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The gloves are off now (Smile Mr. President)

Smile Mr. President
The gloves are off now
And you can dispense with
All that nice talk
Yes you were right
Don't act contrite
Smile Mr President

No quarter to Wall Street
But not because
You are a populist
Use centrist reasons only
For everything

Smile Mr. President
So the New York Times
Will need to print a
Picture of you smiling

The fascists are waiting to finish the job
The Supreme Court helped them start
Act strong
History is yours to make
Go get 'emGlobal Online Privacy

The President Will Not Allow The Tea Party to Mug The Middle Class

The President will not allow the Tea Party to mug the middle class
He knew that Boehner would cave to the spoiled brats of the Tea Party
That is why he will have a short vacation if he has one at all
This is High Noon in the PM
If the Tea Party kills the extension, it will be held to account
Watch for fireworks if they vote against the Senate's pitiful compromise
That is what we call an assured result
Congress and Senate with tails between legs forced to govern

Dylan Billy The Kid Life Goes On (Video)

The Bruce Langhorne riffs do it for me.
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A simple but persistent mistake on the part of one of the pilots

Air France 447 Flight-Data Recorder Transcript - What Really Happened Aboard Air France 447 - Popular Mechanics: "We now understand that, indeed, AF447 passed into clouds associated with a large system of thunderstorms, its speed sensors became iced over, and the autopilot disengaged. In the ensuing confusion, the pilots lost control of the airplane because they reacted incorrectly to the loss of instrumentation and then seemed unable to comprehend the nature of the problems they had caused. Neither weather nor malfunction doomed AF447, nor a complex chain of error, but a simple but persistent mistake on the part of one of the pilots. "

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If God's self is love, that which he loves must be defect of love.

"Philosophy, when just escaping from its golden pupa-skin, mythology, proclaimed the great evolutionary agency of the universe to be Love. Or, since this pirate-lingo, English, is poor in such-like words, let us say Eros, the exuberance-love. Afterwards, Empedocles set up passionate love and hate as the two coordinate powers of the universe. In some passages, kindness is the word. But certainly, in any sense in which it has an opposite, to be senior partner of that opposite, is the highest position that love can attain. Nevertheless, the ontological gospeller, in whose days those views were familiar topics, made the One Supreme Being, by whom all things have been made out of nothing, to be cherishing-love. What, then, can he say to hate? Never mind, at this time, what the scribe of the Apocalypse, if he were John, stung at length by persecution into a rage, unable to distinguish suggestions of evil from visions of heaven, and so become the Slanderer of God to men, may have dream…

How often do we think of the thing in algebra?

"How often do we think of the thing in algebra? When we use the symbol of multiplication we do not even think out the conception of multiplication, we think merely of the laws of that symbol, which coincide with the laws of the conception, and what is more to the purpose coincide with the laws of multiplication in the object. Now, I ask, how is it that anything can be done with a symbol, without reflecting upon the conception, much less imagining the object that belongs to it? It is simply because the symbol has acquired a nature, which may be described thus, that when it is brought before the mind certain principles of its use -- whether reflected on or not -- by association immediately regulate the action of the mind; and these may be regarded as laws of the symbol itself which it cannot 'as a symbol' transgress."

- C.S. Peirce, 'Chronological Edition', CE 1, p. 173. Charles Sanders Peirce, "Harvard Lectures 'On the Logic of Science'", (1…

Putting The Earth Avoiders in Their Place

"There is no uncannier notion than that of the abandoned Earth, abandoned by human beings. People tend to think they emigrate, if for no other reason than to take along their memory of the Earth. They could never be as well off as here. Far reaching instruments would have to enable them to observe the world but without recognizing what they have lost, an inexhaustible homeland, and the false religion to which they have to ascribe this loss would already have been traded in, far too late, for another. One can assume that this new religion would be the right one; had it come in time, it would have saved the Earth for mankind."

- Elias Canetti, [early 1940s] in The Human Province
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