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A privileged independent Manhattan boy in 1947

Manhattan Bully Wars (1947): 2. Gay Blades: "The senior Panflicks and Adam's two younger brothers were already driving up to Pickinsboro, Vermont, for the weekend. The boys were in kindergarten and second grade. They got out of Parousia at noon on Fridays. It was fine they were off to the country. Adam had pressing reasons to remain in town. He relished the prospect of a weekend on his own.

This Friday, he'd negotiated 7:30 as a reasonable hour to return to the apartment. He would take care of his own supper. A hot dog and a coke at Gay Blades."

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This is part memoir part fiction all true.

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Cruel, venal and competitive— What else is life to millions on the make?

Abba's Way: 53 On Cynicism:

Cruel, venal and competitive—
What else is life to millions on the make?
Poor, rich, disabled, add an adjective
To sketch the killing toll this living takes.

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You can make Abba's Way the gift of your lifetime by reading about it and buying it to your right under An Indespendable Spiritual Companion. I am putting the entire text online as time permits. It needs vastly more circulation than this small blog can give it.

Ten Reasons Why The Lord's Prayer Works Universally

1. Jesus gave it to every one.2. Everything is we and us, not I and me.3. It is a complete, universal spiritual system.4. Said or sung to oneself three times daily as solitary it is hyper-effective.5. It identifies Abba by name as loving friend and father.6. It affirms Abba's agenda - making the world heavenly.7. It contains a binding contract - forgiving of sins of all in return for forgiveness of all we have done. 8. It recognizes evil and seeks deliverance from it..9. It seeks a way past temptations of all sorts.10. It abolishes private property - Abba owns the bread, not us.

Revised Feb. 1, 2012
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Dietary advice universally valid completely free

Diet, Weight Loss, Exercise Guaranteed for Anyone at All in 100 Words - Yahoo! Voices -

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Its all there. The short version is: Less calories in than you use up. Eat what you like. Walk a half hour daily.

People with so-called disorders can "snap" sometimes and employ their will to do the above. No one person needs the same thing. But the above has nothing to do with what and everything to do with simple math. Which is why it is universal. And free.

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Cooking Sauce Around Herald Square

Cooking Sauce Around Herald Square
I keep a container filled with whatever worksas a sauce Sprinkle it over whatever I am cooking in my little cast iron frying pan
The sauce can includeBBQ Sauce and Honey Mustard Sauce from Dallas BarbequeSome Gyoza Sauce from the Asia MarketSome Sauce Bernaise from TodarosDuck Sauce from the little packets that come with takeoutSome catsupSome Hellman's MayoinaisseLet it sit in the fridge in a hummus container 
A little goes a long way

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Cooking with Takeout Around Herald Square

Small cast iron frying panLoose top of some sortWillingness to combine anythingAs in
Some jumbo shrimp from AkiBroken up onion kulcha from MinarSome fresh cherriesOlive oilA few slices of broken up soprasetta from the East Village Cheese ShopSprinkle a little sauce over the whole thing
Let it cook medium high until the sound reaches you and then turn it offAdd a few small chunks of cheese from EVCS on top Let it all sit with top onfor ten minutes or soServes one or two
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Just in case you are considering a 30 year mortgage

New Bubble May Be Building in 30-Year Mortgages: Edward Pinto: "Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, the most common way U.S. buyers finance a home purchase, isn't the ideal instrument its supporters claim it to be.

First, its dominance requires permanent government subsidies. Second, it amortizes slowly, exposing homebuyers to years of unnecessary default risk. Third, it was responsible for two taxpayer bailouts in the last 20 years.

Most important, these mortgages may be behind a new bubble."

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Bubble fears are also justified because of the GOP attack on regulation, the failure to revive Glass-Steagall and the propensity of traders to put us all at risk.

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When will we start creating cyber-communities

New-home sales take a jump in November –

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A bittersweet bit of news. The other day at the dentist I read an architecture magazine. It was the same old thing. Architects still lavish attention on individual homes or mass institution-corporate structures. Platforms for burgeoning vanity. No one is designing a car free cyber community for 10,000 that is eco-sufficient and has all the attributes of a city. When someone does she will trump all the vanity.

