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The Bullying Continues So The Bully Wars Must Too

Manhattan Bully Wars (1947): Panflick: The Manhattan Bully Wars (1947) Introduction:

"tweak (twk)

tr.v. tweaked, tweak·ing, tweaks

1. To pinch, pluck, or twist sharply.

2. To adjust; fine-tune.

3. To make fun of; tease."


Bully Wars represents the notion that bellicosity can be realized without overt violence and with a consciousness that you must fight fight with fire without burning the house down.

Complete Text of Manhattan Bully Wars

The faculty which I call abstractive observation

The faculty which I call abstractive observation is one which ordinary people perfectly recognize, but for which the theories of philosophers sometimes hardly leave room. It is a familiar experience to every human being to wish for something quite beyond his present means, and to follow that wish by the question, "Should I wish for that thing just the same, if I had ample means to gratify it?" To answer that question, he searches his heart, and in doing so makes what I term an abstractive observation. He makes in his imagination a sort of skeleton diagram, or outline sketch, of himself, considers what modifications the hypothetical state of things would require to be made in that picture, and then examines it, that is, 'observes' what he has imagined, to see whether the same ardent desire is there to be discerned. By such a process, which is at bottom very much like mathematical reasoning, we can reach conclusions as to what 'would be' true …

The only valid use of universal

The only valid use of universalIs to understand that we are in an immanent frameThe extent of our awareness is what we can perceiveAnd documentNot what we can merely supposeSince our frame is finite Our use of universal Means onlyWithin the frame of our fintude
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