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Abba is the one who heals

Mark 7
29: And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.
Abba is the one who healsJesus is the child of Abba who summons us to be likewise Abba's childrenWhy then do we lack such powerThe answer is we don'tWith all our acrimony over health careMiracles are repeated globally each dayAnd we know that the actions of caring and empathy and visiting In themselves are healingIf the healing and mending texts of the Gospels were edited outWe'd lose almost half the textIf the teaching of how to live was strickenWe would lose almost as muchThe church should consist ofNearly half healing and nearly half teaching how to live
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Race to bottom equals loss of profits

A tale of two systems | Remapping Debate:

"Dec. 21, 2011 ­— American autoworkers are constantly told that high-wage work is an unsustainable relic in the face of a hyper-competitive, globalized marketplace. Apostles of neo-liberal economic theory — both in the public and private sectors — have stressed the message that worker adaptation is necessary to survive. Indeed, Steven Rattner, President Obama’s “car czar” during the restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler in early 2009, spoke last week of his regret that the federal government had not required the United Auto workers to take a wage cut at that time to enhance the competitiveness of those companies, comments similar to those he made in a recently published book (after the outcry created by last week’s remarks, Rattner yesterday backed away from them, though reiterating his view that more “shared sacrifice” would have bolstered American competitiveness)."

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Doctor Strike Foments Medical Emergency in India

At least 40 patients die amid India doctors' strike -
"(CNN) -- More than 40 patients have died in the last five days amid an ongoing strike by doctors at public hospitals in India's Rajasthan state, CNN sister network CNN-IBN reported Sunday.

The government has suspended 40 doctors, and 390 others have been arrested for failing to perform their duties, CNN-IBN reported.

Some 10,000 doctors remained on strike. The doctors, who work at government-run hospitals that cater to the poor, are demanding higher salaries and better promotion opportunities that are on par with their counterparts in federal medical services."

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Kim Jong Un takes a small step

The Associated Press: Kim Jong Il's heir meets with SKorean delegation:

"State media have showered Kim with new titles. On Saturday, the North referred to him as "supreme leader" of the 1.2 million-strong armed forces and said the military's top leaders had pledged their loyalty to him. On Monday, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper described him as head of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party — a post that appears to make him the top official in the ruling party.

On Monday, a South Korean delegation stood in a line on a red carpet and bowed silently during their visit to the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, where Kim Jong Il's body is lying in state in a bier surrounded by flowers and flanked by an honor guard."

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Some smallish print on the Nook Fire front

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Which 7-Incher Is Best For You?: "The Kindle Fire has 8 GB of storage, with 6 GB available for your content; the Nook Tablet has 16 GB of storage, with 13 GB available for your content. Be forewarned, though: Of the 13 GB on the Nook Tablet, only 1 GB can be used on non-Barnes & Noble content. You'll have to buy an SD card if you want to add more than a single GB of movies or music, since B&N currently doesn't have a store for that stuff; budget in about $20 for a 16GB SD card if you're going with the Nook Tablet."

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Coaching for your next job interview

How to Ace a Google Interview -

""If you could be any superhero, who would it be?"

"What color best represents your personality?"

"What animal are you?"

These questions, posted by job candidates on, aren't from some wacky Silicon Valley start-up—they're asked of applicants at AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Bank of America, respectively.

Goldman Sachs interviewers ask candidates the firm's stock price. Morgan Stanley asks interviewees to name a recent story they've read in the Financial Times—apparently, a lot can't. J.P. Morgan Chase asks the value of pi. (It's thought to be instructive to see how many digits the candidate can recite.)"

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Best Comment on How Google Will Change Web Marketing

How Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012 | LinkedIn:

"Log out and log back into Google and you will see them asking for your cell number repeatedly. The new Google phones have facial recognition on them so once they tie your physical appearance to your online activities using your cell phone number and they know where you (or at least your cell phone) are at all times thanks to triangulating the location of your cell phone what else will they need to record everything you do and say? The only thing left is what you think."

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