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A universal to do list from Jesus of Nazareth

Mark 721: For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,22: Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:23: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.
Also Abba is in us allReady to make an evil thought  a remedyAdultery a chance at faithfulnessFornication a turn from abuseMurders ground for extreme recompence  Thefts a call to penitenceCovetousness a spur to goodnessDeceit a pathway to caring Lasciviousness a stepping stone to loveAn evil eye a way to see things trueBlasphemy a move past all idolatryPride a gateway to humilityAnd foolishness occasion for remorseGlobal Online Privacy

The acceptable alternative would be a stock transactions tax

Obama, GOP to resume payroll tax cut battle soon: "Moving forward, Democrats may well revive their idea to finance the tax cut with a new tax surcharge on millionaires; Republicans are likely to push for more spending cuts to offset the reduced revenue through the tax cut.

"We urge our Republican colleagues to seek common ground with us on how best to pay for it," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y,; House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. said lawmakers need to help "boost economic growth and job creation.""

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Sticking it to the traders would be apposite if more acceptable.

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Miles Davis stands out always (Video)

Social networks and videos dominate search big time

Facebook is most searched term in 2011 - Telegraph: "The social network topped the search charts in the US, accounting for just over three per cent of all searches, which was a 46 per cent rise on the year.
Online measurement company, Experian Hitwise, compiled the data, which also showed that four variations of the term Facebook were among the top 10 searched for words in the US on the web during 2011.
Among the top 10 terms, ‘YouTube’ moved up from the third spot in 2010 to the second spot in 2011."

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Is the picture that goes with this of a real person?

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Kindle Fire feeling its way into the gadgetsphere

Amazon Opens the Kindle Fire to Third Parties, Wattpad First to Benefit | "Amazon has surprised users with the news that it is opening up the Kindle Fire cut-price tablet to other content providers, starting with Wattpad.

Sold at a bargain-basement price, the Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet links in to Amazon's cloud-based storefronts to provide apps, eBooks, music and films; with Amazon taking the lion's share of each transaction.

It's hardly the first time such 'razorblade marketing' has been associated with mobile devices, but it is a move which has its detractors: those used to more open Android tablets complain about the locked-down nature of Amazon's budget offering."

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Antiretrovirals are the breakthrough of the year

Study of the Day: Antiretrovirals Radically Cut Risk of HIV Infection - Hans Villarica - Health - The Atlantic: "RESULTS: Given the astounding findings -- people infected with HIV are 96 percent less likely to transmit the virus to their partners if they take ARVs -- an independent monitoring board halted the clinical trial in May, five years ahead of schedule. They decided that all infected participants should receive the drugs at once and that the public should be informed of the findings as soon as possible.

CONCLUSION: ARVs can treat HIV in infected patients and significantly cut transmission rates."

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Hey I'm married but I can relate

Jonathan Ames - The Mess I’m In - "The effect has been to turn my smallish Brooklyn apartment, where I’ve lived for 12 years, into some kind of above-sea-level reef where things attach and occasionally break off, but mostly they attach, accrue, accumulate, affix, amass and asphyxiate. And in such a reef, things can easily go missing, like my lone fork. Luckily, being of a somewhat infantile nature, I don’t mind eating with a spoon, of which I have three."

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Greetings from Herald Square.

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Unanimous consent or Congress returns for a roll call vote

Payroll tax deal: Will House frosh comply? - Marin Cogan - "That’s the open question looming over the 11th hour deal to extend the payroll tax holiday by two months — agreed to by House GOP leaders after facing extreme pressure from Congressional Democrats and the White House.

At least two House freshmen left open the possibility that they would object to the unanimous consent to extend the tax holiday by two months while congressional conferees work out a year-long deal.

Alabama freshman Rep. Mo Brooks, who voted against the initial year-long deal passed by House Republicans, said he was “not yet sure,” whether he’d protest the deal. Protesting would require the House to reconvene for a roll call vote."

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What a lovely prospect.

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