If Boehner said this he is both parts of his obscene slur on the middle class

From an email from DCCC:

According to Politico, in a closed-door meeting Speaker Boehner told the Republican House caucus that extending the payroll tax cut and helping Americans pay their bills is “chicken shi--.”

That’s the kind of reckless attitude that got our economy in trouble in the first place. Now, let’s put the pressure on Republicans to stop this.

If this is so the suggestion is naive. The GOP is set on a criminal course. We should CITIZEN ARREST them.

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Mildred Purse Chastises Boehner and His Ilk

John Boehner do you not believe that at the day of judgment you will be convicted of crimes and misdemeanors against your country for your nasty unwillingness to suffer the slings and arrows of the Tea Party Wingnuts and put them in their place? You know what the country needs. Have the guts to fight for it. Or else you may be roasted on the same spit with Grover Norquist.

J. Edgar Hoover on Nov. 22, 1963

NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) http://www.assassinationresearch.com/v2n1/chrono2.pdf

Reference from the page noted above.

The phone log for J. Edgar Hoover on this day shows that, aside from calls to RFK and the head of the Secret Service, Hoover called only one man on the afternoon the President is shot: Billy Byars. Within four days, the FBI will receive a tip-off that Clint Murchison and Tom Webb - the FBI veteran the millionaire has hired at Hoover’s suggestion - are both acquainted with Jack Ruby. While they deny it, Ruby has met one of Murchison’s best friends, Humble Oil millionaire Billy Byars. Hoover and Byars are close. They use
adjacent bungalows at Murchison’s California hotel each summer. O&C

The last time I was in Glacier Park there was a traffic jam.

Beyond Pattern Language: Pattern Language and The Great Outdoors:

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Two approaches to making things more livable for children

Beyond Pattern Language: "There are two approaches to the question of making things more livable for children. The first is to create more and more play areas where traffic is present. Via street closings, reduced speed limits and such. The largely untried approach is to simply rid habitation areas of  automobiles. I think this latter approach will become more and more obvious as the cost of cars and of driving them rises. I assume that we are in for at least a decade of struggle around this issue.coupled with the matter pf maintaining home ownership within our sprawl environment."

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Highlights of President Obama's Economic Fairness Speech

A make or break moment — Barack Obama:

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Fair is fair and foul is foul
The GOP has chosen
Foul the game they chose to play
Until we send them packing

From On Small Differences in Sensation By Charles Sanders Peirce & Joseph Jastrow (1885)

Classics in the History of Psychology: " This happened in cases where the judgments were so much affected by the difference of pressures as to be correct three times out of five. The general fact has highly important practical bearings, since it gives new reason for believing that we gather what is passing in one another's minds in large measure from sensations so faint that we are not fairly aware of having them, and can give no account of how we reach our conclusions about such matters. The insight of females as well as certain "telepathic" phenomena may be explained in this way. Such faint sensations ought to be fully studied by the psychologist and assiduously cultivated by every man." - from On Small Differences in Sensation By Charles Sanders Peirce & Joseph Jastrow (1885)

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Sol Schwartz Artist Video

I met Sol yesterday. A vibrant 80. Articulate and alive, Mourning yet brave. 

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The world is a feast of beauty

The world is a feast of beauty
That we ruin it
Our most legitimate cause
For tears

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