happiness of finding in one another love and light
This isn't wimpy rambling
It is the essence of strength
It beats bloated expense
In all nations

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Going into tonight's GOP debate

Going into tonight's GOP debate

Gingrich looks barely presentable and is so cocky it disgusts
Romney is proving that his organization is not teflon but melting dough
Paul continues to whine
Cain continues to be an empty suit
Bachmann - is she still here
Who is that guy from Pennsylvania
Have I left someone out
Wait Perry 
He should be transported to the nearest country club porch

What will happen?
Gingrich may say that Romney is not ready for prime time
In addition to not being a  true conservative
Romney may duck and pray that he is not seen

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Live Updates from Tahrir

Egypt Revolution Relaunched: Live updates from Tahrir and around the country - Egypt - Ahram Online: "
18:25 An unnamed official is quoted by Ahram’s Arabic website as saying that compensating the families of the martyrs who died at the hand of the CSF in the past four days is also part of the agreement reached between Anaan and the political forces earlier today.

18:18 In Alexandria, thousands of protesters reach the Northern District military command."

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Thoughts on the Occupy Revolution

Occupy Revolution: "My central point is that the Occupy movement in the US offers the possibility of being seen, eventually, as the seed of a successful Second American Revolution, which I and many others believe is desperately needed to fix our corrupt, dysfunctional and unfair government, political and economic system."

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New Blog Occupy Everything Q&A

Occupy Everything Q&A: Occupy Roads Q&A:

We are at at the start of a century-long revolution that is fundamentally one of values - democracy, tolerance, helpfulness and non-idolatry.'

Occupy Roads

Why should roads be occupied?

To show that they belong to people.

To reclaim the right of way.

To protest the presence of automobiles to the exclusion of other uses.

To advocate for the creation of car free communities.

Boehner scared ****less after Admitting GOP Wants Economic Chaos

Speaker Boehner admits many of his members want to create ‘economic chaos’ - National Political Buzz | Examiner.com: "Boehner goes on to say that he does not agree with this strategy.  Boehner does not object to the tactic based on its potential to do damage to the country and millions of citizens, but instead based on politics.  Boehner states that he believe his party will actually lose leverage if economic chaos ensues.  An audio recording of the exchange can be heard to the left.


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Go to the source above. I think Boehner is running scared because of his own admission and its absolute truth. All the distancing in the world won't work this time. Nothing short of an outright repudiation will save his Speaker's gavel.

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Limit the height of a community to four above ground levels

Sprawl World: Mentally Deficient Approaches to Zoning: "A sage approach to zoning would be to combine businesses, educational facilities, living spaces and all other things you would find in a small city and limit the height of a community to four above ground levels."

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The New Frontier is Everywhere

JFK was right and wrong
That could be said of everyone
But in his case he was right to think of a New Frontier
But he failed to define it
It is the transformation of the US and the world into 
Car free communities
Doing this will open up the frontier of reclaimed community
It will attack economic and social polarization at the root
It will alter the scale of things so that we can live
Essentially in city-like environments
With the world at our cyber-tips
The new frontier is wherever we move past reliance on the car
And on an endless supply of oil

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Zone cars out of areas where we live move and have our being

Sprawl World: Mentally Deficient Approaches to Zoning: "A sage approach to zoning is to zone cars out of areas where people wish to congregate. Car free communities would be the proper phrase."

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New post at Sprawl World

Mentally Deficient Approaches to Zoning

Gazette.Net: State planners warn Frederick County rezonings could promote urban sprawl: "In many cases, zoning on the land changed from commercial, residential or industrial to agricultural or resource conservation. The change meant many landowners would not be able to develop their property."

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A sage approach to zoning is to zone cars out of areas where people wish to congregate. Car free communities would be the proper phrase.

A sage approach to zoning would be to combine businesses, educational facilities, living spaces and all other things you would find in a small city and limit the height of a community to four above ground levels.

A sage approach to zoning would be to insist that all elements of recycling, waste handling, power and other elements of energy be channeled through a matrix that embraces and undergirds the entire community.

A sage approach to zoning would be to create a mass production business of walls, floors and ceilings and make these into elements that can be attached to our matrix.

A sage approach to zoning would be to find an entrepreneur with enough vision to create a car free human settlement along these lines.

The mentally deficient zoning of the present simply heaps coals of fire on the world as it is.

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Falstaff's Imperishable Values Statement

Manhattan Bully Wars: "Falstaff: Can honor set-to a leg? no: or an arm? no: or take away the grief of a wound? no. Honor hath no skill in surgery then? no. What is honor? a word. What is that word, honor? air. A trim reckoning!--Who hath it? he that died o' Wednesday. Doth he feel it? no. Doth be hear it? no. Is it insensible, then? yea, to the dead. But will it not live with the living? no. Why? detraction will not suffer it. Therefore I'll none of it: honor is a mere scutcheon:--and so ends my catechism. (Henry IV Part One V, I)"

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