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Charlize Theron Goes from Strength to Strength

Red carpet report: Theron debuts 'Young Adult' – "But screenwriter Cody wasn't surprised by the accolades Theron's racked up playing Mavis Gary, a shallow former prom queen who, at 37, returns to her hometown to callously snare her (married) high school boyfriend. "I knew she was going to do an amazing job - she's Charlize Theron - but when I started watching dailies and seeing what she was doing out there, I was like, 'Oh my god,"' said Cody. "Because suddenly the movie was to me, even riskier than it had been on the page. She played it in such a committed and intense way.""

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No Yu Darvish for The Yanks

Yu Darvish Rumors: Blue Jays Are Highest Bidder, According to Reports - SB Nation Chicago: "Darvish is a 25-year old, 6'5" Japanese phenom who went 18-6 with a 1.44 ERA, to go with 276 strikeouts and just 36 walks in 232 innings of work for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters in 2011."


If the low bidding Yanks have any consolation, nothing says that Yu won't follow in the footsteps of predecessors who did not justify this high-bid spectacle. On the other hand, if Yu prevails with the Jays or whoever gets him, the Yanks could be in for another 2011. I did not realize that Yu is in the midst of a divorce. That would have iced it for me, not because I disapprove but because I know what it can do to the mind.

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Will Occupy Defeat Citizen's United and Re-elect Obama?

Occupy Everything Q&A: Amending Citizen's United into History's Dustbin:

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Only if it supports Obama sufficiently to defeat the actual results of the Citizen's United decision, the pouring of money into the effort to roll back the right to vote. If Occupy falls into the "progressive" syndrome of damning Obama -- ignoring the facts that the GOP is perfidious and that he needs a real majority to prevail -- we will be condemned to a highly lethal exercise called reliving the W presidency. We can do better. Defeat Citizens United. Reelect Barack Obama.

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Dan Wheldon's death: A 'perfect storm'? Really?

Dan Wheldon's death: A 'perfect storm' of rare events says IndyCar | The Indianapolis Star | "Contact with a post supporting the catch fence killed two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon during the Oct. 16 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

But as IndyCar executives walked through the findings of a two-month investigation Thursday, one thing became clear.

"It was a perfect storm," said Brian Barnhart, who oversaw the committee examining the 15-car accident on lap 11."

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Good grief. How about calling it a predictable result of placing a value on speed and the conscious likelihood that it will prove lethal?

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A short explanation of the movement to cyberfy the world

I shall with fear and trembling venture a short explanation of the movement to cyberfy the world. It signaled the end, bitter and ongoing, of oil and the car. The PC became the new car, with requisite lingo about speed and so forth. And availability to all. It was a market force toward the affordable which had revolutionary implications for the future shape of society and possibly the moral evolution of humankind.
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Christopher Hitchens Made Us Think

New Tao Posts: When we are down the Tao will lift us up:

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Christopher Hitchens lost his tough battle with the big C. But he won something that many want but few get. The admiration of folk on all sides including those who may have disagreed with him. The function of a public intellectual is to make people think. Sadly fame is the accompaniment to being such a soul. In my book fame is a lethal drink and a world based on fame is likely to forget that the things that count are values like tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry. The best public intellectuals lead us to confront the values at our core.

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We are justified by faith not law

One Minute Christian:

"We are justified by faith not law. But the law that this sentence refers to is not the law we associate with cops, courts and constitutions. That law is redemptive in the same way that food is redemptive. We need it to exist on earth.

Being justified by faith does not free us to kill and steal and lie and otherwise disrespect life and harm our fellow beings and ourselves.

Faith is faith in Abba!"

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Sasha and Malia Are Sure Growing Up

Abba creates the truest stars of all

Abba's Way:

"Abba creates the truest stars of all.
I celebrate the depths of consciousness;
Celebrities will move from faith to faith.
Quick and capricious, always something new,
They tear things down to prove that they exist.
I celebrate the depths of consciousness;
Their weapon is persuasion and bombast,
A bloody entertainment is a plus.
All cameras on the altars as they kneel;
Think of the endless hours that they steal."

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