Mildred Updates Her Verdict on McCain

John McCain engages in hyperbolic and bilious criticism of our dear President. When Mr. Obama is celebrated in years to come, none will remember this sad specimen hunching on the Senate floor lashing out blindly, the very image of childish resentment.  On the other hand he was practically the only GOP voice scoring that nasty Limbaugh. It shows that salvation is not yet beyond reach for the poor man.

Goldman Says Sell Your Yahoo Stock

Except for Yahoo, Goldman Likes the Internet, Again - Deal Journal - WSJ: "The excitement doesn’t extend to Yahoo, though. The beleaguered Internet giant is one of only two companies (along with comScore) getting a sell rating from Goldman. Interestingly, the firm’s bankers are advising Yahoo on its strategic future.

“Yahoo simply faces too many competitive and structural headwinds to believe any kind of meaningful turnaround is possible. While there is significant asset value on the balance sheet and in the company’s large, though increasingly less engaged user base, we continue to believe, as we have since before the first Microsoft offer, that the segment of management driving the company is intent on trying to revive Yahoo as a company, regardless of the cost to shareholders.”

Yahoo shares down 3.8% to $14.84."

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I think religion rose initially from cowardice

Herodotus meets Ellroy: Herodotus Map Thumbnail and Link:

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As I go through Herodotus to playfully create my own prose precis, I am struck by the reason for the priesthood and religion generally. Occupationally, professional religion is a protection against getting killed. Fast forward to Shakespeare. He was the first to show how silly it is to venerate honor when honor means you get killed routinely in battles. To do this, Shakespeare created Falstaff and then left him under the bus of Henry IV. Honor survived and remains the stuff of war and of binary literature even now. However, the rise of nonviolence in the last century, and the actual decline in violence (Pinker), tells me that the delayed reaction to what Jesus had in mind (compromise, helpfulness, tolerance, etc.) is taking shape in today's world with little thanks to religion. Think about how right it is to not get killed and how wrong it has been to follow leaders who got us into wars. In Herodotus, there is an even balance between warfare and consultation with the temples and priests and prophetesses. But now is the first time in history when realism tips in the direction of nonviolence as a way of existing. If so, I would change my headline to read I think the world is undergoing a sea change away from conflict to holistic peace (Jesus). The positive function of religion from time immemorial has been to provide an excuse not to be killed and now we can say, That's OK.

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Honest compassion involves criticism and affirmation

One Minute Christian: 6. Criticism and Affirmation:

"But we couldn't survive without the third truth because almost every one of us has a hurt that's too big to overcome without real work or a blind spot that is too wide to make for reasonable goals. The fact is that people fail all the time."

"That's where truth three comes in -- we call it honest compassion. Honest compassion involves criticism and affirmation.""

Read this chapter at the link above.

Hydraulic fracturing fluids, highly noxious benzene concentrations

Water pollution report sends shockwaves though shale gas industry - South Africa | Moneyweb: "In a shock report that has sent shockwaves through the global oil and gas industry, the US Environmental Protection Agency has found fracking as the likely source of contamination of groundwater in the state of Wyoming, USA.

The finding is based on a three-year study of groundwater contamination near the town of Pavillion.

The deep water well monitoring study  found that synthetic chemicals, such as glycols and alcohols consistent with gas production had been detected as well as  hydraulic fracturing fluids, including highly noxious benzene concentrations well above Safe Drinking Water Act standards. The study also reported high methane levels.

The EPA said in the report that it is "concerned about the movement of contaminants within the aquifer and the safety of drinking water wells over time.' "

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Small schools with global reach

Next to Congress education is more than difficult to reform
Still I am for small schools public or private
Small schools with global reach
I am for schools dispersed in neighborhoods that kids can walk to
Each school would have at least one teacher
Each school would have a large communal computer and screen
Connected to the world
Each school would enable face to face dialogue between teacher and student
I am not for the current school architecture 
Having to drive to school
Classes of more than a few
The idea that it is the teacher who must inspire
I believe student curiosity and its gratification
Are the commencement of real education
Oh yes I know none of this will work
But do you see why
Because we have subjected schooling to the exigencies
Of our poor choices regarding dwelliing and transportation
Reforming society will create car free neighborhoods with schools all over the place
Cyber kiosks
Did you go to schools (plural) today
Subject or category based
Add in a restored gild system
We will integrate the best of the Middle Ages
With the best of the unfolding technoverse

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How 'Bout US Try These Nifty Income Producers?

End the War on Drugs
Apply free market  principals to immigration
Tax  all stock market purchases 
Legalize prostitution

Grow this list with your ideas.

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