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GOP votes against GOP

The GOP opposes GOPI mean the rank and file Republicans out thereThe GOP in Congress all agreeGetting rid of Barack their sole careSo they will vote against the rank and fileAnd thus get voted out for all their bile
Every measure the GOP opposes in CongressHas the approval of a majority of the rank and file
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Let's just say that in the future there may be less need for cranes

FreakOutNation » Company states: “We are not hiring Until there isn’t a Muslim in the White House”: "The following photo leaves us to question how many Republicans are taking part in sabotaging the economy at all costs, just to get Obama out of office.

The photo, which I found on Facebook from a group page, was taken by someone that spotted the vehicle in question, states, “New company Police, we are not hiring until Obama is gone.” The company is, U.S. Crane, LLC."

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These Images Don't Scare Me

The timidity of entrepreneurs

Beyond Pattern Language: The idolatry of the small:

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Any entrepreneur should easily be able to see that the pieces of a new world are readily found and that the big win lies in putting all the pieces together. For example there are a zillion businesses that have to do with walls, but a wall is not useful unless it is part of a bigger solution. For example the mass production of cyber walls as components of a well-designed, car-free, cyber-community. Putting together the elements of such a community would be equivalent to becoming the next Edison. And all it would take is a comprehensive vision and some smarts. Oh and venture capital.

Walls. The lego pieces of spaces. The matrix in which they fit. Ad infinitum. Ad new world.

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The semiosis of an automotive world

Noxious Oil: "If this was Afghanistan, we might call these deaths collateral damage. Our oil world depends on putting lethal machines in the hands of fallible drivers close to defenseless pedestrians. Oil dominates our culture, our economy and, most of all, our mentality. Thinking beyond oil is either eccentric or subversion"

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In the rawest sense semiotics is a stew. It is the plethora of signs that crop up in the mind. What could be more foundational in today's world than the sign of the moving car? Its representation can be manifold from drooling envy to the shocked realization that it is a lethal instrument that has been placed close to almost every living being on the planet. The car as an omnipresent sign seals our common doom. It carries within it nothing but pain and suffering for the planet. The inference or hypothesis is thus to find a way beyond this omnipresent sign.

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A rollicking little memoir if do say so

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: "Millicent was divorced in 1920 following a tumultous scandal involving other (very young) women. Her then-husband, Tom Oxlie, was a wealthy Bostonian. He vacated the censorious environs of Bostron with the professed intention of restarting life as a cowboy in Montana.

Two years later Millicent was arrested for engaging in fisticuffs at a National Woman’s Party Equal Rights Amendment rally in Central Square."

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All fiction of course.

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Want to see how to lose at Blackjack?

Monopololisto Man: "It is my custom to provide the results of actual games.But the practitioner of Oscar's Grind, when playing Blackjack, is generally too occupied to scribble down every move. This would attract the attention of the pit and of the cameras above. So I shall take actual results and reconstruct them as best I can, using Monopolisto Man's own recollections."

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Here is a plausible play by play. There are better ways to enjoy risk.

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Indeterminancy as redemption

New Tao Posts: The Tao is in all things and in nothing:

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One reason non-idolatry makes sense as the foundation value
Is because we are by nature unable to determine anything with finality
Whether under the rubric of science or humanities
Supposition is always present
Fallibility is assumed
Or should be
When fallibility is not assumed we encounter idolatry
Division and then evil
Which is the conscious denial of life to others
Indeterminacy is another way of suggesting that Jesus is right
In advising us to judge not lest we be hoisted on the petard of our own criticism
I don't know is among the most redemptive of phrases

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Why is the world economy falling falling falling

World Stocks Fall Amid Economic, Euro Worries | Fox Business:

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It is falling because the oil sprawl economy to which the whole world aspires is a failing project that can only continue to sputter and fail

It is falling because the lack of confidence that this reality engenders is formidable and going nowhere but up

It is failing because no one has listened to this simple argument and concluded that we could turn things around by predicating everything on the need for car-free cyber communities globally built on pattern language principles. Click labels for emendations.

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Nothing is more mindless than current zoning thought

Sprawl World: "A sage approach to zoning would be to insist that all elements of recycling, waste handling, power and other elements of energy be channeled through a matrix that embraces and undergirds the entire community."

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Planners still zone as if we would be driving freeways forever
We will not be driving freeways forever
We will settle into cyber-communities that are car free
And zoned to include all the excluded elements that our
Current sprawl culture
Has relegated to far distances
All elements needed for life should be within a mile
And that mile should be walked

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Can Humankind Actually Change?

Occupy Everything Q&A:

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Humankind can and will change in this century
It is changing as we speak
Beginning to recoil from violent solutions
Beginning to shy away from criminality
Beginning to see itself in the mirror
As the spectrum that we have always been

To the extent that we become internally free
We can move and negotiate within that spectrum

Ultimately it comes down to our choices
And our choices always reflect values

The ontological values within us may be expressed as
Tolerance helpfulness democracy and non-idolatry
In this century to the extent our choices reflect these values
We can and will change
We do change
We do progress

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Why we should want to run against Romney

Romney actually comes off as an empty suitHis manner is one step removed from flutteryOn a scale of 1-10 his dependability index is 3 Obama's 8+If he wins he should win he would be less dangerous than the GOP alternativesHe would most probably lose Being hung on the scaffold made up of the right wing promisesHe will need to reinforce to get the nominationIn debate face to face with Obama he will lose what luster he has nowFluster will be more like it
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